ai hydra 52 hd

  1. Krull

    AI Hydra 52

    5 AI Hydra 52HD for sale **one needs a new power supply **one needs a new fan $300 ea - for the 3 lights that are 100% complete $225 ea for the 2 the needs parts (power supply - fan) Discount if you buy multiple lights at one time Shipping available
  2. CowTusks

    Is the AI Hydra 52 HD still worth it in 2023?

    Hello! I have a 4ft 55 gallon (build thread one day...) and have been looking to upgrade from the Current Loop LED Bar that is too small and not strong enough. I have a local seller asking for $300 each for 2 used AI Hydra 52 HD. Everything I've read is positive, eBay sold listings are around...
  3. Reefer37

    Benefit or Negative to Switch Spectrums Midday?

    Just curious if there's any benefit of negative effect to switching spectrums during the day? For example, I run my Hydra 52 at 16k for about 7 hours of the day and then for an hour ramp down to 20k and keep that for the last 3 hours. I was just curious if others do this or if this would...
  4. BlueZreef

    Washington Hydra 52 HD with HMS and Vertex Omega 130i

    Hydra 52 HD - white body, all LEDs work, have original box. I believe the fan needs replaced, they are available from AI, can’t get it to turn on. Also have black HMS mount for the light. - $370 shipped Vertex Omega 130i - great condition, comes with original pump (not pictured). Only...
  5. Reefer37

    AI Hydra 52 Settings Help

    Hey everyone, so I recently upgraded my lighting on my JBJ45 to a Hydra 52 HD and having some trouble dialing in the right settings. I know it's going to take a little for the corals to acclimate, and I don't want to burn them out or anything, but since recently adding a wrasse, I'm trying to...
  6. Mopar reefer

    Florida Small tank breakdown

    1. Two Kamoer X1dosing pumps, 6 months old, bought new, no issues at all $40 shipped each or $70 for both shipped. 2. AI Hydra 52 HD (white) bought brand new from BRS in May. Ran 60%, no issues , $475, can include mouting arm bracket for an additional $40. 3. Bubble Magus Curve 5 skimmer...
  7. z28reefer

    Hydra 52 hd ac adapter replacement options

    My ebay special hydra 52 hd came in with a broken power brick. It looks to be a generic 36v 3.33a adapter, however I'm not sure what size the barrel plug is. Does anyone know of a off brand brick that would work? I'm not really in the mood to spend $90 on a new one from ai after just picking up...
  8. Joe Batt

    PAR lighting readings with AI 52HD and 4xT5

    Mixed reef Waterbox 230 just taken initial PAR readings. 5 hours peak lighting readings, looking for comments or suggestions.
  9. ReefInskeep

    Test the AI Hydra 52 HD?!

    As mentioned in another thread, I’d really like BRS to do their standard evaluation & dive into the AI Hydra 52 HD. It’s their flagship model, doesn’t spread light the same way as the 26 HD, and is worth reviewing (with PAR mapping) as they’ve been around a relatively long time, you sell them...
  10. Holdbar7

    California Hydra Flex Arm

    Looking for an Aqua Illumination Hydra LED Flex Arm (gooseneck mount) . I know someone out there has one in a closet collecting dust. Shoot me a message with your price shipped to 95355. Can do local pick up around Modesto, California. Thanks!
  11. J


    I have 2 BNIB AI HMS Single Light Mount Kits (black) for sale. 1 box has been open to see how to install it and the other has not been opened. These hold Hydra 52 or Hydra 26, which are not included. I decided to mount the lights a different way, so I no longer need these. $65/each
  12. baktabiznis

    Florida Black Hydra 26HD's & HMS Mount

    F/S 9 month old Black Hydra 26HD's and 2x AI HMS Single Arm Mounts.$675 shipped. 631-827-1721
  13. Ignitros

    Kessil AP700 vs AI Hydra Fifty Two.... maybe something else? HELP!!!

    I have a 36 x 16 x 16 tank that I'm wanting to use as a mixed reef tank. SPS up higher on the rocks, LPS and softies lower down and on the sand. I can't decide if a single Hydra Fifty Two will do the job. @Ryanbrs did a great video that showed 3 prime HD would possibly be enough par but I'm just...
  14. LEOreefer

    Check out my build thread!

    Ive been working hard spending hours on this site, I love getting feedback and suggestions on my build. My build thread is in the cube section but I figured maybe I can reach more eyes posting in general forum! Would love for people to check it out and let me know what they...
  15. Robg719

    LED Lighting Reco for 125G

    Looking for LED lights for a 125 Gallon mixed reef (60"x24"x24"). Interested in opinions from people who have experience with AI Hydra 52's, Radion G4 Pro or KessilAP700. Thinking 3 Hydra's or 2 Radions or 2 AP700's. May supplement with T5 down the road, if needed. I know this question has...
  16. H

    JBJ 30 Gallon Rimless Lighting?

    So as the title states I am looking for suggestions for lighting. I currently own an AI Prime HD for my IM Nuvo Fusion 10 gallon so an AI would be preferred but I have heard some not so good things about the Hydra HD's on this tank. I like the Kessil lights but have also heard those create too...
  17. CoralManz

    AIO Build Slice of the Reef

    Tank: Biocube 29 Lights:AI Hydra 52 HD (Best LED in the Market) Pumps: Stock Return Pump Jeboa PP-8 Sicce ??? Heater: Cobalt Aquatic Neotherm 100 watt ATO:Me will be adding one soon Filtration: Filter Floss, Purigen, Chemipure Elite inside a Intank media basket Aquamaxx...