1. parkerb20

    New Waterbox X60.2

    I am setting up a new tank in the next few months and I have decided on the Waterbox X60.2. For ones who don't know this is a 40 Gallon Reef Cube with a 20 Gallon sump in the bottom of the stand. I am in college so I am on as much as a "budget" as is can be. At the same time I don't want to...
  2. Y

    First clownfish buying advice

    Hey everyone! As title says, I’m looking at buying my very first clownfish pair to add to a tank! I know it’s good to get clowns that have already mated, or if not to get two of equal of equal size, or one slightly bigger?? but really, I’d like to know upon buying a pair, what are the best...
  3. I

    Coral ID and placement

    Hey all. I’m a new reefer in the sense that I had a fish only tank a few years ago. Since we moved, had kids and life happened. Started out again 7 weeks ago with a Fluval all in one 15 gallon nano tank. Which I want some fish and some coral in. I have to confess I have no idea of what curls I...
  4. M

    EMERGENCY Red flame mushroom

    Hey guys. I can’t get my red flame mushroom to open up all the way. At first it was doing really great but the past week or so it hasn’t really expanded at all. Any tips?
  5. Herides

    What coral would you recommend I add next?

    Hey guys, my lfs gets a pretty large shipment on Tuesday and I'm gonna do a bit of shopping on Wednesday. I don't have a very vast knowledge of corals and was wondering what you guys think I should add next. The tank is a 40B with currently a Cauliflower Colt, Toadstool, 5 headed Duncan, and a...
  6. FrioActual

    Somethings Missing..

    About 5 months ago I set up my first tank ever and chose saltwater. It’s a Innovative Marine 20 gallon AIO. I feel like something is missing and don’t know an exact time line on how fast a tank of this size matures. I will step by step walk you guys through what I’m curious about, stocking...
  7. L

    Anyway to make this stand stronger?

    The front is where the cabinet door will be but it wouldn't offer any structural support. It's just the 3 panels that will be supporting it vertically, I fear it won't be sturdy enough to hold the 20 gallon tank and it has a slight wobble to it already. Maybe if I Wood glue the connection points...
  8. Herides

    Orange/Brown Hairs growing near my corals

    Hey guys, Was taking a real close look at the sand near one of my soft corals and noticed these very thin, orangy brown hairs flowing in current on the sand bed next to the live rock my coral is on. I also took another look at another one of my corals and see more kinda wrapped around the...
  9. BighohoReef

    Liveaquaria Divers Den v. Non-Divers Den (California

    Hey R2R fish friends, I’ve been on the hunt for some fish and find that the ones I’m going for in Divers Den seem to go quick (note I’ve been happy with all of our Divers den purchases 6 fish no issues). I see them available in the California facility but have heard rumors that the live stock...
  10. MarshallB

    Aglae ID, Just Part Of The Ugly Phase?

    Salinity 1.026 Nitrate 0 Phosphate bounces from 0 to < .02 PH 8.2 Alk 10 Calcium 440 Mag 1500 I use RODI water, 0 TDS. Tank Age: 6 Months. So this stuff has been in my substrate for awhile now, it was brown, but now is green. Substrate gets plenty of flow. I've had to adjust it a few times to...
  11. C

    ICP Test results - What do I need to do?

    Hi Everyone, just got my test results in for the ICP. Need your help identifying what is out of whack in my tank so I can get it fixed. Looks like I should dose some trace elements? Aluminum at 41.26? dealing with STN for a while on Acro, so would be great to nail it down
  12. D. Torres

    Tang diets

    I know I'm probably going to get some hate for this but... I don't feed my tangs seaweed. I was told that spirulina brine shrimp would be a good alternative to feeding seaweed and I've been adding that to their diet on a daily basis for the past 3 years and my sailfin, scopas, and yellow tangs...
  13. D

    Nano Build First SW Tank - 7.2g Nano Build

    Hi everyone! So a quick “about me”. I love aquariums and I have specifically grown to love reef aquariums. I have never had one, as is evident by the title of this thread :p; however, my dad kept a saltwater FOWLR for many years during childhood. I’ve kept several FW planted tanks over the past...
  14. D. Torres

    Black Sand and fish compatability

    Hello. I am currently in the process of setting up a Red Sea Max S 650 to upgrade from my 75g. I want to use the Hawaiian black sand because I like the way it looks in my 20g. My question is: Do certain type of fish have a problem with the black sand? Current livestock that will be transferred...
  15. A

    Kessil A160WE on a Pico - is it overkill?

