1. GJevstachi

    Multiple Clownfish Pairs Within Same System

    Hello! Just a question for future (just have one small 10 gallon tank now, my first saltwater) wanted to get input on tanks with multiple pairs of clowns! Can you do different varieties of clowns? Or better to keep all the same? Territory? As well as is it one pair per anemone that will host...
  2. nano/reef/newbie

    Nano Reef 35 Aqua One/NEED HELP Neewbie

    please help i I am A complete novice and haven’t got a clue what to add to my tank. I will add pictures I would like a few fish (clown fish)and four coal maybe more if I can fit in the tank please tell me if it’s just a good job I’ve done at making it look nice but not so good for the fish and...
  3. P

    Advice needed please .

  4. N

    Hello Hi I'm a new reefer

    Hi there my name's Nick and I just started my first reef tank about a month and a half ago. I had been reading a ton about reef tanks and watching videos on everything I needed to know and then my school closed down for the quarantine and I was bored so I sort of impulse bought a 75 gallon tank...
  5. Cfellini91

    Kalkwasser Reactor for 25g. Nano

    I recently bought a reservoir and a Tunze ATO and am wanting to try using Kalk. but I don't want to mix it in the reservoir. I ordered the Two Little Fishes Kalk. Reactor 300 from BRS and now am second guessing if this one will work for a tank as small as mine. I know they can get expensive and...
  6. Beng2003

    Update on my tank. Please help

    I recently posted about my experience with my first tank and how the first clownfish I brought home looked to have ick. Some time has gone by with no response and Wyoming white has just passed now. What should I do
  7. G

    Stocking advice

    Hey all long time lurker first time poster here. Just recently purchased my first saltwater tank a fluval sea evo 13.5 gallon have successfully cycled the tank and it currently has inverts in only (2 blur hermits, 2 nassarius snails and two astrea snails). With that being said I’m planning on...
  8. W

    Stocking advice - Anthias, Foxface, Copperband

    Hi everyone! My first time posting here! I’m looking for some advice on fish stocking for my 120gal mixed reef. The tank is 5’x2’x2’. I have a large sump in the basement - total water volume 170gal. The tank has been up and running for 3 years (including a house move) and has a majority of SPS...
  9. Mollyrosecoburn

    Build Thread Reef Build! Feedback and advice please!

    Hi everyone! Just thought I’d start a thread to document my journey on setting up my new reef tank. The tank is an Evoluation Aqua 900, it’s about 200 litres (230 incl. sump) and the dimensions are 900cm x 45cm x 50 cm. The stand came with a wood finish but I sanded it down and painted it so...
  10. S

    Wondering about any thing i should know and what a good skimmer i should buy is.

    So I am planning my first salt water 75 gallon tank. I'd want it to be a predatory tank. Currently the stock I have in mind is as followed Dwarf fuzzy Lionfish -1 Snowflake moray -1 Princess Anthias -3 Maroon Clown -3 Tuxedo Urchin -1 Nassurias Snail -10 Trochus snail -10 For corals i'd...
  11. Perpetual Novice

    Need advice: Temporarily "abandoning" a simple nano tank in NYC.

    I always seem to post on behalf of my friend in NYC who is a passionate and extreemly enthusiastic novice in the hobby. His job has insane (I suspect technically illegal) hours and leaves him almost no free time. but what time he has is hevily donated to his 4 month old fluval sea evo 13.5...
  12. Perpetual Novice

    Help me Id these zoas please!

