1. W

    AquaForest StoneFix - Does it holds ?

    AquaForest StoneFix (other brand cement not available in my country). Would like to know anyone that using this cement for their aquascaping, and how long its been underwater ? Since im building large system, i am expecting that aquascape to hold at least 3-5years without falling apart...
  2. C

    Do I have enough rock for my fishies to feel safe?

    Hey everyone, the first tank is a 120g/500L (4x2x2ft)/(130x60x60cm). Currently there are living a bunch of hermits, snails, a sanddollar, a tuxedo urchin (iirc) and 4 fishes in there: A dwarf zebra lionfish, a chelom butterfly, a tomini tang and a large melanurus wrasse. The box is for the...
  3. V

    Narrow tank aquascape ideas

    Hi all, I will have a 100cm x 30cm x 40cm narrow tank under construction now. I am thinking to make lagoon style softie tank. Any idea on the aquascape? 2 islands? Thank you. Happy reefing, Kevin
  4. MaD_ReefeR

    My 50g AIO aquascape attempts

    This part of the journey has been the bane of my existence. I got into a 50g because I was so frustrated with attempting the aquascaping on a 20g AIO that I upgraded thinking it would be easier... Imagine that lol So, onto the rock circus. This is my first attempt so far, wanted to do a few...
  5. CaribSea - Shapes LifeRock

    For sale Georgia CaribSea - Shapes LifeRock

    I bought two boxes from BRS and used the pieces that best fit my 25 nano, so I am selling the rest. Some pieces were broken on arrival and have been glued back together. Bitey is not included.
  6. Corner frag rock

    For sale Georgia Corner frag rock

    Corner frag rock made from Marco rock. Was in my tank for a few months. Magnets are really strong. It’s 6”x6”. $80 shipped
  7. Tunnelrat

    Build Thread Exterminatank's 40 Breeder 40B second go

    Hey all. I about 8 months ago I broke down my 90 gallon reef due to aptasia running rampid and started up a small Aqueon frameless cube with homemade rock scaping. It is ok but I feel like I was missing something. I remembered I have been trying to sell my old 40 breeder tank with DIY stand but...
  8. S

    Need help with aquascape

    Criticism please! This is my new 24gal with live and dry rocks-(which are a bit big so I used for the base)
  9. A

    Zebra moray aquascape

    Wondering if any zebra moray owners could advise on if the overhang I have in my scape would be sufficient for a zebra. The tank is a cade 2100 1000ltr system volume. The overhang measures 23" long by 11" deep. And about 2.5-3" of clearance. *first photo was original scape, I've extended the...
  10. Absolutely Fish

    Share your supplies, scape and stock

    Just set up this 75 gal corner overflow. Equipment: Radion XR15 Blues Eshopps WD 125 modified with 4” Eshopps clif hanger Red Sea Media Cup ( Replacing Filter sock, filled with bio media, sponge, and cheato Fluval Nano plant Led (refugium light) Redsea Reefer 300 Skimmer Aqua...
  11. K

    Do I have enough rock?

    Hey all, I’ve had this Red Sea Reefer 350 up and running since January 2022, put together this aquascape. Using about 80lb of dry rock, 60lb live sand - it currently has 7 inhabitants (excluding CUC) - pistol shrimp/goby pair, cleaner shrimp, pajama Cardinalfish, Foxface One Spot and a pair of...
  12. CincyReefer07

    Few Australian Live Rock Questions

    Hey guys, have a few questions on curing and storing Australian Live rock. I know of a guy that’s suppose to be getting a large shipment of Australian live rock in at the end of this month, beginning of next month, downfall is, he’s much more expensive than Unique Corals. I was really wanting to...
  13. duesmortem

    Dry Rock or Live Rock for new 40 Gallon Tank

    Hello everyone! I am currently setting up a 40 gallon tank with a 10 gallon sump. I have all my equipment ready to go. I just bought 60 lbs Caribsea Bahama sand and tomorrow I am going to go out and select rock for my aquascape. I know that my tank is gonna have to cycle and I was planning on...
  14. R

