Why can I not keep SPS alive?



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Aug 24, 2020
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PM me your contact info. I have things to do today, but I am available almost any day next week, or the weekend. I can also give you some easy to grow stuff as test corals so you don't have to spend money on frags that will just die. I have tons of green pocillopora that I grow in anywhere from 300 PAR all the way down to 50 PAR. If that dies, you can eliminate lights as the main problem. I also have a lot of purple digitata I can give you. It also grows in wide PAR range. Not as forgiving as pocillopora, but also grows like a weed in my tank. Once you get those to grow, I can give you some acro frags that seem very forgiving in my tank and are fast growers. I can also bring ICP test with me and you can send it off to make sure it is not heavy metal problem or some other mineral deficiency.

I really don't think lighting is your main problem, as others suggested. SPS would not die this quickly with insufficient light. Once you find and fix the main problem, and are able to keep SPS alive, then you can play with lights and add lights to get better coloration, faster growth, etc.
Contact info sent.

Turns out I have tried the Pocillopora, purple digi, and even a birdsnest, with no luck. I will have to look into the ICP test, it might be best for me to try that just to rule some things out. What is the turn around time for the ICP test usually?
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  • Magnesium (most)

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  • Phosphate (most)

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  • PH (most)

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  • Nitrate (most)

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  • Nitrite (most)

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  • Ammonia (most)

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  • (least) Calcium

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  • (least) Alkalinity

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  • (least) Magnesium

    Votes: 56 8.4%
  • (least) Phosphate

    Votes: 14 2.1%
  • (least) PH

    Votes: 35 5.3%
  • (least) Nitrate

    Votes: 12 1.8%
  • (least) Nitrite

    Votes: 196 29.5%
  • (least) Ammonia

    Votes: 255 38.3%
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