algae after ciclying

  1. I

    Brown Algae Outbreak

    I recently started up my tank about 6 weeks ago and have now gotten this algae outbreak out of no where. It’s brown algae across the rocks and also across the sand which has been a nuisance since it’s constantly seems to come back. I also seem to see a weird haze in my tank but only really...
  2. P

    Nano tank algae bloom

    My tank is 15 gallons and has been up and running for 2 months now and I’m about 3 weeks into the diatoms faze and am starting to get quite a bit of algae blooming. I’ve reduce my feeding to once a day and also added a small protein skimmer on. I’ve got 2 clowns, 2 tiny hermit crabs which run...
  3. N

    How to get rid of Dinos (I think)?

    Hey everyone so I'm pretty sure I'm having a dino outbreak. Tank is 25 gal and been setup for a few months but with some existing live sand and rock from my previous tank. Tank is an AIO so I just have basic filtration in the back and was running chemi pure elite. I then switched to chemi pure...
  4. Nagra92

    EMERGENCY New tank, brown alage , green hair algae

    I have started reef tank 3 and half months back used Live rock to start a Nitrate cycle Now my results are all ok And many people told me that my cycle is completed I have 2 fish and they are all doing great i introduced 2 corals 4 days back so far they are doing great but i have one...
  5. D

    Really hard water issue

    I'm new to reefing and saltwater in general, and I now have a pretty large algae bloom. I read somewhere it can be caused by something in the water if it hasn't been filtered properly, or that the presence of it also means the tank has finished cycling. Regardless, this led to me testing the TDS...
  6. J

    Jeremey’s 5526 issues

    Hello everyone, I have a Waterbox Peninsula 5526 With a total water volume of 170.1g. The display is 130g and going through the uglies. I have been dealing with what I believe to be diatoms for about two months and more recently a red algae on the rock work. I believe it could be red slime or...
  7. S

    Are these little trees popping up everywhere bryopsis?

    These little trees popped up over the course of a few days. They are REALLY stuck to everything and even ripping them off leaves roots. I even took out an ornamental piece ( sunken ship, please don’t judge, kiddos had to have it), scrubbed with a brush and the trees were still there! I do have...
  8. palbert_95

    ID please

    I have two different rocks growing stuff, one of them I believe is some kind of algae, it's been growing for a bit before I added fish to my tank. As for the black stuff on the other rock I have no idea, I noticed it just this week, might've been there for a bit though. As for the white, don't...
  9. Swav8tor

    Help with ID and treatment!

    Have been quickly growing this algae, at first I thought Dino’s but know I’m not sure, one thought is Lyngbya Cyano. The tank is 2 months old. Tank is IM 20 Upgraded IM pump (500gph) Aqamai KPS (running 50%) 2 Prime HD Ghost skimmer Refugium in 2nd chamber Chaeto +pods 2 intank baskets running...
  10. Whysosalty

    Tons of green algae

    Alright ladies and gents. I just started a new 60 gallon aquarium. I currently have a 150 reef tank that I’ve had for over two years. My question is, my tank is cycled, I have a ton of algae. Like at night I clean the tank and scrap the algae and the next night it’s covered in green algae. Is...
  11. E

    Brown Diatom Hair Algae Fading to white?

    Hello, I'M new to the forum but have been in the hobby for some time before quitting and coming back. I started a 20g IM nuvo over a year ago and have been battling with Brown Diatom Hair Algae. When I set up the tank I had (and still have) a skimmer, bio-pellet reactor, cheatomorpha carbon and...
  12. LEOreefer

    Let's see those cycling tanks

    Far to often you get to see these beautiful tanks showcased (As they should be ) , this might give the false impression that anyone can have a reef like that in just a few months. The purpose of this thread is to highlight the tank uglies and to show what it really takes to achieve a beautiful reef
  13. landlocked303

    Algae Scrubber Help!

    About two months ago I bought an algae scrubber from Santa Monica filtration (Drop 1.4). I have had it running and am getting ZERO growth except for some nasty slightly brown goo. In my tank however I am getting a very small amount of green hair algae. Any advice on how to get the growth in the...
  14. johanngh1977

    helppppp...algae problems after ciclyin

    It is my first post in reef2reef, every day I read and learn from this wonderful site, and although it took several years in the hobby, now I like I'm back to start and do not know what is happening .... I started this tank 75g using products of "aquaforest" probiotic reef salt, my water is ro /...
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