    Nano Build Did my Aquascape for my Pico/Nano this weekend

    I'm overjoyed with my progress this weekend on my aquascape, I feel it makes the tank look a little bigger than it is (lifegard 8.3 AIO). Was also surprised to see my new light get delivered on a Sunday. Just waiting for my custom lid from Kraken Lids and I'm ready to go.
  15. Tropic Eden premium live rock sculptures/centerpieces - Sm & Lg

    For sale Colorado Tropic Eden premium live rock sculptures/centerpieces - Sm & Lg

    Broke down my smaller tank and have a few rockwork pieces. Made with Tropic Eden Morocca/Tonga Branch Rock and Emarco-400/dowels at joints. Strong/balanced/stable! The smaller Tonga branch piece is approx 14w x 10h. In-tank pic shows it in my zoa tank. The top corner got broken off in...
    $75.00 to $250.00
  16. Queenofreef

    Show me your minimalist/bonsai scapes!

    Would love to see your minimalist/bonsai aquascapes!! Need some motivation to start aquascaping as mine crumbled to pieces during my tank move last week :disappointed-face: RIP
  17. CrazyDuck959

    Is my current Aquascape good for future corals?

    Hello, it’s been a little while since I made a post. And my tank has had stable parameters. So I’m looking into getting some corals soon (GSP to be specific). But I was looking at pictures of other reef tanks and I noticed how they used multiple small rocks instead of a few big rocks (Which is...
  18. CoraroC

    CoraroC-Modular aquascape system

    We are happy to introduce CoraroC to the reefing community! CoraroC is a new modular aquascaping system for modern reef tanks. Using CoraroC is very easy you don´t have to glue rock pieces you just twist the different CoraroC parts together. Do you like minimalistic, floating or negative...
  19. CoraroC

    CoraroC - The NEW modular aquascape system for your reef!!!

    What is CoraroC? CoraroC is a modular aquascaping system. It allows you to build really nice scapes in an easy way. We are now starting shipping in Sweden and Europe. Our goal is to ship worldwide. If you are located outside EU please just reach out to us and we will try to arrange a shipping...
  20. Kyuubi

    Love rocks with encrusting sponges, how can I aquascape underwater?

    Hi everyone, I have an aquarium with live rock in it that came with some awesome sponges on it! Right now The rocks are sitting in the empty tank as it cycles. What I’ve been wondering, is how the heck am I supposed to scape it with sponges!! I can’t take the rocks out of the water since I’m...
  21. prattosphere

    Hello Beginner BioCube16 Here!

    Hi! This my introduction post. Keegan at my local LFS said that this is the place to learn about reefing, so I joined! He has a small farm and has become somewhat of a mentor, which eases my worries a bit. I’m a brand new aquarist & for my first tank I’m starting with a 16 Gallon BioCube. My...
  22. C

    SOS - Need Auquascaping Ideas!

    We are finally getting to the point of aquascaping this 65 gallon tank! However, we are completely stumped on how we want to set it up so we are open to any and all ideas, tips and tricks. Lets be real, this your chance to brag about how great your tank is! Let's see some of those reef setup!
  23. EvaWalsh

    Build Thread My 1st reef tank

    As you can see aquascaping isn't my strong point hopefully my next build will be better.
  24. SubParReefer

    Build Thread Beginner Fluval Evo Build

    Hello Reefers! Yet another Fluval Evo build here for all of you! I got into this hobby just over a year ago during a long lockdown YouTube session where I somehow ended up in the saltwater recommended videos. After watching for hours I was hooked and wanted to gather as much information as...
  25. BaghdadBean

    Can we see your 72” long by 24” wide aquascapes?

    I’ve got a pile of rocks waiting to be resurrected back into something more graceful than the old rock wall that they used to be, but I would love to see what other folks are doing. I’m not really a minimal aquascape person, and NSA isn’t quite my thing because I like shy fish, but I definitely...