55 gal

  1. akelly310

    55 Gallon Reef Lighting

    Hey Everyone, I am having trouble finding a good lighting set up for my 55 gallon that I am looking to start this weekend. I am wanting to eventually grow soft corals and maybe a few LPS down the road. I think I prefer LED just based on what I’ve seen. I also like the Moonlight function for...
  2. Jeremy K.A.

    GHA eater

    I am having a hair algae outbreak in my 55 gallon mixed reef. Going to do a water change to help but am looking for fish to help with it as well. Whats reef safe and suitable for 55? I have a small sail fin tang which doesn't touch it currently
  3. SilverCityReef

    Massachusetts BNIB 55 Gal Aquarium W/ Freshwater Filter & Accessories

    So I work at a discount store and this 55 gallon aquarium came on a truck last night. I immediately called dibs on it but realized its tempered glass and can't be drilled which is not what I wanted. If someone is interested, entire setup is $180 at Walmart so I'd like to get at least $100 or...
  4. K

    Diamond Goby Concern

    I have a 55-gallon reef tank with a diamond goby and a few other gobys. Today, I turned my lights on to see that my diamond goby was swimming straight for the powerheads and almost got sucked into one. He does not appear to be sick as there are no physical signs but he looks kind of psychotic...
  5. Fishboy&crazycatfishlady

    Beginner coral, where to start

    Hey all! This is my first rodeo with saltwater, so far so good! We’ve been taking our time, moving slow and being patient. Tank has fully cycled. Established a pod population, have two happy Darwin Clowns, and adding to the livestock tmr! But I am READY for some corals in my tank! The tank is...
  6. Fishboy&crazycatfishlady

    Live rock

    Hey all! Back with some more questions! Getting really close to setting everything up and get running! Just cannot seem to decide/figure out what do as far as rock. I’ve looked into the Life Rock from Caribsea but can’t seem to find too much info. The only LFS near me is a petco, which they...
  7. Fishboy&crazycatfishlady

    Wave maker??!!

    Hey all! Back again with some more questions slowly and surely getting all my gear together to start my first marine aquarium! My next purchase is going to be my wave makers.....need some help with looking in the right direction here. So many options and most seem to be pretty much the same. 55...
  8. Fishboy&crazycatfishlady

    Need any and all advice

    Hey everyone! New to the site as well saltwater! Currently, I have my tank that’s it. 55 gal, bare tank. I am making my own stand and hood, already in the process. My biggest question is about filtration. I’m not going to have the room to run a sump system. Was planning on running a canister...
  9. DragonNamedPuff

    Sugegestions please :)

    I'm brand new to the hobby, I have a 55 gallon tank with a 30 gallon sump that I bought from a friend. Running an AquaIllumination Hydra LED and a VorTech MP10w. So I would like a bunch of suggestions for what to stock my tank with!? Inverts, fish, and coral? You could say I have a blank...
  10. Aaron Davis

    Build Thread 55 gallon bowed front Reef build

    New to the hobby, so not too much to show. Working on my first reef tank. It's a 55 gallon bowed acrylic tank. The tank sits on a cherry stained wood stand. I bought the tank used which came with some equipment, 1 clown, and approximately 50 lbs. of live rock. Since receiving this tank in Nov...
  11. Salty-Sailor

    Keep HOB Dual filter or go to canister filter?

    Trying to decide between keeping my HOB filtration system or switching to a canister filter like the fluval G3 or the fluval FX4??? any suggestions? not sure if i even need more filtration or if i will really see a huge difference after spending the money. going in a 55gallon Non drilled tank...
  12. Colten

    Prior paint stripper in 55 gallon drums still be safe

    I found a great deal on some 55 gallon drums but the guy said paint stripper was in them. He said he's sold them to fish guys before and they cleaned it out with bleach and all was good. Is this true? Isn't bleach just as bad?
  13. Simply__J

    Cube Build 45 gal. Rimless Cube from a 55 gal. Long

    While moving I took the opportunity to trade my almost 3 year old year old 55 gal. for an unfinished 45 gal. rimless cube. I'm very excited to be a part of Clube Cube as my holy grail of tanks is a 90 gal. rimless cube.(I'm half way there) I'll be sharing some of the progress I've made and will...
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