1. unchaotic

    Dosing Ammonia with Prime

    I don't want to start a debate on whether or not (and how) Prime detoxifies ammonia. There are plenty of raging debates on that already. I want to ask a purely hypothetical question. Now, assuming Prime does what it says (remember, we're not here to debate this), would a person be able to...
  2. JamieTotten1996

    EMERGENCY Dead Crab in Back Sump

    I have a dead crab in the back sump of my DT, it’s fallen down the chamber the skimmer is in and gone under into the second chanmber laying beneath my mechanical filtration, will I have to pull my sump apart to remove it or should it be okay to decay naturally, I have seachem prime I could use...
  3. Caito

    EMERGENCY I need help - cycle

    Tank has been ‘cycling’ for 5 weeks now. 32 gal 3ft Have sand and dry rock in it from day 1 Added clean up crew per the instruction of my LFS for 19 days now Havent added any fish yet because my parameters are absolutely shocking. I don’t understand why. I feed a tiny bit of brine shrimp every...
  4. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    What lighting for Salifert Test?

    The Salifert Ammonia Test is really hard to read for me between 0, <0.15, and 0.25. the readings look different in all types of lighting. Near the window it has a brownish hue to it, not deep brown, but you know... In a white lit room it can be white, yellow or brown depending which way I am...
  5. C

    Aquarium Systems SeaTest test kits

    Has anyone had any experience with the aquarium systems seatest test kits? any reviews/experiences? cant find anything on them, my LFS recommended them but im getting "odd" or just unexpected readings and dont know if i 100% trust them yet. Im using the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate test kits of...
  6. S

    Nitrobac bottle dosing.

    Hello. I’m currently at the end of the cycle for my tank. Ammonia is trace and nitrites have risen and are now nearing 0. Nitrates were at 25 ppm so I’ve done a 25/30% water change today to lower it somewhat. from advice on here I have added my first fish today and all appears to be healthy...
  7. S

    Cycling tank with "Red Sea Pro Reef Mature Kit"

    Hello. I am currently in the process of cycling my Red Sea Max Nano reef tank. I've added 20lbs of Carib-sea special grade live sand and about 15-20lbs of Carib-sea Life rock shapes (spored with bacteria). I've also added a mesh bag worth of Fluval bio tubes (for surface area for bacteria)...
  8. C

    Anenome ammonia nitrite spike

    Hi all, I have a 7 month old 50 gallon frameless with a 15 gallon sump (all i could fit). Protein skimmer, single chamber media reactor down below, and refugium (not doing much since I got the reactor), and tons of bio media. 6 fish in all. Some beginner corals. Sea stars, hermits, and snails...
  9. J

    Detected ammonia in established tank

    Hello, I have a 100g tank with a 34g sump. I've had it going since October 2020. Recently, I've added a new dry rock and 2 media bricks. I haven't tested ammonia in a long time. The red sea kit I have, I purchased in July of 2020. I just tested ammonia because a firefish I have, I haven't...
  10. mamareef

    How do I cycle my new tank!? Confused!

    Someone please tell me how I am supposed to cycle a 20 gallon IM nuvo fusion. I can’t seem to get a clear answer from the internet/YouTube. Apparantly there are a billion ways to do it!? I will be using caribsea live sand and caribsea life dry rock. I am making my own saltwater with rodi water...
  11. ChandlerTingle

    Cycling Process

    So I’m on the 3rd day of cycling for my 38 gallon tank with the products Dr. Tim’s Ammonia Chloride and API QuickStart. First Day the Ammonia was on 2.0 ppm and has been for the 3 days but Nitrites have not gone up. Should I be worried or is this normal, Which day is usually when you see the...
  12. DeNovice

    Will chaeto drop nitrate and phosphate to zero?

