How many lights do I need? Kessil's over 120 Gallon.

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    The tank is a 120 (tall) 60x18x26 LxDxT.
    Unfortunately it has a blacked out center brace which complicates things.

    My current setup (at least in terms of lighting) is 4 black box lights and 2 ATI Blue Plus bulbs.

    My existing setup already grows Acropora, Miliporas, LPS, pretty much anything but I want better color and shimmer which is something the black boxes cannot do.

    I already have 3x Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue's in my possession.
    My question is do I really need a fourth light or can I get away with 2 or 3? If 3 then how do I orient the third lamp?

    Thanks everyone!

    TLDR Version: big tank with a center brace, 2 or 3 Kessils? Or do I absolutely need to purchase a fourth light.
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    Personally I'd do 4. Two on each side of the center brace properly spaced out.
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    +1 on 4

    2 may limit your coral options because of the depth of the tank;
    3 will be a challenge to provide even lighting;
    4 should provide strong, even coverage.
    For shimmer with Kessils make sure that you have some surface agitation. Good luck!
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