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apex 2016

  1. Crimsonvice

    Neptune Trident for GHL Profilux 4 Mega Set 6E

    Gauging interest in trading a brand new Neptune Apex Trident for a GHL Profilux 4 Mega Set 6e in WHITE. Let me know.
  2. Curryb15

    Almost tank crash , check your equipment!

    For tonight's update we cover how to crash your tank! The last few day I realized the my corals looked off. I've been neglecting to test my parameters so I figured my calcium was off since I have my alk on a doser. Sure enough my calcium was at 290. So I corrected the issue and prepared to do a...
  3. J

    My Trident Review

    So I received my Trident a couple days ago. I've been playing around with it and here's what I've come up with so far. They give you a small piece of paper in the box that tells you to go to TASKS>Trident Initial Setup. They also give you a piece of paper with a BIG NO NO on plugging it in...
  4. Fritzhamer

    New York Apex stuff (out of the hobby)

    Apex 2016 wifi all four probes plus a brand new ph probe in the box. $600 shipped. Apex ATK $150 shipped Apex COR-20 $200 shipped Apex BOB with fancy box switch and giant red button - $55 shipped Neptune probe holder $30 shipped Apex solenoid $30 shipped Or take everything for $800 and...
  5. R

    Maryland Selling my reefer 250

    in the process of getting rid of my tank I have a new apex system along with 2 hydra 26 hd along with other equipment Local pick up $2,000
  6. MSOEME2009

    Tennessee Full Tank Breakdown

    Update for everyone: Ecotech MP10WQD - Sold Ecotech MP10WQD - Sold MP10 Wet Side - Sold Neptune Apex PMUP - Sold Neptune Apex WXM - Sold Neptune Apex DOS - Sold Neptune Apex 2016 W/Calibration Fluids & Probe Holder - Sold Neptune Apex Kessil Control Cables - Sold Kessil A160WE - Sold Kessil...
  7. alexjoha

    Large Build 210 Gallon SPS dominante system.

    Hi, I have a system that`s 210 gallons, the main tank is a pensula style custom made tank. It has Opti white glass on all sides and is viewable from 3 sides. The tank is placed between my Livingroom and the hallway. Aquarium Custom ordered pensula 610Liters With full Opti white glass at...
  8. Ceciliaz

    Texas Kessil A160, 150 and 360

    3x Kessil 160WE tuna blue $140 each Kessil controller $50 Or all 3 lights plus controller for $450 1x kessil tuna blue 360WE with goose neck $220 2x kessil 150 deep ocean blue $100 each or $185 for both all the light are about 1.5-2 years old. All in great working condition Apex gold...
  9. Joe Batt

    Vortech pumps and Apex

    Is it possible to connect the Vortech pumps to Apex and still use the various modes that are inbuilt into the Vortech controllers? Ie Lagoon, Reef Crest etc.
  10. Jud

    Canon T6 + Canon EF 100mm Macro Lens

    Hello - Looking to trade a turnkey macro photography setup for an Apex setup. Ideally looking for a 2016 setup, and open to the Apex EL. Bonus points if you have an LDK module we can negotiate for. Here’s what I have available: - Canon EOS Rebel T6 EF-S. Camera is in perfect condition, no...
  11. Kyle Rinker

    Tank teardown

    I am doing away with my Nuvo 40 AIO that I had my Apex 2016 on. I am rebuilding a 125 gallon at home and will move the Apex there. the 125 has a manifold and will obviously run completely different equipment than when the Apex was on the Nuvo 40. So the question is, when moving from a 40 AIO to...
  12. Niterunner77

    Apex Salinity Probe not calibrating....

    Hi to all! I just recently purchased my new Apex and so far I absolutely love it! But, the only problem I am having is that I can’t get my salinity probe to calibrate. When I’m calibrating on step 4 it just times out and can’t seem to get the correct salinity range it needs. Is there any...
  13. Burrito

    New Jersey Fs: 2016 apex WiFi

    Selling a used apex WiFi system. Come with everything Control base Eb832 Orp, ph, salinity (not pictured but pristine) & temp probes (shown) One link usb cable System is not in use but probes are all wet, I will ship with a full set of calibration fluids as well
  14. AshwinRavi

    1 month break

    Hello, reefers! Around Thanksgiving this year, I will be leaving the country for a month, and my biggest fear is imagining what my reef is going to go through. So, I look to the thousands of reefers here for advice on what I can do to prevent the most common mistakes. Since I have been...
  15. flex13

    Build Thread Flex's Crystal Dynamic Build

    Hello I am going to attempt my first build thread. First let me apologies for my grammar or missing words. This will be my 3rd tank but I have been out for 15 years and wow things have changed. I have spent the last 8 months reading a shaking out all the dust in my brain. Through this time I...
  16. RickG

    Apex 2016 use while offline

    So I have been having issues with my internet as of late. My modem and router aren’t connected to the internet leaving my apex without WiFi. I am out of town and have had family members try to fix it but nothing gives. Was wondering if my Apex will still run the configurations as I programmed...
  17. Raxnar

    8 Pump Dosing unit

    My tank is still quite young, hardly any corals at the moment so I don't need to be super concerned about daily dosing just yet. I am contemplating following the Red Sea Mixed Reef Recipe one day. This thread is purely hypothetical at this stage and can be a fit for other multi-part methods...
  18. Tmcgoo13

    Build Thread Let the Journey Begin - Red Sea Reefer P650

    This is the story of our journey of the second large saltwater tank we built. During the series I’ll add bits about the things we learned from the first build, that have helped us so far. We started a 90 gal mixed reef tank 2 years ago, learned a lot from the journey, a lot that we wish we...
  19. S

    Build Thread SoonerBerrios 425XL

    It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally getting around to a build thread for my RedSea Reefer 425XL. I broke down my first tank a 40B in July of 2016 when I bought my 425XL https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/soonerberrios-40b-sumpless-build.227835/ The 425XL has been up since July 2016...
  20. Elder1945

    The Apex Board By Elder1945

    This was posted in my 16 foot reef build but it was one of my first personal apex board. I wanted to do something over the top and think i hit the mark. It was headed for the trash when I took down the tank but lives on with @lennyd19 system :). Wanted to share some of the old build pics...
  21. AiKkz

    Large Build 300 Gallon In-Wall + Fish Room / 115 Gallon Frag Tank

    Been in the hobby for a little while and looking to upgrade to a large tank that will be SPS dominant. Several years ago I started with a 40g breeder, then went to a 90 bow front, and recently tore down my 220 because I had to move so now i'm taking advantage of the new house and the wife let...
  22. SuncrestReef

    Build Thread SuncrestReef's Red Sea Reefer XL 425 build

    Tank status as of Oct 2019: (original build thread begins below: ) --- After months of planning, I'm finally ready to start my official build thread. This will be my first aquarium, so please be patient with me as I'm completely new to this hobby. A couple weeks ago I first joined R2R and...
  23. EastSideBAy

    Colorado WTS Brand New Apex

    As the title state, I am selling a brand new 2016 wifi apex for $750 shipped pm me if you are interested. :)
  24. C

    New tank build.

    Started a build tread in the members tank section. It is still a work in progress but is coming along enough to have some photos. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/custom-80-gallon-rebuild.352618/#post-4405127
  25. C

    Build Thread Custom 80 gallon rebuild...

    Long story short my 58 gallon Oceanic tank with basement sump had to come down for space. I built a new tank in the basement. All was going fine until I cooked the tank. 106 degrees and nothing lives. This thread will document the rebuild and upgrade to that system.
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