    I have been consistently getting 0 on Nitrate and Phosphate. I have chaeto in a back chamber that’s literally doubling in size in about a weeks time. I give it 18 hours of light which I’d read was recommended. I also have green hair algae forming on the sand. As of yesterday, my ammonia level...
  13. adamlodge14


    My new tank (15 gallons) is about 2 1/2 months old with a Yasha goby/ shrimp pair and a cleaner shrimp with some soft corals. I finished the cycle about 4 weeks ago but have had a spike of ammonia going to 0.55 I am going to do an immediate 20% water change and add more beneficial bacteria...
  14. Reefster78

    General Cure and Ammonia

    Hi everyone. Got question. If I'm curing with general cure and will test water with RedSea ammonia test, will it be readable? Will it work normally? I ordered ammonia checker but didn't receive it yet. Thank u
  15. gr2

    Ammonia test kit help

    Hi everyone I’m having some trouble reading whether my ammonia is at either 0ppm or 0.25ppm. In person it has more of a green hue but it has tested this color for about a week now. My nitrite is at 0ppm. I’ve attached a picture with flash and without flash. What do you guys think?
  16. B

    Cycling with ATM Colony - Day by Day Examples of Parameters

    Hi All, Have just started my Waterbox 70.2 Reef yesterday using the ATM Colony route. Wanted to get an example of how peoples parameters read daily for the first week through using this route as i have not seen this anywhere online and want to get a view of how this approach has worked for...
  17. A

    Free Ammonia after RO, Safe to Use?

    Hi Reef2Reef. Have a quick question about acceptable chloramine and ammonia levels coming out of an RO filter. I'm using a 4 stage RO filter only (No DI) and testing finished water quality for chloramine and ammonia, and testing using an API saltwater test kit. Currently reading somewhere...
  18. csab1n

    How long it takes for a tank to re-cycle on average?(and how long can corals go without lighting?)

    So I just did a 4 day cross country move and brought all the livestock and equipment with me. I threw out all the old sand. Unfortunately most of my live rock had to go in the trailer, submerged under water in a tote. Needless to say it was less than ideal to begin with, but I had no more room...
  19. acsnanoreef

    High ammonia during fishless cycle 20g cube

    Hey everyone! So I’m on day 5 of the Dr. Tim’s fishless cycle. yesterday my tests read: pH (8.15) and nitrite (0.1) seem good but my ammonia is at 0.5 (salifert test kits) Today I tested my ammonia and now it’s showing 1.5! is that okay? I feel like the bacteria should be bringing this down...
  20. D

    Cycle confusion

    Hello there, I started my 125l tank on October 18th, added live rock (about 10 kg) and been constantly adding Dr. Tim’s One and Only. For about few weeks ammonia was high about (1ppm) then two weeks ago it dropped to 0.2 ppm and a week ago it was 0.86 ppm again. Now for the last week my Red Sea...
  21. Nagra92

    EMERGENCY Amonia , Phosphate , Nitrate , Nitirte results ?

    Hello guys , my tank is 5 months old i am having hair alagae in , Green algae & Slime algae in my tank i have installed Phosphate reactor , in my tank My tank is 45 gallon I added 50g of ROWAPHOS in PHOSBAN 150 Reactor also tell me the result of Ammonia , Nitrate , Nitrite , Ph levels all is...
  22. michaelabellz

    In serious need of some advice regards to cycling!!

    I have been cycling my tank for 2 and a half months now and have seen no spike of ammonia (steady .25 for pretty much the entire cycle), just last week my nitrite tested at .25ppm but has stayed steady ever since which is odd as I read nitrites double every 12 hours. I have two black mollies...
  23. SarfCharlee

    Dry Rock & Sand Cycle: What to expect?

    Hello Reefers, I'm new to the hobby and super invested. Just wanted to make sure I'm on the right path. Below are my tank details: Used Fluval Evo 13.5 G- Rinsed & Cleaned Dry Rock & Sand (Store didn't have live sand) Temp: Between 76-78 Degrees - Trying to get this leveled out So to start my...
  24. kiddkobireefs

    Cycling High Nitrites While Ammonia Is Lowering

    I’ve been testing my tank everyday to monitor my cycle. Cycle has been going on for over a month now. My nitrites have continually been high right now for the past 3-4 days at 2-5ppm. My ammonia read 2.0ppm for a few days and has gone to 1ppm as of today but my nitrites are still sitting between...
  25. AustinR

    Cycling question all levels are high after change

    I have a question that I hope someone can answer. I have been cycling my tank fishless for 5 weeks. I have 75 gallon tank using dry rock 90 pounds and live sand 120 lbs. Using a fluval Fx6 canister filter. Also In the tank is 2 powerheads and a HOB skimmer that both seem to be working well... shop rare & farmed corls