apex 2016

  1. Curryb15

    New York Aquarium Controller Apex controller system $675

    For sale is an apex controller system with extras! It comes with the base unit , 2 energy bars , FMM module, WXM module , temp probe, alk probe, orp probe, and a switch box that works as a breakout box! It’s an awesome value and is in good working order! Price includes shipping aqua bus cables...
  2. Sisterlimonpot

    Neptune Sys EB832 Power Supply Replacement.

    Dear readers, WARNING this is an account of my personal experience. Although I had a positive outcome, your experience may vary. Altering an EB832 may result in serious damage to person and/or property. Reader discretion is advised. I had a bout of bad luck the other day when I heard popping...
  3. A

    Colorado Fragging lots of requirement for sale

    Tanks are still up and running but its just water and algae. id take 20k for everything if anyone is interested. This has gotta be the funniest and hardiest thing I have done.If I could help anyone learn from my mistakes, when your fellow reefers say quarantine everything your hands your kids...
  4. mameroo2000

    Using 2 Neptune apex controllers together

    Hello everyone I do have Neptune apex classic with ph,orp probe and I need to add extra ph probe for calcium reactor, since im using my ORP for ozone & all my outlets on eb8 in use I'll need to buy addition eb8 plus pm1/PH probe. So instead purchasing all this equipments I was wondering if I...
  5. S

    California Aquarium Controller Wifi Apex Brain and Dos

    Apex Full Brain $300 shipped Apex DoS $240 shipped Manufacture date Jun 18 Apex Display $85 shipped
  6. ReefSentinel

    Large Build ReefSentinel’s 200g Mini Barrier Reef build.

    Hello All & welcome to my build thread Following many hours of research over the past 6-12mths, watching many Youtube channels (BRS, fishofhex, Saltwater Aquarium etc) and following some great build threads here I am jumping in to share on my reef build journey. You are all welcome to join the...
  7. aidil257

    Neptune Apex controller

    Hi All, I am a new member to this club and all the while only has a fish only tank. recently, I’m beginning to have the courage to keep corals. However, my job requires me to travel a lot ( before COVID19 outbreak) and wanted to ensure I could monitor my tank when I’m not at home. Therefore...
  8. Amadeux

    Florida Red Sea XL 525 - Entire system for sale

    Selling the following items. Everything in excellent condition. Prefer local buyers but willing to ship smaller items. Photos below. Function Brand Item Name Description Asking Price Aquarium Red Sea Reefer XL 525 Includes 108 gal tank, 31 gal sump, stand, 4.3 gal RO reservoir...
  9. W

    Will the apex Auto feeder from the us work with the new 2016 apex from Australia

    Hi Guys, This is my first post on this forum and I was hoping I can get a little help with my new apex. i’m currently in the US and I’m going home soon but I was thinking of buying an apex auto feeder from the states and using it on my iPad at home Can anyone see this being a problem as the...
  10. M

    Possibly reverse engineering the Orphek Atlantik - What's the correct way to provide input to the Apex programmatically?

    I really really really like the Orphek Atlantik V4 gen2's... however their lack of integration with the Apex makes it a no go for me currently. As the title says, what's the current accepted method to input data to the Apex as I understand there is no real exposed API... *angry face*
  11. MrWheelock

    I think it's time for a new Apex Temp probe...

    Calibrated it twice using two other digital thermometers. You can see the calibrations in the sharp drops, but the probe just keeps creeping up. This is exactly why you run a redundant temp controller on your heaters, had this been the opposite and happened to someone else that was relying...
  12. MaddyP

    California Apex and other stuff...