    I just bought these at an auction from my LFS. they're gorgeous and look just like the photo in my tank under day lights. This is the wysiwyg photo from the auction sight because I cant get a good representative photo myself. They called them blue eyes zoas but Ive never heard of that. I have...
  13. Perpetual Novice

    I have no idea what these yellow sea slugs are, but they're everywhere. (Video)

    I have tried to get good photos for months since I saw the first one. I only see them when I disturb the aquascape but at night they come out in force. They're about a centimeter or less and bright solid yellow. Today I got a lens kit for my phone. I couldn't take a picture because I couldn't...
  14. D

    Please critic my stocking list

    So from my previous thread you can see that ive been having a really bad aiptasia problem and had to restart my tank. This tank’s specs are: - dimensions: 81 x 26 x 24” - 210 gallons - sump is 3/4 of the tank. - 50 gal fuge (just in case) - over qualified skimmer - sulfur reactor - media reactor...
  15. Perpetual Novice

    How long should I wait for zoas to open?

    I was visiting a local reefer to pick out some new frags this past weekend when I lucked out and left with tens of pounds of zoa colony rocks. The guy specializes in zoas and regularly frags designer morphs to sell to other hobbyists. Last weekend he happened to be in the process of reducing the...
  16. Perpetual Novice

    Eagle eye morph? why are my zoas different colors? (picture)

    Ive had this small colony of zoas sold to me without a name. there seem to be eagle eyes and some other brown/orange unnamed junk zoas. I never thought much of it of looked at them that closely but today i noticed a few polyps had a crazy colored center unlike their neighbors. Why are they...
  17. Perpetual Novice

    will algaefix marine hurt coral?

    A friend of mine used it against my advice and claims his shrooms started dying the next day and xenia won't open.
  18. MontanaReefer406

    Tell me about your tank...

    Yesterday my first reef tank turned a year old. It's a 20 gal hex, low tech tank. Had some road bumps but I figured a huge success for a newbie. Over the year, I learned when to intervene and when to leave the tank alone. How old are your tanks? And what valuable lessons have you learned over...
  19. Perpetual Novice

    Does Xenia release Iodine when it dies? Inverts beware?

    I've heard that some people go as far as to supplement iodine in their tanks to help their xenia flourish. I haven't been able to verify this theory (and believe me I've tried), but that seems to imply that xenia is a bio-accumulator of iodine. And if thats true then... Well, it probably...
  20. Perpetual Novice

    Do I need a carbon reactor?

    I’ve been keeping a 75 gallon mixed reef running with a canister filter, 2 hob skimmers, 2 opposing gyres, and a copious amount of live rock as the only means of filtration and circulation. I sometimes run carbon or phosphate media by hanging a sock around the outflow of the skimmers although I...
  21. Perpetual Novice

    New Bella goby suddenly dead

    I'm 99% sure the fish is dead. But just in case it's somehow stunned I'm posting this here. Yesterday I got a 5-inch Bella goby from a local fish store. I decided not to quarantine and just did a short acclimation to the tank. Yesterday it swam around the tank and selected a cavern to set up...
  22. Perpetual Novice

    Looking for recommendations for beginner coral for a friend

    My friend has been running a 20 gallon tank for about 6 months now. After moving too fast and crashing his tank already he has asked for my advice to slowly restock his tank. It has been 3 months since the crash and he has since added a cleanup crew and 3 small fish. His nitrates aren’t perfect...
  23. MontanaReefer406

    Hello New to R2R. Asking for tips?

    Hi! My name is Sam and I have been in the hobby for a year now. I have a low tech nano tank, that started out a little rough but now i would say has been a success. Its a 20 gal hex and custom stand and light mount done myself. Ive successfully kept some easy SPS and am trying out montipora now...
  24. El_Guapo13

    Build Thread 29 gallon upgrade...sorta

    So this past Friday (January 31st), I came home from work to find some water on the floor around my 16 gallon Biocube. I looked, and sure enough there was a leak. The next day, I bought some aquarium silicone sealant and bought a 29 gallon tank from Petco along with a cheap 30 gallon HOB filter...
  25. Michelesreef

    Aquascaping and the rule of thirds

    So I'm trying to redo my Aquascape as I've never used any type of epoxy or anything like that so I wanted something unique and different for my tank. I need some advice though as I'm trying to follow the rule of thirds and this is what I have so far and I'll also take a picture of some of the...