Tank Breakdown 75 gallon, apex system available

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Dec 13, 2020
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Broke down my 75 gallon system. I have several parts left for sale

Neptune apex system, with probes and energy bar $420
Would prefer not to ship, due to probes needing to stay wet. Probes were still holding
calibration. I will throw in a Neptune auto feeder for free (It sounds like its dying, but currently does work)

Neptune cor15 pump $200

Lifereef sump, with mag drive return pump, 2 reactors, reactor manifold $300 ($475, you get the cor pump and ill throw the mag drive in for free as a backup)

75 gallon tank, with stand, two heaters(Less than a year old) life reef overflow with extra u tube, with artfully acrylic mesh lids (3x Cord slots, 2x feeding doors, overflow slot cut outs) $275

Custom life reef acrylic ato container $50 5 gallonish

2x Maxspec 230 gyres, with controller (Includes new bushings, and cages for both pumps) $250 Can ship for additional cost.

Tunze algae reactor $225 Can ship for additional cost.

Radion tank mount brackets, and 40.5” bar $150

If you want it all or multiple things we can work out a deal.
Tank, sump and pumps will be cleaned before sale.

tempImageQmjxFd.jpg tempImage1mDTSL.png tempImage47dWBT.png tempImageta8Fig.png tempImageaKtXlQ.png tempImageUn0PVT.png
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