120 gallon

  1. F

    Build Thread DSA 120

    So after 4 years of watching every YouTube video and reading every book I could find, I finally pulled the trigger and got a tank. It’s a a Deep Sea Aquatics 120gal. It’s 60”x20”x20”. Considering the tank is kind of divided by the center overflow, is it possible to create 2 different flow...
  2. Matt elvira

    Build Thread Matt's 120 mixed reef (picture heavy)

    New to R2R. Been reefing for about 5 years. I Wanted to show off my upgrade from my 75g tank and 2-10g nanos to this bad boy. Transfered everything over back in Feb 2020. I did this upgrade while extending my patio 40ft lol to many projects at the same time. Everything is growing well. Started...
  3. Saltees

    4 x G5 XR15 or 8 x PRIME 16HD for 120G SPS Tank?

    Just watched “BRS Investigates”. Just asking... How many of you would consider 8 x PRIME 16HD (440W) over 4 x G5 XR15 (420W) on 120G (4’x2’x2’) SPS dominated tank? 8 PRIME costs a tad more than 4 XR15, worth it? Thanks!
  4. uncle luke

    Florida Georgia 120G tank canopy and stand. Beautiful!

    For sale 8 month old 120G tank stand and canopy. Standard dimensions. Beautiful cabinetry that would fit nicely anywhere. $300 local pickup South Florida 33029
  5. Tans Reef

    Build Thread The bar tank!

    It’s finally going down.. my.. sorta dream build. I acquired a 120 gallon tank back in 2011. Complete with stand, canopy, sump and some radion gen 1’s. Got it home and decided.. I didn’t wanna use the stand.. or the lights.. or the sump lol.. I just for some odd reason absolutely love the...
  6. C_mo97

    Build Thread My First All DIY Tank Build

    Hey Guys, So maybe you can tell from the title but I am building a complete system from scratch (Tank, Stand, Sump, and plumbing). I will post my progress on this thread so stay tuned. Here are some pics from the stand.
  7. murphys_aquatics

    NEW/OLD build 120g, 75sump,40frag tank

    Hi there my name is Pat Murphy, I am new to Reef 2 Reef kinda. I've been hesitant to post on here. But this will be my first article. Last summer (2018) I decided to go ahead and build a system. I decided on a 120gallon. This put the wheels in motion for me to learn how to silicone a sump...
  8. Beepinheimer

    How many lights do I need? Kessil's over 120 Gallon.

    The tank is a 120 (tall) 60x18x26 LxDxT. Unfortunately it has a blacked out center brace which complicates things. My current setup (at least in terms of lighting) is 4 black box lights and 2 ATI Blue Plus bulbs. My existing setup already grows Acropora, Miliporas, LPS, pretty much anything...
  9. FFFishy

    New Jersey *FREE* 120 Gal Tank & Stand *FREE*

    Yes, FREE, as in $0.00 !! Marineland 120Gal Tank, 4 feet wide, 2 feet tall, 2 feet deep. Drilled with Corner Overflow in left-rear corner. Marineland Monterrey cabinet included. VERY good condition. I cleaned it for you! Not perfectly clean, but you can see that there are no scratches on...
  10. LowLi

    Build Thread 90 -> 120 in wall build w/ fishroom

    Fts from 10/11/19 should have restarted my 90 when i got back in 4-5 months ago instead of trying to revive it. I ended up getting a 120 for free from my LFS so i planned to go in wall with it so i can have auto water changer and everything else behind it. no more having to run lines across...
  11. M

    Reef Breeders Photon 48-V2 Mouting Height 4x2x2’ Tank? 12”?