    All items are used but work as expected unless noted otherwise. Thanks for looking! Shipping Included: Apex 2016 (Probes have been sitting dry so might need new PH/ORP) - SOLD ALD Module (Old Style with 2 leak detectors) - SOLD Apex Jr with Display (No probes) - $140 shipped Apex DOS...
  13. D

    Florida Breaking down my tank

    Newer apex 675 Xr-30 gen 4 pro with rms mount 600 Vectra l1 125 Apex trident 575 2 mp10 225 each Apex ato minus pmup 100 Tunze big and nano ato 125 and 75 Rodi booster pump 100 Reeflink 50 only used about 3 months And the trident used one set of reagents
  14. reef fish

    Florida Apex 2016 and stuff

    Apex 2016 with eb832 and sensor $650 shipped Atk v1 $180 Shipped Wxm $100 shipped Optical sensor new $25 each Optical sensor used $15 solenoid new 20.00 Used solenoid $15.00 One link cable 13.00
  15. backdraft_reefer

    Large Build 180 Gallon Mixed Reef Living Room Build

    Hello everyone!! This is my first post as my new profile (side note: I lost the password to my old one and never updated it anyways…plus I lined up my profile name to match my Instagram profile also J). I am finally starting my build profile for my new custom 180 gallon mixed reef. The tank was...
  16. Ryushei

    Texas Going out of hobby Sale! Can ship!

    I am going out of the hobby and wanted to sell what I have left. I reside in NorthEast Houston so I can deliver around Bush Airport area, give or take. I am willing to drive around Spring/woodlands area as well. (Shipping includes paypal fees and shipping cost) Selling Inventory (all items...
  17. Jud

    Best Deal on Apex Probes - most important?

    Hey all - Just got (what seems to be) a great deal from a local reefer. Picking up a slightly used 2016 Apex (brain + EB832) for $250. I was going to go with an ApexEL, but it’s my first Apex and it seemed like a better deal to have extra expand-ability. It does not, however, come with...
  18. smartwater101

    I’m getting a little tired/frustrated with Neptune's general attitude towards their customers...

    DAY ONE I had a pH probe that wouldn't calibrate. I even tried other probes and they calibrated just fine. After a few days of getting the runaround from customer service, constantly having to repeat what I shared in the first email, they finally let me send it in. THREE WEEKS LATER I get a...
  19. Jerzyray

    Gen 1 AI Hydra Q?

    Hey all, Iv bin researching the AI hydra (non-HD) LEDs. I don't have a controller for them, but I do have an apex. Can anyone help me figure out how I can control these lights? When I plug them in all the LEDs come on full power.
  20. Holy_makerel

    Apex setup issues. Please help!

    Ok, it has been a long, frustrating 4-5 hours. I'm trying to hookup my new apex. I followed the directions on my desktop to connect wirelessly. It started connecting but took a very long time. The apex display turned orange but the computer screen was just sitting on the connecting screen. I...
  21. Crimsonvice

    Neptune Trident for GHL Profilux 4 Mega Set 6E

    Gauging interest in trading a brand new Neptune Apex Trident for a GHL Profilux 4 Mega Set 6e in WHITE. Let me know.
  22. Curryb15

    Almost tank crash , check your equipment!

    For tonight's update we cover how to crash your tank! The last few day I realized the my corals looked off. I've been neglecting to test my parameters so I figured my calcium was off since I have my alk on a doser. Sure enough my calcium was at 290. So I corrected the issue and prepared to do a...
  23. J

    My Trident Review

    So I received my Trident a couple days ago. I've been playing around with it and here's what I've come up with so far. They give you a small piece of paper in the box that tells you to go to TASKS>Trident Initial Setup. They also give you a piece of paper with a BIG NO NO on plugging it in...
  24. Fritzhamer

    New York Apex stuff (out of the hobby)

    Apex 2016 wifi all four probes plus a brand new ph probe in the box. $600 shipped. Apex ATK $150 shipped Apex COR-20 $200 shipped Apex BOB with fancy box switch and giant red button - $55 shipped Neptune probe holder $30 shipped Apex solenoid $30 shipped Or take everything for $800 and...
  25. R

    Maryland Selling my reefer 250

    in the process of getting rid of my tank I have a new apex system along with 2 hydra 26 hd along with other equipment Local pick up $2,000