Copepod culture

    Hi Phyto culture been going well so decided to start doing pods…. Noticed plenty of pods running around but also build up at bottom of container….. Picture attached….. Can someone give on-site to what it is…. Either contamination, dead pods or other and correct me if I’m doing anything wrong…...
  2. N

    Restarting My Reef

    Hello! After 2 years of stepping away from the hobby I am trying to get my tank back to a good point where i can start adding coral and fish again. I never completely shut the tank down but did not complete a water change in those 2 years, i only topped it off with RO water when the pump...
  3. Matt Bravo

    wavemaker for 40 gallon breeder

    Hey guys so I just upgraded to a 40 gallon breeder and was wondering if you guys think that the ai nero 3 would be a good fit?
  4. T

    Skimmers Miscellaneous Drygoods Scammed? How do you think you'd pay this "BRAND NEW" skimmer? May just clean up and sell to break even.

    Got this magtool skimmer off eBay that was listed as Brand New, fresh in the box, cool specs, the whole deal... Paid 73.27 total (I know this wasn't a good idea to begin with, I don't even remember putting a bid in). Look at the pictures, they're self explanatory. Contacted the seller and was...
  5. F

    Month old tank

    So I started my 55 gal tank up in the beginning of the month, and I’ve been posting updates every now and then. This is my third attempt at starting a saltwater tank, and so far I haven’t had any catastrophes yet. I just did another weekly 4 gallon water change, and all of the brown algae is...
  6. Matt Bravo

    Montipora assurance post

    My fellow reefers, I am in a way proud and nervous. I just bought my first sps coral. I bought an “encrusting montipora”. I’m mainly posting this just to ask for any tips or advice. I got is yesterday and all polyps are out so I’m assuming that’s a good sign. Also what do monti’s look like when...
  7. Matt Bravo

    Alve a bit stressed

    I’ve had this piece for about 3 weeks now and it looked fine until 2 days ago. My other coral look fine it’s just this piece giving me some trouble. Any thoughts? I have another alve that’s growing pretty well as some new polyps are coming out of the base I should probably mention I had a...
  8. Cole_Voeller


    Hello all! So I finally have experienced flatworms! I just spotted one a few minutes ago. I then sent him down the sink, and then immediately realized I should have taken a picture first haha. Looked online, and this is pretty much what he looked like. I looked through the tank and spotted a...
  9. Matt Bravo

    Thoughts or advice for a newbie to LPS

    Hey guys so I’ve recently picked up an alveopora and a hammer and I’m nervous to be completely honest. IMO they look ok for now.I got them yesterday and just wanted to know what you guys thought about them and also if you would mind sharing any tips it would be amazing
  10. D

    Clownfish sudden death - suspected brooklynella or bullying?

    I noticed one of my clowns had some signs of his pelvic fin being nipped at, but I mistakenly thought this was from the female bullying him and establishing dominance.. A week or so later it looks like he’s losing coloration near his stomach, which looks like it’s turning transparent from his...
  11. W

    How does my new aquascape look?

    Added a large rock on top as I could not remove my new anemones. Came together nicer than I thought it would and created the cave I’ve been looking for. Missing some on the left side to look more natural but let me know what y’all think and how I could make it better!!
  12. L

    I want your input - Coral business

    Hey guys ! I really would love your ideas, input, Suggestions on coral businesses. I plan on starting a veteran owned and operated coral business in the next year or so. I want it to be like no other business out there. All coral will be aquacultured and priced to compete with wild caught...
  13. theasherrr

    Help my montipora!

    This is a seasons greetings montipora that I think is dying. I’ve moved positions twice. Once it was in direct light and then it was towards bottom mid of tank with indirect light. Unfortunately I don’t have a par meter to measure light. Is there anything I can do for it to get its color back or...
  14. C

    My LPS aren't doing well. Need some help with my first tank.

    I'll get the tank stats out of the way first. 20 Gallon Cube AIO with AI Prime 16HD running on David Saxby preset. It's about 6 months old (not including the cycle), and for the first few months everything was going well, corals were completely open and growing, and now pretty much all of my...
  15. D

    EMERGENCY Reef Dying

    Hi, I’ve had this reef for about 2 months now, everything was fine and open and doing very well then all of a sudden maybe in the past week it’s just stopped opening up fully and not looking healthy. I will show some pictures below of before and after. It’s mainly my torch’s and frogspawns I am...
  16. 1epauletteshark

    Announcing: Nano aquarium fish compatibility document!

    I am here to announce the Nano fish compatibility document created over a span of a few days currently containing 83 different fish and inverts that can live in a 30 gallon or smaller aquarium. I ran into a bit of a problem as I started (and still am) setting up my first tank that is also my...
  17. 1epauletteshark

    Advice to any reefers in Jakarta

    Hey, I am a new reefer in Jakarta originally from Australia and wanted to share some tips tricks and good stores I have visited because i know how difficult it is, hope this helps! First thing i want to say is things here in Jakarta are super cheap here are some examples (all these prices are...
  18. mbri

    Build Thread My JBJ RF-25 Build

    New build incoming :smiling-face-with-smiling-eyes: Just upgraded from a Fluval Evo 13.5 to a JBJ RF-25 that I got during the BRS Black Friday sale. Absolutely loving this tank so far, the stand is sleek and I love the rimless look that's maintained with the glass lid. Sticking with the stock...
  19. Byrongw

    Hello Hello and Nice to Meet You

    Hello, I'm Byron. Besides being new to R2R I'm also new to reef tanks. I have some freshwater experience but I'm more interested in going marine! I have yet to start my first build but after lurking in this forum for a long time and gathering/preparing some materials I'll be starting by first...
  20. Matt Bravo

    Algae help and tips

    Hello everyone I have begun to experience algae in my first saltwater tank and was looking for advice for the next move I was thinking getting a conch since the one I had just died (not sure why) and also is there any sort of filter that could remove/reduce nitrates. Any advice would be greatly...
  21. aquamann

    HELP!!! Hammer and Torch dying?

    Hello, I have 2 hammer corals and a torch that have been doing well the last 2 months (puffy) but recently they have started retracting. They have been retracted for the last week and seems to be getting worse slowly. I am not sure if they are able to be saved and am not sure why they started...
  22. Renaissance corals

    High alk and nutrients

    So i recently had a major issue with my euphylllia Coral. It had nearly died completely. When i tested my water i was at nearly 12 dkh. With nearly 0ppm phosphate and nitrate. I started dosing coral Amino and polyp booster daily along with my regular feeding. Now about 2 weeks later the coral...
  23. T

    New Clownfish Staying on sand bed

    I purchased a 2nd clownfish two days ago and he has had me worried since being in the tank. He alternates between swimming around the tank to laying down in the sand bed for up to hours at a time I'm sure. I have my female in a breeding box because I'm scared shes going to nip at him. He seemed...
  24. dabroli

    New build advice IM NUVO 200 INT

    Decided it was time I upgraded my 125 petsmart build, to something a bit more professional. After weeks of research on all major brands (Waterbox, redsea, Prostar, SCA etc) I finally settled on the innovative marine 200, I really loved the Eurobracing, aluminum stand, sump, and lets be honest...