    How high are ppl mounting their 48-V2s for their 4’ 120 gallons? Going to go with a hanging option. SPS/LPS new build. I was thinking about 12” from what I can read but I haven’t seen any direct recommendations. Dimensions and optics below. Thanks! Dimensions 43.3″x8.5″x1″ Wattage at Full...
  12. CreatiVe2

    Build Thread My 250G Build Thread - Oct 2020 Update

    So 2 years after my new home purchase, I am now getting back into my salt water addiction. This will be my 3rd tank, but really my first "Adult" setup. I finally have enough room for a full size sump, refugium, and an observation tank. This should put the total system volume to just above 245...
  13. M

    New 120g 48"x24" planning, corner-alcove/fireplace/basement sump

    Hoping to get some advice on an ever cascading list of questions on aquarium/sump placement. For background anticipating 120gal 48x24 reef tank, LED lighting, sump in basement below tank (40-75 Gal?). I'll try to summarize issues as cleanly as possible: Aquarium Placement In the corner of...
  14. Streetdoc77

    Build Thread 120 gallon Nice and slow

    Hello all ! It’s been awhile, I finished up a move over the summer from Memphis Tenn to mid Michigan and tore down my sps dominator tank ..... I was heartbroken but .... with heartbreak comes new beginnings!!!! Ever since I’ve moved into my place I have gone back and forth on how big ? Where to...
  15. Fishable

    Build Thread 120G Reef from scratch - 48x24x24 - basement sump - 175g total volume

    Long time lurker, first time poster! After being out of reef tanks for about 8 years i'm looking into a new build after buying our first house. Purchased a 120 Gal Marineland (48x24x24) w/overflow that I will be receiving hopefully next week. I am planning on setting up a basement sump that...
  16. ReefJCB

    Build Thread 120g mixed reef build

    Moving my build thread to the right forum! Hello Folks! I am returning to the hobby after a 10 year hiatus. I had a 75g mixed reef when I was in high school with varying levels of success. It has been so long, and I screwed so much up before that for all intents and purposes I consider myself...
  17. K

    ATI Sunpower Sizing on 120 gallon tank

    I'm starting a new 120 gallon system with 48" x 24" x 24" dimensions. I plan on making this an SPS dominant tank. I have a few questions: 1. Should I go with 6 or 8 bulbs? I have 2 Kessil 360's I plan on using for supplemental lighting & shimmer. 2. Should I go with a 48" or 36" fixture? I'd...
  18. DLuce510

    Build Thread Dluce510: My "Ok I might have a problem" SPS 120 Thread

    After being a member for several years thats included contributing and helping Ive failed to get my tank thread up and going. Im going to be doing this piecemeal for the time being and sharing more details as we go along but if I don't do this now IT WILL NEVER COME! This is my 120 sps...
  19. rob G

    Downgrading from a 360 gallon to two 120 gallon tanks.

    Hello, I have a lightly stocked tank considering its size and had a few concerns about some of the fish moving to smaller tanks. They are currently in a 8'x36"x24" tall 360 gallon tank and will be moved to two 48"x24"x24" tanks with a shared sump. 2 dispar anthias will be adding a few more of...
  20. Finatik

    Show Us Your 120 Gallon Aquascapes

    Looking for inspiration to scape my 120 gallon tanks. Would love to see some of your creative aquascapes.
  21. thatguyZach

    Build Thread Zach's 120 Gallon Mixed Reef build!

    Hey everyone! I've been around I think for a year now but never actually made a thread on my tanks progress or how I even started! So let me start by introducing myself then how I got to where I am currently on my tank. Hi! I'm Zachary, but usually go by Zach. I've been keeping freshwater fish...
  22. Finatik

    Build Thread Show Us Your 120's !!!

    I'm about to start a 120 Gallon Build. Mine is a standard 48 X 24 X 24, and I want to see what other 120 Gallon Reefers are doing for: Aqua Scaping Lighting Flow Sump / Skimmer / Filtration / Refugium Controller Overflow / Return Heating / Cooling Dosing Stand Height Anything else you want to...
  23. Sierra_Bravo

    Build Thread Sierra_Bravo's "What did I get myself into??" 120g in-wall build thread

    Brief background: 49 year old native Floridian who moved to San Antonio about four years ago. After so many years in and around South Florida and the Gulf Coast, being more or less land locked left me yearning for the clear water and coral reefs of the Keys. A thought occurred: Bring the...