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  1. nanonøkk

    i just got an ai prime

    so i just got an ai prime for my reef tank and i was wondering about intensity and stuff because it’s a small nano reef and i’m looking for a spectrum i can use. at the moment i’m using the brs ai prime settings but i’m wondering if there is something better. i have an anemone and a bunch of...
  2. AshwinRavi

    AI Prime mount for Aqueon 75

    Just bought an AI prime 16HD with the 18" flexible mount, been having a hard time to get this mount to work on standard Aqueon 75G (4ft tank)? Thanks in advance for the help.
  3. Obsessed Reefer

    AIO Build Rebooting an IM Fusion 10g

    Hello R2R! It’s been a few years since I’ve had a tank setup, and after recently moving, and now being quarantined for who knows how long, it seemed like a great time to get the Fusion out of storage and clean her up and get back into it. In the past aside from the 10g, I also had a 20g Fusion...
  4. OrangeCountyReefer

    California Radion / AI Prime

    Looking to purchase used Radions or AI Primes in the Orange County California Area. Prefer local pickup.
  5. S

    Ohio Ai prime Hd with mounts x3

    I have three primes hd , 1.5 years -2 years old , 450$ shipped or 150$ each plus shipping , they come with the flex mounts
  6. EmilyXLC


    Up for grabs is a Waterbox Aquariums Marine 35.1 with white cabinet. Comes with AquaIllumination Prime HD lighting kit, filter sock holders, plumbing kit and sump. $750 OBO Local pick up in Longwood, FL only; cash or PayPal. Please feel free to message me with any inquiries you may have. : )...
  7. EmilyXLC

    Florida Waterbox Aquariums Cube 20 with Custom Cabinetry, Return Pump and AquaIllumination Prime HD Lighting Kit

    Up for grabs is a custom Waterbox Aquariums Cube 20 with custom black cabinet, featured in the Waterbox Cube Battle Series. Comes with return pump, AquaIllumination Prime HD lighting/arm, and filter sock holder. Cabinet has custom decal affixed. $450 OBO Local pick up in Longwood, FL only...
  8. Narzyzz_12

    AIO Build Nuvo 10g Continuation of a Z&P Garden

    https://www.instagram.com/p/BnwsnLGBXE5/?taken-by=narzyzz_12 Tank:IM Nuvo 10 Light:AI Prime Heater:Cobalt 100W Temperature Controller: Ink Bird Circulation Pump: Tunze NanoStream 6040 Controllable Pump Return Pump: Tunze Recirculation Pump Silence 1073.008 Skimmer:none Water Change Schedule: 2g...
  9. Garrett3

    AI Prime HD+ Lighting Schedule Questions

    Hello all just recently purchased an AI Prime HD+, and am completely lost with the lighting schedule. Open to any suggestions or pictures of other users schedules. Also another question I have is I've noticed on some peoples' lighting schedules, there is a zig zag or up and down throughout the...
  10. N

    Build Thread Nanoreefings 40g cvue tank

    Hey everyone. Thought I would post my new tank thread. So far I picked my tank and stand up which is a cobalt aquatics 40g cvue. Right now I’m waiting on my dry rock, and AI Primes to come in from BRS. Haven’t really decided on a stocking list besides for my carpet anemone. Going to make a...
  11. BrandonA702

    Build Thread Brandon's Evo XIIs

    Hey again. Just joined yesterday and it was suggested that I started a member thread. So here it is. I have been in the hobby for about 4 years now. My largest tank so far was a 55 gallon but I moved and downsized to an Evo 13.5 AIO. Currently I have two Evo tanks going. One for my LPS and a new...
  12. Garrett3

    Biocube LED's vs. AI Prime HD+?

    Just purchased an AI Prime HD+ to replace the stock BC 16 LED's.. I've been attempting to do as much research about the two to compare but I've been having difficulty finding details about the stock lighting in the BC16. This is a definite upgrade correct? If it's minimal improvement/difference...
  13. C


    I am extremely livid right now, as I just discovered the cause of my favorite fish's demise. When I was setting up my new lighting configuration, I used the MyAI app. One of the features essentially causes the lights to unexpectedly strobe extremely brightly and repeatedly without anyway to stop...