    Hi there, So I had this idea of converting a 5g (25x25x30cm not sure in inches) dennerle to an AIO to keep some LPS like hammer, blasto, acans and some shrooms. I am trying to stay as low budget as possible, so hunting around for used lights. I have this rare opportunity of picking up a Kessil...
  16. M

    Build Thread Upgrading! 30x30x30 Cube

    Hello everyone, I am new to the community so excuse my ignorance. I found my love for reef tanks in my teens, but my minimum wage job at 16 couldn’t dream of keeping up with the hobby, so I gave up on it. Now that I make adult money, and still don’t have children to feed, I can try again. I...
  17. gowlers321

    I need some help

    I cannot seem to figure out why my corals are dying, iv checked loads of my parameters and nothing seems to be pointing to a problem. Any ideas of possible reasons for the death. Thanks. Parameters: Salinity: 1.024 Dkh: 7.5 Temp: 25.6 Nitrate: 10 Nitrite and ammonia: 0 Calcium: 360ppm...
  18. Herides

    Need a lighting recommendation for a weird setup.

    Hey guys, New to the hobby, had my tank active for a little over a month now, and I'm ready to add a light to get it ready for corals. However my setup/location makes choosing a light difficult. To start I want to stress that because I'm new, I will likely not be interested in any difficult to...
  19. Herides

    Rate my quarantine setup?

    Hello, Long story short, i've had a 40 gallon breeder tank thats brand new, I got two clowns from my lfs, 4 weeks later one of the 2 clowns died of Hole in the Head Disease/Hexamita that was present in it from the lfs and my inexperience missed. I just got a replacement clown today and i'm...
  20. jaket

    Established Tank Moved

    First post.. so I recently purchased a (what I was told) 2 year established tank with 120 lbs live sand, 100 lbs live rock. fluval 1200mm light bar(replacing as it is junk but it came with it) I’m running fx6 and cascade 1200 canisters being it’s not drilled. And a Sea clone protein skimmer...
  21. Perpetual Novice

    Can anyone help me gender these potters wrasses?

    All I can find is the same one picture showing a male female specimen.i suspect my brighter colored one is female and the more drab one is male based on head shape. But they both have the red mark on the top fun characteristic of males I think.
  22. Perpetual Novice

    Got two potters wrasses. Both male... (video)

    So I ordered two potters wrasses The minute I could find some online. I know they have abysmal shipping history and are hard to acclimate and feed so I decided to get two. They seem to have shipped great and are large and active. Never buried except at night. And are eating live pods and some...
  23. Perpetual Novice

    I got two male Wrasses? What do I do?

    I thought it was pretty rare to receive a male leopard wrasse but I just got two potters wrasses delivered and they’re both male... plus there is a smaller male leopard of a different species already in the tank. What do I do about this? Will it be a problem? How big does the tank need to be to...
  24. Perpetual Novice

    What do tamarin wrasses eat? How do I train them onto prepared foods?

    All I can find online is that anampses tamarin wrasses eat crustaceans off of rocks. What kind of crustaceans? Wikipedia has nothing on this genus. I want to train mine to accept frozen food but I don’t even know where to start since I don’t know the diet it would naturally eat. Has anyone had...
  25. Perpetual Novice

    Adding unhatched brine shrimp eggs to aquarium. What would happen?

    Everything says to hatch the eggs first then add the live brine a little at a time as food. But what if I want a constant food supply for picky fish. Can I add eggs directly to the tank so they can pick them off as they hatch? I’m thinking of wrasses and filefish in particular.