ai prime hd

  1. S

    Pennsylvania AI Prime HD and gooseneck $160 shipped

    I have a roughly 1 and a half year old Prime and gooseneck for sale. It was never above 35% no defects, flaws, or issues.
  2. Vinoy Thomas

    Canada AI Prime HD Black (3) w/ Mounting Arms

    Hi, I have three AI Prime HDs for sale with the mounting arms. All work great. $170 Shipped each or $460 Shipped for all three Please PM if you are interested.
  3. adawg362

    California WTB: Black AI Prime HD

    Does anyone have a black AI prime HD that they're looking to rid of? I need another one to match the one I already have.
  4. D_Reep1106

    North Carolina Equipment Cleanout Ecotech AI

    Consolidating all my for sale posts: Cleaning out some equipment. Decided not to set up some tanks and stick with just the one big grow out system so I have everything for my 25 IM lagoon for sale now along with a bunch of stuff I just had in boxes and that came off of clients tanks. Ecotech...
  5. Luke iskra

    SHOW me your AI Prime HD settings on 32 Biocube!

    hey guys i have a 32 biocube running an AI prime HD curious to see what type of settings yall running been getting some red algae and other types with nutrients in check show what you run!
  6. Jrainey312

    New Jersey Nuvo20 Breakdown, Aquamaxx HOB 1.5, AI Prime HD.

    hello, i recently upgraded to a Reefer 170, selling off my old tank, id like to sell as a package for a while before parting out. Innovative Marine Nuvo 20 and Stand (not innovative marine) 2 - AI Prime HD 1 is about 3 years old, the other is under a year. 2 - AI Prime Tank Mount Aquamaxx HOB...
  7. James Hammett

    Kansas AI Prime HD (WHITE)

    I have an AI HD white i am selling also wit it a hard arm mount (Black) and a Hanging mount. $200
  8. Luke iskra

    anyone running 10g reef on AI PRIME HDs?

    Im currently running a 10gallon mini reef and have upgraded my lights to a AI primes couple of months ago long story short ive started to get alot of algae outbreaks on my filter / heater / wavemaker basically everywhere bothering my corals already... im running a build from someone on the ai...
  9. M

    2x AI prime or AI hydra 26?

    So i currently have a 46 gallon bowfront with an oceanrevive t247 and I am currently trying to decide on what light I should upgrade it to. I've had the light for about 1.5 years (bought it used, was 2 years old when I bought it) and it was growing the corals at a really fast rate but then...
  10. YoCamron

    Biocube 29 AI Prime HD

    Hi everyone, Was looking for the best settings for an AI prime HD on a 29 gallon biocube? These are the settings I have now, would this be too low for porites, zoas, and anemones? Please give me suggestions, thanks.
  11. YoCamron

    Biocube 29 AI Prime

    Hi everyone, I have an AI prime with the flexible mount. Was just wondering if any of you have mounted this on a biocube? the black rim on the cube makes it impossible to use this for me, any suggestions on how to do this? possibly cut the section of the rim off? also how long is the wire on...
  12. YoCamron

    AI Prime HD Biocube

    Hello everyone, I have finally upgraded the lighting in my tank to the AI prime HD. I have had it running for a few weeks at low settings so I don’t bleach my existing livestock. I am being gifted a christmas tree rock which is porites coral with bismal worms living in it, so that would be my...
  13. K

    Georgia AI Prime HD

    Hello, I am selling a AI Prime HD. Everything is working properly, just do not have use for it anymore as I have upgraded my set up. The AI Prime HD comes with the original box, hanging kit and is the white version. I am looking for $150.00 shipped & PP fees included. If you want pictures...
  14. Tangina20

    DIY mount for hydra 25, ai prime, hydra 52

    Hey everyone I made a diy mount for my 2 hydra 26 lights and it only costed about $25 to maleness both mounts which is a lot cheaper than the store bought ones feel free to ask any questions on how I did it! I still need to paint them and drill holes to hide the wires.
  15. 6TankReefer9

    Normal for AI Prime HD+ To make this noise?!

    Just bought a used AI Prime HD + Online and don't have any reference to how a new one would sound so wondering if the noise is normal? AI owners please let me know the sound level of your fans and if the lights get louder with time.
  16. 6TankReefer9

    DrumRoll!! Poll off... Final Lighting Option Poll

    As a continuation to my previous post, seems that the options have now narrowed down to two choices for my 12x12x12 build with BTA as the focal point. Please cast your vote for the AI Prime HD+ or Kessil A160we! Also, if you have one of the two, please list any concerns or changes you would...
  17. Luke iskra

    Ai prime on 10g need help setting up

    bought an ai prime HD for my 10gallon reef tank need advice on how to set this thing up I’m running a pirates of the Caribbean setting the tank dimensions are 20L 12H 8W have the light mounted about 10 inches off water surface Have the acclimation mode on at 30% for 20 days By the looks of it...
  18. ycnibrc

    California AI prime hd SOLD

    Hi there I have 2 white and 1 black AI prime hd for sale $150 each. Less than 6 months old pick up in Irvine if u buy all 3 I can ship it to u free. Pm with question. I can ship individual light for $10
  19. Richard the Reefer

    2 AI Prime HD's on a 40gb

    Just picked up the second AI Prime for my rock pile 40 gallon build. I am in search of help with the light settings for my mixed reef. Livestock I am trying to keep happy. Blue Maxima Derasa Octospawn Lobo 10 + Florida Ricordia 5 Acan Lords 3 Gonis Alviopora Octospawn Hollywood stunner 3...
  20. Quinn

    Quinn's RSR 450 Build

    So a couple months ago I came across a smoking deal on a Red Sea Reefer 450. I had just setup a Marineland 150 but I kept looking at the 450 I had sitting in the garage. The plan was to part out the 450 to make some money on. So I quickly sold off a good chunk of the collector end livestock that...
  21. Scott chilton

    T5 Hybrid Bulb Combo

    Im Purchasing the Aquatic Life 24" T5 Hybrid to go with my 2 AI Prime HDs to go over my 35" x 19" x 21" mixed reef (90% sps,lps). What bulbs should i get? all Blue+? or should i mix it up a bit?
  22. AshwinRavi

    AI Prime HD vs Current USA IC Loop PRO

    Hello, reefers! My tank is 75G, 48" wideX18" long X21" deep. I went from 2X165W Chinese LED to Current USA IC loop pro(2x48" strip). I like the sleekness of the lights but I am afraid I don't have enough PAR for my corals. I have mostly soft corals with some LPS, & no intention of moving to...
  23. HenryF

    Henry’s Mighty Fluval Evo XIII 1/2

    Setup was on Jan 1st 2018. Fluval 13.5 Sump Chambers/Filtration: Chamber 1: Aqueon Large Filter Cartridge ( Folded), Red mangroves, extra bag of Fluval Biomax & a sexy shrimp that keeps going in there. Chamber 2: Fluval Stock Foam with Carbon & Biomax, Another extra bag of Biomax Chamber 3...
  24. S

    New York WTB Ai prime hd

    I'm looking for an ai primed hd with a mount
  25. Circa916

    California AI prime HD

    selling used AI prime HD, only used for 3 months before I upgraded tanks. in perfect condition and comes with hard mount. Will ship if need be $165