1. CaribSea Moani dry live rock & CaribSea base

    For sale CaribSea Moani dry live rock & CaribSea base

    Hi fellow reef addicts. I recently set up a new build and I have around 80 pounds of SaribSea Moani dry live rock and base. its about 50/50 each. The darker rock is the dry live rock and the lighter is the base. I can sell by the pound or trade for corals. Goggle this stuff for retail pricing. I...
    $1.50 to $1.75
  2. 50# + of premium/clean dry rock and a nice batch of lg rubble for sump

    For sale 50# + of premium/clean dry rock and a nice batch of lg rubble for sump

    Nice clean porous rock from a pest free tank- clean and cured. Only $30 for all Firm !!!
  3. Naturalistic Piece of Rock

    For sale Naturalistic Piece of Rock

    I have this very unique naturalistic rock that was in a container full of rock i recently bought. I don’t want to break it apart because how cool it looks. It weights exactly 13.2lbs 14”L x 10”H x 8.5W Pa,19114 $25 OBO or trade for coral
  4. 1_hopeless_reefer

    Waterbox 145.5 Frag Build Thread

    Here lays the info on my build. Better late than never. Any and all advice is welcome. If you have questions I will do my best. As this is up and running there are a few gaps in between photos but it’s all here or will be as I plan to add and edit as I can. First picture is of it freshly setup...
  5. O

    “Unfurbished” 75 Gal and 125 Gal, what are some fun options?

    Hello everyone! I’ve been in the hobby for around only 6 months, I started with a 75 Gal with only 4 fish, but now have a 75 gal and 125 gal. I want a new long term setup for both of the tanks, I most certainly want coral in at least the 75 gal. I am considering clownfish only I’m the 75 gal...
  6. Püppi

    Opinions pleeeaseeee

    Hey everyone ☺️ I‘m trying to build an aquascape here Ive watched some videos but I’m not sure if I’m doing it right I‘d love to hear some opinions. Is it too massive? The tank itself will be a room divider so both sides have to look appealing in the end. I tried to integrate plateaus for...
  7. Traviitrav

    To float, or not to float?

    I have a ProStar 230 gallon tank I have been slowly putting together, still dry, and I have been debating since starting the project how I want my aquascape to look. The goal for my tank is a mix reef build, heavy on the LPS side since I like to see a lot of flow and motion in tanks. Like most...
  8. Custom Rock Aquascape

    For sale Custom Rock Aquascape

    This scape was made by me and has been in a established saltwater aquarium for 6 months now. This scape is perfect for beginners wanting to start and escaping the beginning cycle of a tank. The measurements: 18”x 9”x 11” $50 Obo Message me with any questions (Sorry for the dirty glass)
  9. spauldingd40

    Help- Aquascape and Coral Placement/additions

    Hi all! We are now a year into our reef tank, and we are wondering if we should change our aquascape- in order to give corals better placement for growth as well as to add more! We feel as if we may have limited our area due to rock placement. We would love any and all suggestions in regards...
  10. J

    Aquascaping Clownfish

    Just curious if anyone has an issue with their clownfish moving around rocks, shells, and other decor in their tank. I have a gold x lightning maroon that moves everything around every day, and some of things she moves are impressively big. She used to also dog in the sand before I put her in a...
  11. B

    Canadian Looking For Gluemaster Thin? Found a Great Alternative!

    Hey All, For any Canadian people who have been having trouble getting their hands on Gluemasters Thin glue for their aquascapes, I tired about 6 different glues on test pieces and by far the BEST alternative I found is CECCORP's Extra Thin. Runs like water and sets almost instantly when using...
  12. Karen00

    Looking for feedback, 5g aquascape (will contain softies)

    Hello fellow saltines, My tank has been up and running for a couple months now. I plan to add softies once the tank matures. I originally just had one rock in the tank and placed it to the right side of the tank. I left the other side empty until I had a better idea of my plans. The more I...
  13. B

    Build Thread Thoughts On My Aquascape? Waterbox Peninsula 4820

    Hey all, This is going to be my first build and My peninsula 4820 from Waterbox arrived last week and have finally moved on to working on the scape. This is what I have so far and would love some feedback on the rocks. Keep in mind I plan on building up some height a little bit. Also when...
  14. FindingCoral


    I spent an hour today picking out Live Rock to get my 2.0 tank started again. I’m so Excited!! Cycling starts tonight! Can I see everyone’s Aquascapes??
  15. rhpmiller

    Cube 20g Aquascape Design Question

    Hi all, This is my first reef tank and looking forward to getting it setup and starting things off. I am planning on making this a mixed reef system—starting with mostly LPS—and adding other corals, a few fish, and maybe an anemone, as it progresses. I've done a lot of research on...
  16. bert236

    Looking for opinions on my aquascape

    First time building an aquascape for a tank and looking for feedback. Will be a mixed soft/lps reef. Tried to keep flow and hiding spots in mind for fish but not sure how I did. Plan is to have two wavemakers at either end of the tank coming across the top/face then one more lower power one down...
  17. V

    Newbie is this a coral or just putty?

    Hi sorry for a totally newbie question but I purchased a full setup used that was meant to include live rock that had various corals attached. Sadly they broke the tank down a few days before delivering it to me so I am assuming all the corals died despite them saying they will “be fine in the...
  18. Queenofreef

    What lessons have your aquascape taught you?

    Interested in hearing about any lessons your current/previous aquascapes have taught you, or what you would change if you could go back in time! I’ll start— My 40g is my second tank and first true aquascaping attempt (pile of live rock in first build). With this scape, I grossly...
  19. ReefStache

    How to aquascape a solid dry rock scape - beast method!

    This method of aquascaping has to be my all time fave way to scape a solid NSA dry rock scape. Hit me up if you have questions or need help with your scaping plans. Always happy to help. #reefstache #aquascaping #nsascape #reeftankscapes #howtoscapeafishtank #branchrock
  20. nanonøkk

    thoughts on nuvo 10 aquascape

    ok so i made my new aquascape it’s 10-13 pounds of dry live rock and it looks like this in the old nuvo 10 and here’s what it looks like with the corals i like that i kept from my waterbox 20 but i did it with snapchat so it’s kinda bad but anyways i’ll take any opinions on the...
  21. C

    Aquascape critique

    Hey all. Looking for all feedback. I still have to glue and fill in the seams with rubble. But lookin for feedback. 100 gallon reef. Ignore all the BS in the background.
  22. A

    Help with coral placement

    Hello, I am new to reefing and being overwhelmed with the amount of info on which corals can sit next to which and what light and flow each need. Should have done a lot more thinking while I was building my scape. I would like to have a mixed reef with softies, LPS, and eventually SPS. Here...
  23. L

    sand or no sand

    i’m getting a 75 gallon custom made. i really like sps tanks but everyone says less sand or no sand because it’s easier to clean. but at the same time i’m considering jawfish which need sand and i really like more "biology" in the tank. the scape will also be quite minimalist. how can i...
  24. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    Do corals push rocks apart?

    I was messing with my aquascape and I was just wondering do soft corals, anemones, or any type of coral wedge themselves into the crevices of rocks to hold themselves in place resulting in side pressure causing the rocks to be dislodged or move apart?
  25. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    Annoyed with aquascaping :(

    So this is the 3rd time re aquascaping inside my tank. I can never get it to look good to me. I feel like giving up on my little friends :( This is so frustrating. I'm not going to give up as I know the effort is worth it. But what do you think? It's cloudy from trying to re aquascape for 3hrs...