1. E

    Seeking advice on reaquascaping existing tank

    Currently have a 55 gallon FOWLR but I’m not happy with the current aquascape. I ordered around 15 lbs of shelf rock from BRS that is coming in soon. Any suggestions on how to make this scape look less horrendous?
  2. crbise65

    CRBISE65 Upgrade build

    After taking the fiancee to a few stores and showing her how great some larger tanks can look I have finally received the seal of approval to upgrade from our 13.5 nano reef. I wanted to document the entire process here not only for my myself but for anyone else that may be in my shoes, so they...
  3. Perpetual Novice

    Help! Mantis shrimp molting

    I just added a bunch of new rock, inverts, and macroalgae to my tank with a peacock mantis shrimp. I was working and rearranging things for at least an hour. Then again the following day. A giant hermit crab I rather like fell into the mantis burrow but the mantis never attacked. So I spent 15...
  4. Perpetual Novice

    Baby red coris wrasse. Minimum tank size for first 2 months

    Hi all. I am stocking a fish only tank and decided I want to add a red coris wrasse. I’ve kept one once before but ended up taking down the tank a few months lather when I moved. Last time I bought the wrasse as an adult but this time I’m buying a tiny juvenile (about 1.5 inches) since I’ve...
  5. Luke iskra

    Hammer coral issues or not? Need advice

    Hey guys, my hammer been acting up alittle weird last few days through our he months i noticed the stem “ hard part “ look like it’s fading away or getting chewed? The heads on top went from 2 to about 6 in about 8 months now perimeters are pretty good no issues i also noticed the heads on top...
  6. Perpetual Novice

    Mantis shrimp nano tank?

    Hi all ive decided to get a peacock mantis shrimp and give it its own tank. I found an old oceanic 8 gallon bio cube on Craigslist for 35$ and was thinking of using that. It fits perfectly on my nightstand. I also have a 20 gallon setup that I took down a few months ago when I upgraded. But...
  7. Perpetual Novice

    My Tangs are Defending my Clownfish??

    So let me preface this by saying that yes my tank is small for those two tangs. They get along great and are just in the tank for algae control until I move them to my larger system. So so recently my female clown has become more and more aggressive. To the point where the male now has to...
  8. Perpetual Novice

    Review my tank?

    Hi all. I’ve been working hard on this tank since I set it up 4 months ago. I think it’s finally ready for critical review. It’s a 30 gallon biocube. What do you all think? Any advice and suggestions are welcome.
  9. Luke iskra

    marine pure block advice / filter info

    hey guys, need some advice currently in my chambers in the biocube i have some matrix pellets and a polish cloth keeping it simple for now, heard from some reefers that they add some marine pure block into the media rock or into the flow areas like replacing the sponge with a marine pure block...
  10. Luke iskra

    Need help with tang in QT

    hey guys I’m curing a yellow tang of ick in a QT currently using piper power as the treatment method tangs been healing up very nicely her fins and scales have heals up no signs of ick so far bug started getting a red spot on the top fin running down her back, after 4 days now the red got a lot...
  11. Luke iskra

    Help! First day of QT tang

    hey guys need some help i set up my QT tank with 50% tank 50% new salt mix, did a tiny dose of copper about 1ml of copper power it’s s 10g tank ammonia and everything is really no to nothing PH is alittle low tho treating for ich, the fish is in the tank for a few hours and started to look...
  12. Luke iskra

    Yellow tang back fins cut up

    hey guys i have a yellow tang that is suffering some minor ich trying to keep it in check, noticed his back fins are really looking cut up wondering what is causing this i have water in check, fish mates are 2 clowns and a yellow tail damsel any ideas is it the ich taking a toll?
  13. Luke iskra

    how to setup QT tank for fast work on Hyposalinty

    hey guys, im trying to do hyposalinty to cure my tang and other fish from Ich, the tang isnt doing very well so need to be quick about this.. so my general idea is to buy a 20g tank, sponge filter, mini 50gph pump to move the water alittle, and heater... now i was thinking of taking out 5g of...
  14. Luke iskra

    advice required Tang & possible Ich & ways to stop it

    so long story short i dont have a QT tank, petco had an amazing deal on a wild caught yellow tang not those AC tangs with faded colors, the problem is the tang was in a tank with 2 other tangs that had signs of ich " white specs on them " the tang i purchased had no signs but most likely has ich...
  15. Luke iskra

    is it possible to change a Sand bed?

    i got myself some thicker grade sand didnt really think much of it now im regretting it and would like to change it to the pink fuji stuff is it possible to get the sand bed out and put a new one in 32g biocube
  16. Luke iskra

    Advice needed with dry coral

    guys so a friend of mine gave me a big chunk of dried coral he basically took of out of his clients tanks dries them outside and sell thems i guess. So i got this chunk from him it’s alottle dirty from like outside debris is it okay to rinse it with tank water and re enter it into the tank? Or...
  17. Luke iskra

    can i Coral RX these Corals? please advice

    slowly ill be bringing in my corals into the my new tank have a few corals i want to bring in hopefully not killing them using coral RX dip small list of stuff i currently have, Red Acan, Toadstool, Duncan whisker, rasta zoas, few other zoas , palythoas , Xenias, Hammer Coral, pretty sure thats...
  18. Luke iskra

    Is this new or used?! Chempure elite

    got myself chempure elite and it’s got fingerprints all over the bottle and some brown crap all over the inside is this normal? Is it used?
  19. Luke iskra

    32 Biocube Fish Stock advice needed

    hey yall, finally my 32g biocube is cycled and ready to start moving my previous tank over here is my general idea of stocking too much bio? enough? current tank 10g - 2 clowns / watchman goby + pistol Shrimp / Scooter benny / Fire Shrimp / Cleaner Shrimp tank is fine for 13 months no issues...
  20. Luke iskra

    What’s causing my hammer to lose this

    so I’ve been watching this hammer for a about a month now and feel like something is either eating or scratch the branch part right under the polyps if you look at an angle it looks liek it’s been chewed off or something water is pretty much all where it should be had the same for 13 months no...
  21. Luke iskra

    Protein skimmer + biocube how’s this work

    hey guys so i got s tank off of somone that’s used this before just have no idea how he set it up or how’s this stuff work, so i uploaded pictures of the compartments return pump left side middle section media rack and i thought protein skimmer right section i put the healer in there so the...
  22. Luke iskra

    NEW 32g biocube Media rack ADVICE NEEDED

    currently cycling my 32g biocube with dry rock and live sand with added biospira to speed the process up alittle i run lights 5h white 4h blue 500gph wave maker to move water. i have a media rack that needs to filled up i know the top of the rack requires Filter floss and i was told a decent...
  23. Luke iskra

    need advice with 32g biocube

    so i got myself a 32g biocube which i converted into a rimless setup ill upload some pictures, i wanted to know how much slow is required the main return pump is 275gph and my wave maker is 550gph where would be a good place to place the wave maker? the back wall or the side glass? not 100%...
  24. Luke iskra

    Cleanup Crew for 32g Biocube

    hey guys, setting up a 32g biocube this week and looking into future cleanup crews now current residence that will be entering the tank is 2 clowns, pistol shrimp/watchamam goby, scooter benny possible others. emerald crab, few hermits few snails was debating on buying this kit off aqua...
  25. Luke iskra

    Advice Required on Dipping corals

    hey guys, im upgrading my tank in the next few weeks currently cycling and my current tank i have is a mini reef but i do have alot of unwanted pests / crap i basically do not want in the new tank sponges / bristle worms / vert snails and such so ill be slowly taking out corals and hopefully...