aio tank

  1. NanoReefDenmark

    AIO Build 34x34x19" AIO 3/4" (19mm) custom tank! (Reef Savvy copy)

    Hi guys and girls Thought i would join the reef2reef all the way from Denmark - EU I have been dreaming about a reef savvy tank, but to be able to pay to get that build and shipped to Denmark is not for my wallet ! So what to do? I bought allmost 4meters (13.2feet) of 19mm optiwhite glass (low...
  2. Manonfire0815

    AIO Build Wish I had gotten a bigger AIO

    Hi every one. I'm new to the marine tank experience and I have found myself wishing I would have purchased a much larger AIO. I'm thinking of selling my Waterbox Cube 20 and stand to purchase a bigger Waterbox or some other brand of AIO. If you have had the same thoughts post the AIO you...
  3. Aqua Splendor

    (Video) Small All In One (AIO) aquarium

    Hello Reefers, I wanted to share how I built my aquarium3 years ago, I wasn't a Youtuber at that time but for some reasons I filmed most of the process and I wanted to share my experience with you. This built work flawlessly, can't complain much about the design, it works, but I'm always...
  4. Architeuthis

    Lagoon 50 AIO Return Pump

    Hi all, I'm looking for advice/recommendations to upgrade the stock Innovative Marine Lagoon 50 AIO return pump. Something that's more powerful and will still fit in the back of the tank. Input from anyone who's upgraded the same tank or a similar AIO would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Reefer37

    Do You Keep CUC in the Sump of Your AIO?

    Just curious if people ever have CUC in the sumps of their AIO? I have a JBJ45 I've noticed quite a bit of algae growth back there and a lot of it is really hard to get to to clean out. The only concern I could think of was them making their way to where a return pump or the skimmer was, but I...
  6. MonoReef

    Build Thread IM Nuvo Fusion 40 Mixed Reef

    I introduce to you Monoreef 2 Tank: Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion 40 Lighting: 14K 150w HQI + TWO AI Primes IM AUGA Gadget Chaeto Max LED Flow: AI Nero 5 + TWO IM AUGA Gadget Spinstream Nozzles Filteration: Filter Floss, Carbon Reactor, Chaeto Heater: Ehiem Jager 200w
  7. Kmargold

    How would YOU set up this AIO Filtration?

    Hey guys! First post here. As the title says, how would you set up this AIO filtration? Tank is a 65 gallon custom acrylic AIO that I got second hand for an absolute steal and have been refurbishing. (Polished acrylic, refinished stand, etc.) Apologies for the bad photo as it’s before I cleaned...
  8. sfin52

    Nano Build Orkin Branch 589 Page's office tank

    My boss Page Alexander approached me about putting together an office tank. I started trolling my lfs fb pages. I ran across a jbj 28 cube for $50. I I'm lualynn aquatic gems and told them I would take it. Tonight was pick up. This is it Wait sfin what's in the bag. Stefan What...
  9. JosephRyan

    Louisiana RedSea Max 250D Saltwater Aquarium with ATO, Doser and Two AI Primes

    RedSea Max 250D with ATO, Doser and two AI Primes in the canopy. Picture of the tank was from today. It is still set up and running. Live Stock and Corals are not included. $1100 obo
  10. KHunter0622

    Build Thread JBJ 65 Build

    Hi everyone! First time documenting a reef build and only our 2nd tank on the Reef side of the hobby. We started with a Fluval AIO M60 24 gallon tank. It is 3 years old and has been a good tank for starting off. Now after saving up it is time to go with our dream tank. In comes the JBJ 65...
  11. Rams

    New Jersey Innovative marine AIO 16g

    Selling 4 months old innovative marine 16g AIO,tank was bought new 4 months ago. comes with 2 media baskets,skimmer,heater,tropic Eden live sand and 2 live rock. just removed water and ready to go.local pick up only,asking 275$.
  12. Justen

    Hair Algae in 30g AIO Refugium

    I have a lot of hair algae in my chamber which I use as an refugium to grow chaeto. The chaeto grows very nicely but so as hair algae. It becomes very thick in less than a week everytime I clean it. My main display has little to no algae though. Just some on the glass. I run the light for my...
  13. J

    Connecticut Fluval Evo 13.5 plus extras

    No chips or crack on glass (holds water), Just comes with aquaknight light, protein skimmer, wavemaker, homemade lid and glass cleaner. It has the original pump, sponge and lid. Looking for $120
  14. NanoRookie

    Aquatop AIO reviews?

    Hey guys, Im new to the forum. Trying to start a new tank. If I get an Aquatop I can get a 40 Gallon which is in my price range tanking into account all other things I have to buy. It is hard to find reviews for aquatop tanks, has anyone here had experience with these? Are they good quality...
  15. H

    20 gallon long lighting?

    Hello fellow reefers! So i have decided to start a new tank (not my first or 2nd). I'll be going for the Innovative marine 20 gallon long peninsula all in one tank. So now i have to pick a light fixture that can have full coverage of the tank as i will have it setup in a peninsula style. I...