1. K

    Algae ID

    Hi all, I’m in need of some help with an algae/detritus issue I’ve had in my 125 gallon tank for over a year now. I’ve tried many things such as manual removal, scraping the rock with a toothbrush, flux rx and seachem pristine however nothing seems to get rid of it. The algae/detritus can be...
  2. joefeets1

    New tank internal struggle

    So I am looking to get a new tank. I currently have a 20 gallon cube and 60 gallon cube but would like to upgrade to something bigger. I was originally planning on waiting a while to do this but the seams my 60 cube are starting to get questionable. I bought that tank used (for a steal) and...

    Boxer shrimp

    Hi will a boxer shrimp be a good addition to my tank? Will they eat my hermits and snails? Been reading mixed reviews about them being aggressive towards fish etc…. Anyone have experience with them? thanks
  4. 8

    Fluval Marine LED light or Orbit? Fluval had better stats?

    Hello! If you were choosing between Fluval Marine LED light or Current USA Orbit Marine, which would you choose? Price is about the same. I was going to go with USA orbit but it looks like it maxes at 8,000k? Fluval maxes at 25,000k. Thank you!! Fluval Sea Marine 3.0 LED Aquarium Lighting...
  5. Baebae

    Nano Build Just a quick update since June...

    Hello from Texas, everyone! I just wanted to do a bit of an update post since a lot has happened since the last few times I've posted lol. If anyone has any advise for me, it eould be much appreciated! Idk if this will take very long or not but here we go! So I started reefing in May of this...
  6. BroccoliFarmer

    Random Questions in a common thread

    I have had a number of questions that I felt like asking over the last few months but havent. Now that I have a pretty good backlog, I figured I would ask them in one bigger thread. 1. I am about to start running an RO-DI system from my utility sink. This sink has a reoccuring issue that...
  7. SeaMaiden92

    Hello New to Saltwater

    Hi All! My name's Marina and I've only had a reef tank for a few months. I had freshwater fish in the past, but having a saltwater tank has always been my dream and I finally went for it! I've been doing as much research as I can, but I still have so much to learn. Any advice would be greatly...

    Any help ID

    Hi anyone know what this could be growing on my rock…. Defiantly getting bigger. Cheers

    Frogspawn bleaching ?

    Hi crap picture but may be able to see if you zoom in….. Is this bleaching ? Not sure new to corals. It’s like a dark purple patch

    Magnetic strength for glass thickness

    Hi Will 6.2kg pull magnets damage my glass? Think the thickness is 10mm, building floating rock for a torch coral… Cheers
  11. X

    Zoa help

    All my zoas are doing good but this one frag of Rastas and I don’t know what’s making it stay closed originally was open for like the first week about and then slowly one by a be close out of the four polyps.
  12. T

    Moving to REDSEA REEFER Question/Discussion

    Hello, I am currently a law student about to graduate (3L) and the end of tight finances is finally near, Hooray! I have been running an Innovative Marine AIO 20 gal since about 2016/2017. It has been great to me and I've gotten to work out all the issues a reef tank can bring. I run an...

    GSP advice

    Hi Thinking of getting some gsp but 50/50 at the min….. Heard they be like a weed if they take hold in you tank with makes it a pain to control the growth…. Do you think the would be ok on the tower….. my bubble tip is on there aswell so thinking it’ll help to controls it….. Or am I best either...

    Hammer dying? Should I pull it out

    Hi my hammer was healthy except a tiny red bit on tissue….. it is going through splitting stage…… but literally as I’m watching it it’s turning black and occasionally excreting brown stuff….. should I pull it out?

    Superman rhoductis mushroom

    Hi just ordered this coral which arrives in 2 days. Can’t find a massive amount of information on them but wanting to know if I should give a lot of space around it…… Got a couple of placement options, one’s 8 inches from my euphillia and others at other side of tank bout 10inches from...
  16. ClownFish664

    help picking a coral

    Hi all, Does anyone know what types of corals I can put top left and left side of my reef tank? This is where I have the higher flow from both the wave maker (1000 lph) and the surface skimmer. I'm using a G5 radion on soft/LPS setting
  17. Zoa_Fanatic

    ID help

    Are these snails and this nem bad? I just got them in a frag swap.
  18. Zoa_Fanatic

    Help ID please

    Is this a “strawberry” anemone? I guess that’s a mojano? That’s what people in my area call them. Should I murder it or is it reef safe?

    Af life source

    Anyone dose af life source on a weekly basis? Heard it’s good for cyano and bio diversity… Cheers
  20. A

    Looks like a mite or something. Also it appears to be attacking dinos

    Pretty much what the title said. Looks similar to a mite and appears to be attacking dinos. I attached a video below. Please pardon the random movements because I lost the creature and was looking for it again. I can’t attach a video because the file I have is too large but I will attach a...

    Light colour percentages

    Hi Tank only been running 4-5 month currently have diatoms and cyano….. Made a post in correct forum location with all stats in my tank…. Anyway my question is what percentage of light colours should I be running at….. no corals at the moment but trying to improve my tank…. Picture below of...

    Cyano, diatoms and phosphate

    Hi Had diatoms a while back and they went on there own….. Then cyano came which I’ve been battling for around a month ish….. I used chemi clean first does 24 hours second dose 72 hours….. 99 % of it went just had a very small light pink patch size of a penny…. That was 3 weeks ago when I used...

    Red foot conch

    Just picked this up from shop, any info would be good as I can’t really find any….. will they do the same as orange lipped conch? Thanks in advance…
  24. ClownFish664

    water change advice

    Ok, so I have a nano reef, its 50L having some algae issues at the moment. But my nitrates and phosphates of course go up over time. How often and how big of a water change should be performed on such a system. It does not use a protein skimmer and is LPS only. After noticing my nitrates and...
  25. Hefromabove

    Looking for large tank build planning advice

    I'm currently in the beginning stages of planning to get a larger sized tank, at least 300g+ though probably closer to 500g+, and have about a million and a half questions. I did have a 65 gallon tank for close to 3 years, but sadly had to part with it due to changes in housing arrangements. Me... shop rare & farmed corls