3d print

  1. McJaeger

    McJaeger's Red Sea Reefer 250

    Hey everyone! I figured I'd start a build thread for this new tank I just started, seems to be what all the cool kids are doing these days :D. I've been keeping aquariums for around 10 years now, most of which have been freshwater planted tanks. After running a few high tech tanks I decided that...
  2. William Robinson

    Materials for 3D Printed Parts - Not all are created equal

    Good day to you all from North Carolina You are either reading this because you know "that guy" who has a 3D printer and said "yeah bud, I can make that for you. Just tell me what it is or get me the file". Or, you have a 3D printer and love this hobby just like myself... If youre like me...
  3. psumms

    International Optical Sensor Mount for Neptune APEX Utility Pump PMUP v2 / ATK v2

    Hi all, there were dozens of designs for the old style PMUP sensor mounts, but nothing much for the new version - so I made one! I've been surprised by how popular they been! The collar provides a perfect fit to the pump body, holding a Neptune Apex optical sensor firm and secure - with cable...
  4. smartwater101

    California Seneye Home monitor

    Seneye home. Still in the box. This thing just sat on my shelf for two months. Never touched the water. Since I'm doing a big upgrading along with a large frag tank, I decided to get a full-on Apogee Par meter instead. SOLD
  5. Dierks

    USA Anything Else Needed? (3D Print)

    Just finished up helping with a custom 3D print for @KTipp and had a lot of fun doing it. If there is anyone else that needs any help with anything let me know as I am more then happy to help if I can! It did end up costing KTipp a couple bucks for the plastic but I still think it will be...
  6. ludnix

    3d Printed Aquarium Parts Archive Thread

    With all the different things being made and shared in the 3d printing world it can be really hard to find what is even available to us reefers. To help remedy that I thought I'd start an archive thread of all the 3d printed freely available parts I am able to find. This is only for parts that...
  7. Diznaster

    3D printed test kit organizer. (Submit your kit dimensions an I'll try make it also)

    I'm working on designing an organizer tray for my test kits. Tired of them in boxes. I plan to make them as modular blocks that can be joined together. So it can be customized to anyone's specific kits. Part of it will be a vial drying rack also. I have most Red Sea Pro kits...
  8. ludnix

    International Dosing line hang-on-tank holder (3pk). $15 shipped.

    I had a need for some dosing line clips to hold my dosing lines in my DIY tank sump and didn't like having all my lines next to each other like most commercial dosing line holders. Thus the design for an individual dosing clip that fits on any of the smaller aqueon tanks (should be good for 40g...
  9. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    What do with hundreds of 3D printer filament Spools?

    We have literally hundreds of eSUN filament spools left over from printing 1000's of Random Flow Generators? So what did we do with all (well some) of them? We made a Christmas tree of course! Merry Christmas Everyone!
  10. NY_Caveman

    sbash - Highly Recommend for 3D Printing

    I needed some pieces 3D printed for an aquarium project and @sbash offered to make them. The pieces made were exactly what I needed. Communication was great and shipping was fast. I highly recommend his work.
  11. NY_Caveman

    Need Pieces 3D Printed

    I am looking for a user willing to print me something with a 3D printer for an aquarium project. The piece is a three way corner for 1/4” dowel rods. I have .stl files of the piece and need about 10 of them. This is what it looks like: Please PM me with a conversation if interested. Thanks!
  12. CreatiVe2

    120G (250G) Build Thread - Return after 3 years (Oct '18 Update)

    So 2 years after my new home purchase, I am now getting back into my salt water addiction. This will be my 3rd tank, but really my first "Adult" setup. I finally have enough room for a full size sump, refugium, and an observation tank. This should put the total system volume to just above 245...
  13. dmankin

    EVO 13.5 Tank Lid & Clips... Anyone Ever Try to 3D Print One?

    I don't have a 3D printer <yet>, but the thought crossed my mind that maybe one could be used to make a custom {and homemade} mesh lid for the EVO 13.5. There are a few nice ones out there that I have seen online, but they are pricey. Dave
  14. M_norrick

    Eclipse overflow 3D files???

    I have an eshoppes eclipse overflow in my new 125 gallon in wall display. I am looking to raise the water level in the display itself. The only way to do so is A. More flow to display or B block off a portion of the overflow box to achieve desired water level. I have a 3D printer and thought it...