ai prime 16hd

  1. kooroc

    AI Prime 16 HD: Flex arm or mount?

    Hey guys. Quick question. Which is the better option for a 14 inch cube 10g tank using the AI Prime 16 HD? The flex arm or the mount?
  2. kooroc

    AI Prime HD 16 vs AI Hydra 32 HD for 14cube 10g tank.

    Hey guys. So I have a 14cube 10g tank with a 4 inch back sump. I am considering upgrading my light from the Micmol aqua mini g3 I am using right now. Stocking: Some SPS. Some LPS. Maybe some softies. Currently, the SPS are toward the top of the tank, and the LPS and softies are towards the...
  3. N

    EMERGENCY Ai Prime Help!

    I really need help with the ai prime. Every setting I’ve searched or sig one from website I ‘ve used was way overpowered. I finally had something from scratch and had acclimation mode on and everything was looking splendid then I erased the entire setting by mistake. Now all the coral is burning...
  4. K

    AI prime 16HD setting for a Red Sea Reefer 200XL LPS dominated

    Hey guys I just this tank and have no idea on the settings to put. I plan on having the tank LPS dominated. Also should I just buy the 32HD instead?
  5. jackalexander

    Biocube LED’s vs AI Prime 16HD

    I’ve seen substantial growth of my birds nest but absolutely nothing else. I don’t know if it’s normal but I’ve had 2 hammers, a frogspawn and a torch for about 4-5 months now and I do see new baby tentacles weekly but never any heads splitting. Does anyone else have this issue with Biocube...
  6. E

    Help on SPS light spectrum AI Prime 16HD in 18 gal

    Hi, I have just purchased new AI Prime 16HD to re place my old Kessil A350W in my nano of 16x18 inches and 18 gallons tank I’m struggling to get best spectrum for mantain mix corals with some sps on the top. I tried AB+ and Saxby but it seems to me too much blue spectrum and I like a more...
  7. lrp693

    Fluval Evo 13.5 + AI Prime 16HD (Group Thread)

    There’s probably a post out there like this, but I wanted to create a thread to get specific answers for this question and hopefully help some others out along the way. I have been trying to tune in my AI Prime 16 HD over my Fluval Evo 13.5 for some time now. I’m slowly sorting out all of my...
  8. GlfFxtrtYnky

    Nano Build GFY's Cobalt C-Vue 18G Nano Build... I'm back fishes!

    Hi everybody, Behold my "Box o' Rocks", but be warned its got crabs. Don't worry they're the good kind. Fish: 1. Clownfish RIP: 1/6/21 COD: Suicide Clean Up Crew: 1. 3 Margarita snails 2. 6 Cerith snails 3. 1 Nassarius snails 4. 5 hermit crabs 5. 1 Peppermint shrimp Coral: 1. Gatorade zoas...
  9. Simply__J

    Florida SOLD SOLD! Ocean Revive + 2x Dual 24" T5s Fixture

    Three part sale or you can take it all for $550 45 Gal. Custom Rimeless Glass Cube Aquarium (L 23 ¾" W 23 ¾" H 18 ½") Reef Ready/Drilled + Dual return w/ check valve, herbie (dorso mod) overflow for quiet operation. No leaks. Will include all hard pvc plumbing + 4x manifold w/ unions and ball...
  10. D

    Maryland Virginia Dry Good Trade LF: 2 AI Prime 16HD w/ mounts. Euphyllia for trade. Local only.

    Looking to add 2 AI Prime 16HD's to my system. I have loads of Euphyllia I can trade. Hammers, Torches, Frogspawn, Octospawn... PM with any interest, please. LOCAL ONLY. DC MARYLAND VIRGINIA AND SOME OF PA and WV. Located in Frederick MD.
  11. Marco9926

    ATS Only Nanoreef

    Hey there, This is my nanoreef, driven only by Algae Scrubber. What do you think about it? the video is taken from my personal Italian Guide about ATS, so don’t care about the audio but focus on what you can see! tell me what do you think about it! Plz!!! link: Acquario Marino, Metodo ATS...
  12. fox0521

    Flow for coral

    Hello! New to the saltwater side of the hobby here I’ve got a 55 gallon tank, with the following: 2 Tunze 6045 power heads 2 AI prime 16hd, running the Saxby preset 2 Snow Onyx Clownfish 12 blue leg hermit crabs 12 astraea snails Green tip hammer Green polyp Duncan Green star polyp that snuck...
  13. salty_dawg

    Build Thread Used Red Sea Reefer 250 build !

    So I was finally able to get my hands on a used 250 reefer the tank I’ve been wanting . I’m pretty excited . The guy I got it from upgraded to a 525 so I was able to pick this up with no accessories. He upgraded the plumbing to a standard 1” brs set up . Found a guy selling a nib reefer 300...
  14. ajtomase

    AI Prime lighting schedule help

    Hello everyone, I'm getting a 56 gallon tank (Reefer 250) and adding 2 AI Primes to it. I plan on it having both fish and LPS corals in it. Below is my fish/coral list Fish Lawnmower blenny Blue reef chromes Ocellaris clownfish (2) Blue mandarin (once tank is fully established) Tricolor Fairy...
  15. michaelmessinaglass

    AI Prime 16HD w/flex mount minimum glass thickness

    So as the title states, Im curious if anyone has found out or knows what the minimum glass thickness that the AI prime will work on. I have a fluval 5g and the glass is only 4mm thick. Ive had my tank setup up for 6 months but Ive needed to have my empty waterbox 20g acting as the mounting...
  16. N11morales

    32G Biocube switch to AI Prime HD lighting

    I have been thinking about upgrading my lights to the AI Prime HD's instead of the biocubes base lighting. I was wondering if this is a good switch? Also I saw this video on how to cut a hole into the lid of the biocube remove the lights nad have the ai prime stick through the hole. Has anyone...
  17. ens_reef

    Build Thread emsreef 100.3 waterbox build

    in the process of a 100.3 waterbox build. i got the stand together and of course with my luck the left panel was damaged. waterbox customer service has been great. they already shipped out a new panel. i put it together with the damaged panel and i will save the other as a spare. i am simply...
  18. N

    Help with AI Prime 16 HD and 32 Gallon Cube

    Hello, I have a FijiCube 32EXT with an AI Prime 16 HD. I have been using a profile I found online ( can't remember which one ) for several months but have never really gotten much coral growth. Even before this tank I had a 28gallon AIO with a similar lighting schedule and didn't see much if...
  19. Eliatam

    2x AI Prime 16HD on a 240L

    Hey, this is my first time being on this site and i hope this is the right forum. My 2x AI Prime 16HD arrived today and i'm not sure what settings i should use for my 240L mixed reef. Do you have any recommendations? I tried to use presets but unfortunately i'm not able to connect them to my PC.
  20. WhiskyTango

    AIO Build WhiskyTango's WATERBOX 20

    The downsize is complete, and I couldn't be happier with my new AIO cube. Also the stand sits perfectly on a 18x18 tile.
  21. C

    Lighting too strong for 10 gallon?

    Hey guys, looking for your opinion on this schedule. Will give some details. IM fusion nano 10 gallon AI PRIME 16 HD 13 inch depth Mixed reef (Sps, Lps, soft on sandbed) 50% acclimation 30 days
  22. Z

    Ai prime HD Settings?

    Hey Guys! Hope you Are all safe and well! I was wondering if any of you guys can share the settings you use or the preset file you use for the AI Prime 16HD LIght? I'm trying to figure out what would work best. I have two Clowns, one mandarin Goby, a shrimp, some snails, Zoas, birdsnests, and...