algae problem

  1. KaidenGilbert20g

    Algae won’t stop growing

    I currently have about 20 (3 Nassarius snails, 1 turbo, 9 astrea, 2 cerith, and 6 nerites) , a emerald crab, 3 hermit crabs, and two sand sifting gobys but the algae is still outrageous and I also have a protein skimmer on it and its a 20 gallon tank running a kessil a150w ocean blue light . So...
  2. Steveoliv

    brown algae problem need id n a plan get rid

    title says it all i’m haveing some kind of brown algae problem wasn’t bad until the start of last week n now idk what do to solve this problem . i do weekly water changes i guess you can say i feed alil to heavy but i like watching my fish eat lol, alk.9.9 cal 420 mag is low 1225 ( i believe...
  3. TheReefArchitect

    Hello Relatively new reefer in the UK

    First time joining a forum and for the most part my relatively new reef is going quite well. Fast growing favia Brightly coloured zoas New heads on acans New heads on blastos Back Story I set up a nano tank back in September but quickly swapped out my planted tank setup for a larger marine...
  4. CodeReef

    HELP ME ;) Please! ID on problem algae

    Good day everyone! I started a new nano tank about 3 months ago and have been battling this problem algae that showed up about a month ago! And i cannot get rid of it! It is a 28 gal red sea reefer nano, I am running a protein skimmer and Chaeto reactor. Light cycle is 10 hours per day, 2 of...
  5. Jackstraw04

    Need help identifying

    I thought it was maybe cyano, but it’s almost more like feathery red hair algae. What do I got?
  6. rantipole

    How long can softies stay out of water?

    Hi all, The title of this thread is my question: How long can soft corals and zoas stay out of water? The background for my question is this: I have a chunk of live rock that has become covered with hair algae. I want to take it out of the tank and scrub the algae off. The problem is that two...
  7. mcarroll

    Dinoflagellates – Are You Tired Of Battling Altogether?

    I don't know what percentage of folks had luck battling dinos with any of the methods in the old Dino thread but it's obviously a very low percentage, so I'd like refresh folks on the natural alternatives and lay out three areas of info: some of the factors that contribute to a dino outbreak...
  8. S

    At a loss. What is this?

    for the past week I've been dealing with what looks to me as dead algae. It's this white-grey almost ash like growth on my rock. About 3 weeks ago I eliminated a cyano problem with chemiclean and was very successful. I didn't dose the recommended amount and have done a 20% and two 10% water...
  9. johanngh1977

    helppppp...algae problems after ciclyin

    It is my first post in reef2reef, every day I read and learn from this wonderful site, and although it took several years in the hobby, now I like I'm back to start and do not know what is happening .... I started this tank 75g using products of "aquaforest" probiotic reef salt, my water is ro /...