1. Moonfruit777

    What anemone is this ?

    Hello, I took this picutre a while ago when diving on my vacation on the Maldives. It looks really awesome and I'd love to have an anemone like this for my reef :D What kind of anemone is it and why has it a two colored foot ?? I'v never seen an anemone like this anywhere else so i felt like...
  2. WhiskeyCoffee

    RBTA looking like wet noodles

    I've had this RBTA for almost 5 months now I think, he acclimated quickly and has been very healthy. Two times now I've seen him go from completely open and healthy to sucked in and looking deflated (see pics). Yesterday he went from looking like first pic then to looking like second. Then...
  3. Sarah Grace

    RBTA Losing Tentacles???

    I have had my RBT anemone for about a year and for the past month it has been shedding its tentacles. I thought maybe something was messing with it, but i watched it for awhile and it seems to twist the base and cut off circulation to the tentacle itself(if that makes sense) it has grown quite a...
  4. Dalton Hunter

    Rock flower anemone spawning

    So Last night my Mini Maxi released a huge load of eggs over a period of about 2 hours from when I got home, (no idea when it started). Today my rock flowers anemones (15) are all standing up and have their mouthes slightly open. I plan on turning off my sump return pump and leaving on the power...
  5. Dalton Hunter

    The day my Mini Maxis spawned

    Last night I was lucky enough to come home from work to catch my mini maxi's spawning. Feel free to ask any questions :) I can tell you, I do water changes about once every two months, I never test water parameters, and I use tap water... I know you are all probably cringing at the sound of...
  6. TGalinsky

    Why my anemoe closes up?

    Came home today to find my anemone closed and an hour and 1/2 later opened a little but tentacles mostly deflated. Up to this point he moved around the tank until he found a spot he liked and stayed there. He is hosted by a panda and an Osceola clownfish. Not sure whats going on. Tank: 75 Gal...
  7. potatocouch

    Anemone ID

    BTA or Crispa?
  8. potatocouch

    Revert odd behaviour, normal?

    When the light is off, BTA will expand like no tomorrow. When the light is on, BTA will sucked all its tentacles in. Acclimating behaviour? It seems like it can't differentiate daylight and night.
  9. potatocouch

    Anemone & Kessil A360

    It's a long shot but I thought I try. For those that own Anemone and Kessil A360, what is your max color and max intensity?
  10. potatocouch

    Is it normal for BTA to behave like this?

    Folks, what's happening with my new BTA? 1st day when it went in, it maintained the size (approx. 6' quite inflated). It was fully inflated at seller's tank and foot is good, mouth is good. Light went off, it went to a ball shape (tentacles all inside the ball). 2nd day when light went on, it...
  11. Aaron Davis

    Rose tip anemones and pom pom xenia frags

    I have two rose bubble tip anemones (1 large one that split) and about 7 pom pom xenias. Would like to get rid of them to make room in my tank. The xenias as fairly young, but very healthy. The anemone that split was approximately 6" in diameter when it would open up fully. Tank is in fallow...
  12. Goby-won

    For Sale - 2 Green BTA's

    $30 each plus shipping You can see one of the other ones with my female hosting
  13. serenade

    Any additional suggestions or advice needed

    I have a pair of cc flame tip clones that were delayed in shipping. So instead of arriving Tuesday morning they didn't arrive until Wednesday morning. Upon arrival their water was extremely cloudy and discolored. But as I am not one to give up easily I immediately started to get them fresh...
  14. Dalton Hunter

    Let's see those RFA's!

    I want to see everyones Rock flower anemones! snap a photo and post em'!
  15. mcgdz86

    Build Thread 36g Bowfront Upgrade

    Had an old 36g bowfront that I am converting from freshwater to saltwater. This will be make second reef tank. I'm hoping to keep maintainence/care easier so I will be doing mostly fish, with a few softies, and maybe a Nem for the clowns. My first tank I used live rock and ended up just having...
  16. S

    Anemone or Soft Coral?

    So I've had this tank a few months now, and will be upgrading in the next few months to a 29 biocube. I have a 10 gallon fowlr with two very small ocellaris clowns and an inch long valentini puffer. Everything has been okay so far, but I notice that the smaller of the two clowns is very nervous...
  17. S

    Baby anemone?

    Hello guys! We're new to the site but we been reading a lot of cool stuff so we're excited to be here. Today before going to be we saw that next to our Condy anemone there was a pink small thing that was moving. Is that a baby? If you could let us know that would be appreciated!
  18. Pieces of the Ocean

    Enjoy 20% off our WYSIWYG selection for President's Day

    Happy President's Day! :) Enjoy 20% off everything WYSIWYG on our site when you use promo code presidents20, now through Monday. Follow us on Instagram
  19. Nolan Shinn

    Looking for a healthy Ritteri Anemone

    I'm looking for any suggestions on reputable sources for getting a healthy (preferably purple foot) Heteractis magnifica. I've kept RBT's for several years without any problems, but they're easy to find locally. Ritteri not so much. Anyone with Ritteri interested in selling a 4-6" one or have...
  20. CFC_Surge

    Macro Algae. Chaeto, Red Bubble Kelp, Red Lace, Red Fern.

    Hello I have a bunch of Chaeto to sell along with three kinds of Red Macro. I have grown everything out from small frags, and I also QT all my fish with medicine before I introduce them into the system. Everything is disease and pest free! You might get some pods, but no guarantees. My Paypal...
  21. B

    Anemone ID please

    I know this is a Bubble Tip Anemone (BTA), but is it an Orange Sunburst, Rainbow, or something else? Thanks!
  22. ReeferDave01

    Killer anemone

    I recently purchased Ritteri anemone and had 3 clowns take to it. However it appears my new addition stung few chromis who keep swimming next to it. I have 250 gallon tank but they seem to converge next to anemone.What can I do to prevent any more murder suicides?
  23. inkedtx

    New anemone problem

    hi guys, I was gifted a BTA yesterday for Christmas. I hadn't planned on adding one for at least a couple of months but had no choice. It looked good this morning, (left blue lights on last night) I turned white lights on to feed fish and about 8 minutes later it was very deflated. I turned...
  24. M

    trying to get a bubbletip anemone to host a clownfish?

    I recently got a rose bubbletip anemone from a local friend of mine and I was wondering on how to get my clownfish to host them. Anybody have any tips on how to do that? Let the clownfish find them naturally or is there another way to do it?
  25. Jay_M

    Wild Anemone PictureThread - Diving or Snorkeling

    Hey All, I thought it would be a cool idea to start a thread for posting wild anemone/ coral pictures taken IN PERSON via snorkeling or diving. Here is a photo I took snorkeling in Antigua on my honeymoon. I can say finding an anemone in the wild is one of the coolest things I've experienced...