1. B

    Custom built

    HELLO EVERYONE I've been working on this one for a while now and not sure what equipment I need to make it work. For right now it's going to be FOWLR but eventually I would like to add some corals when i get more experience. I've been in the hobby for 6yrs freshwater only. Now I want to try...
  2. T

    First ever it terrible like my brain says????

    This is my first time ever building an aquascape and was not I wondering if I could get opinions on it? It's going in a 25 gallon lagoon so I tried to keep it more of a wide scape than a tall one. Thanks!
  3. tech_reefer

    Feedback On Aquascape For Waterbox Marine X 60.2

    Hi all, Need feedback on my aquascape, what do you guys think? This is for a Waterbox Marine X 60.2. Will be bare bottom mix reef no SPS. Thank!
  4. Michael White

    Large Build Flow in tall reef tanks 72 x 24x36

    Looking for flow advice for my tank, bothnin terms of equipment, flow patterns, and aquascape. It is a 72” x 24” x 36”, setup as a room divider between two columns, with overflows on both side panels and both front and back viewing panels. Intend to be an sps dominant mixed reef with tangs and...
  5. KillaB

    Aquascape opinion and feedback

    Hello, I am starting to plan an aquascape for a 112 gallon red sea 525 XL tank. This is my first reek tank. I am planning to get a mixed tank with SPS at the top and some LPS at the bottom. Those are the things I tried to think about: I tried to consider flow by keeping enough space between...
  6. MyCatHatesMe

    What are some common mistakes when it comes to Aquascaping?

    Semi-fun post? Not sure what to type here. General relativity is a physics theory created by Albert Einstein. Apples are indeed a fruit, and not a brand of shampoo. The only reason we find things cute is so we don't eat our children. Any brown box you see is most likely brown. people with...
  7. BlackiceClowns

    GSP On Back Wall?

    Hello Everyone:) I've got a 45-gallon reef tank with a pair of clowns and a leather coral that finally opened. I currently have a back pane of what is I am assuming acrylic and I wanted to create a GSP wall. However, I have two large pieces of rock resting on the acrylic and I have heard if GSP...
  8. Metcho

    Florida WTB WTB Pukani rock

    Hello , I’m looking for more Pukani rock for my 225 anyone that has some for sale please let me know. Thanks Metcho
  9. LilElroyJetson

    VOTE: Which Aquascape for Minimalist Glass Cages?

    Help me choose which minimalist aquascape I should go with. I like both a ton. (PHOTOS BELOW) Option A looks cool and has multiple caves for fish to travel through, and provides more hiding area for fish, especially ones that like to burrow, and I might try to keep a Blue Spot Jawfish again...
  10. B

    Aquascaping 4ft FOWLR tank inspo?

    When you have a FOWLR tank I feel like the aesthetics of the aquascape are really important because corals wont be able to cover and add the extra ~spice~ to the structures I am looking for inspo for a new 4ft tank. I don't want something that looks crowded and may eventually add some softies...
  11. Homestarmy

    Build Thread Aquascaping Advice

    Evening! I’m working on my first reef tank and put together my initial aquascape over the weekend. I’m looking for some advices/critiques of what I put together - I think it looks good and will work, but would love some outside input just to make sure I’m heading in the right direction. Thanks!
  12. S

    Is 22 Lbs of aquaforest reef rocks enough for 50 gallon tank?

    Hi, This will be my first saltwater aquarium. It will be a 50 gallon 3 feet long tank. No sump space so the filteration would be as follows 1) 22 pounds pack of aquaforest reef Rock 2) Aquaforest live sand 33 pounds. 3) Sicce 300 canister filter 4) BOYU 438 Protein skimmer Inhabitants A...
  13. Wasteoftime247

    Diy magnetic rock wall

    I saw on BRF that they are selling rock that you can attach to the wall of a tank. Only issue is they are stupidly expensive for what they are. I want to make one myself using epoxy and superglue. I just want to know if you all know a safe magnet to use in a tank. Also if you have any other tips...
  14. k2-

    Rule of Third and aquascape

    Hey Aquascape Guru's, Context : TL;DR, I can keep SPS corals to thrive but aesthetics I suck. With my new build of 96x30x24 i plan to change this and put some serious effort. I like -ve space concept and hub and spoke kind of design and can give space for each SPS to grow out. ,I want to...
  15. P

    Anyone familiar with “Art Reef Rocks”?

    I’m looking to add rocks to my new Waterbox 320.7. I’ve used Caribsea in the past with other smaller tasks but I’ve been looking into a new brand called “Art Reef Rocks” due to the multiple design possibilities. Has anybody used this brand before and if so, what did you think about it? Have...
  16. J

    Ideas or comments to improve !?

    Here's my first go on my 350 ! This is caribsea life rock. Rods only, no glue......I appreciate any thoughts ! Thx
  17. D

    Connecticut Miscellaneous Drygoods Marco rock aquascape - Connecticut - No shipping - $60

    Less than a year old aqua scape secured with mortar and glue. Local pick up in CT only because it could break in shipping.
  18. brendan040001

    Reefer 170 aquascape

    Hello everyone I have a reefer 170 that I’m in the middle of rebuilding I’m wanting opinions on what people think of the aquascape is it too small?? Thanks
  19. KillaB

    112 Gallons Aquascape Feedback

    Hello, I am starting to plan an aquascape for a 112 gallon 525 XL tank. This is my first reek tank. I am welcoming any critics on things I overlooked :) I am planning to get a mixed tank with SPS at the top and some LPS at the bottom. Those are the things I tried to think about: I tried to...
  20. chtrey

    Aquascape feedback

  21. Wasteoftime247

    My first attempt at placing rocks in my first tank. What do I need to fix?

    So here is my first attempt at placing rock. I plan on using this as a mixed reef tank. What do you all think I need to fix? I haven't glued anything together yet and I still have a full box of arches. I want to make sure I have lots of places for fish to hide but still be able to see them. Do...
  22. Bo2022

    New York Dry Rock Drygoods Floating bio rock

    DW Aquarium bio active rock Build marine systems quickly Landscaping Rapid cultivation nitrifying bacto Suitable for 20 gallon+ Tank Size: 31*24*21cm Brand new never used,open box Come with mounting and the rock Price:$175 $115 or trade with torch/hammer Located Queens 11365
  23. Netotek

    My first tank, my first aquascape, thoughts?

    I mocked everything up and liked the look of it, the tank had water in the tank already so when I put the rocks in, and then the sand. It was Super cloudy, so I couldn't see the end result until the next day when the water cleared up. In the picture it's still a little cloudy, only because i...
  24. CH3RRY

    Missouri Dry Rock Drygoods Caribsea LifeRock Plateau

    Caribsea LifeRock Plateau. Has a small chip in the bottom left entrance (can be covered with something including algae I'd assume Too big for my current tank so I do not need it Can ship at buyers expense but will be costly Located in STL MO Cash Paypal or Venmo only
  25. The Importance of a Well-Designed Aquascape for a Reef Aquarium

    Beginner Topic The Importance of a Well-Designed Aquascape for a Reef Aquarium

    Aquascape before and after images via @Queenofreef The Importance of a Well-Designed Aquascape for a Reef Aquarium Creating a captivating and well-designed aquascape is not just about aesthetics; it plays a crucial role in the success and health of a reef aquarium. The art of aquascaping...