1. Reefer37

    Affordable Dry Rock

    Hey guys, so I'm about to work on my second tank and could use some advice on dry rock. Personally, I prefer dry rock method. It's a little slower, but it avoids any unwanted pests, and since this is going to be a frag grow out tank, I'd like to avoid any possibility of pests or problems...
  2. T

    Hello! New to the hobby

    Hello everyone. New to reef life but been in the freshwater game for a long time. New things to learn switching over but I'm sure I'll learn alot here. Hope one day to have a successful tank one day. Just got red sea 650 peninsula and cant wait to get started. Began to aquascape so let me...
  3. Michelesreef

    Gluing rocks to

    So I had bought some aquarium safe silicone the past week and i feel like it will work pretty well if i put a lot in between the cracks. I am sceptical though because if i out a heavier rock somewhere in the middle and possibly off to the side of another, would it not become top heavy? Does...
  4. O

    Any ideas for an aquascape for a 20 long?

    I just wanted a few ideas for a scape for a 20 long that I will have a lot of LPS, zoas, and mushrooms on. please post a few pictures of you nano tank for some ideas. Thanks!
  5. Eight

    Jason's Reefer 250: Fish added! Sump Mod, Clarisea, custom plumbing, aquascape w/E-Marco, IKEA cabinet mod. (Pic heavy!)

    Shortcuts to helpful posts in my build thread: 1. Mod the Reefer 250 v3 sump for a Clarisea (Post 6) 2. Cleaning off old live rock with vinegar and citric acid (Post 12) 3. Photos of Kessil A360s LED lights (Post 13) 4. How to adjust the Reefer 250 door hinges and door catch (Post 21) 5. Photos...
  6. Amantijt

    Where to place my coral?

    Hey there, after all these sales and all I have a boat load of coral (19). I need to figure out where to place them to make the tank feel together! I have minimalistic amount of rock because i want a lot of free moving water. List of frags are 1 blasto 2 favia 3 acan 2 palys 3 ricordia 1...
  7. D

    Corner tank aquascape

    Hello, I'm setting up a reef tank. I'm not exactly sure what I plan on keeping in this tank, but It will definitely include torches, hammers, zoas and anything else i see that I like, i guess. I have a 120~ish gallon corner tank, that is in the shape of a diamond. i Just threw all this rock in...
  8. A

    Too much live rock for my aquascape?

    Hi all, I am starting a brand new nano Reef in a fluval Evo 13.5. I have never done a salt water tank so this is a new experience and I could definitely use any and all help. I would like to ask all of your opinions on the aquascape I made. It is about 11-12 lbs of live rock. I am wondering if...
  9. homegrownherbis

    Aquascape/flow question; fish swimming on one side

    Hey R2R fam! I'm still fairly new to the hobby and am finally getting the hang of most things. Currently reading a lot about dosing and corals. But this question is regarding my aquascape/flow. Sorry for the blue picture but that is my current aquascape. My return pump is blowing from the...
  10. Betta_baby

    Aquascaping ideas for a 90 gallon reef tank at my college?

    Hello! I’m helping my college’s marine biology club set up a new reef tank. All of the hardware is in place (tank/stand/heater/wave makers/etc.) but we still need live rock, fishies, inverts, and corals. Students are going to be working with it, so no expert-only critters or anything with crazy...
  11. Orectolobidae

    Should I join my rocks?

    After stressing out about getting the aquascape "perfect" I finally came up with these two shapes.... the problem is that once I got a bangaii cardinal I realized that what I made is not ideal for a fish. I say that because my bangaii is usually brown and stressed out in the corner of the tank...
  12. Ethan Barker

    40 Gallon Breeder

    Hi all. I began my saltwater adventure with nano tanks and am going to see how I fair with a 40 gallon. I was last on the forums a few years ago, and still quite naive with expectations. Doing a few things wrong if you catch my drift. I’ll be going with the 40 gallon breeder from petco as they...
  13. AquaLocker

    Dry Rock - $2.89/lb and Ships FREE

    Aqua Locker Dry Reef Rock Only $2.89 per lb and ships free! The rock is porous, and will provide anaerobic areas for denitrifying bacteria to grow; which will reduce nitrates in your tank This rock that has all of the internal porosity that live rock has as it is old reef rock from ancient...
  14. Curtis JoMo

    Reefscape 170gal floating shelves with acrylic rods

    Here is a sample of my reefscape. Still tinkering on a few things.. I’ll hide the acrylic rods once I put in tank. Check out the floating shelf that I am going to crazy-glue to my overflow box. Has anyone done this before? FYI I’m using Gorilla glue gel, eMarco 400 and CaribSea life rock...
  15. MillsReef

    Aquascape opinions?

    I haven't quite made my mind up on this aquascape, and I wanted to see if anyone had any advice/constructive criticism before the new tank gets wet. This is my first time using base rock instead of live rock, so I know it isn't perfect.
  16. P

    My First Aquascape ever... opinions?

    It’s my first if you don’t count my first nano tank with one large boulder and no thought. Lol. I’m missing one
  17. Peach02

    Scape A or B?

    Planning a aquascape to put in a hypothetical Red Sea reefer 350 I might buy Scape A or Scape B
  18. E

    Seeking advice on reaquascaping existing tank

    Currently have a 55 gallon FOWLR but I’m not happy with the current aquascape. I ordered around 15 lbs of shelf rock from BRS that is coming in soon. Any suggestions on how to make this scape look less horrendous?
  19. Bhor217

    Illinois Multiple Centerpiece Decorative Corals- can sell individually or as a group

    Centerpiece Bleached Coral, perfectly white and bleached, while standing, it measures 17 inches tall, 13 inches wide, and 8 inches deep- $100 OBO (first 3 images) - Large piece of Australian Blue Ridge Coral- while standing it measures 13 inches tall, 12 inches wide, 7 inches deep- $75 OBO...
  20. Perpetual Novice

    Review my tank?

    Hi all. I’ve been working hard on this tank since I set it up 4 months ago. I think it’s finally ready for critical review. It’s a 30 gallon biocube. What do you all think? Any advice and suggestions are welcome.
  21. TylerMoralez

    Ty's Office Nano

    The bug has bit and I'm back! It's been over a year since I've dabbled in the reefing world, and this time I'm here to stay! I've recently started a new job where I have my own office space, and will soon be moving to a brand new facility where I will have my own huge glass office. For now, I'm...
  22. stevepaynr84

    4 foot reef scapes

    Ok I'm fed up of mine and not going to post a pic because it currently looks crap after a rock slide and being hastily put back together. So I'm looking for some inspiration so please share yours here.
  23. i0nz

    RSM MAX S 650 Real Reed Aquascape

    Please critique my aquascape made using Real Reef rock. The rocks are all held together with 3/4” acrylic rods, thermoplastic beads and cyanoacrylate :D
  24. V

    Aquascaping My EXT 75

    Hey y'all, I'm working on the scape for my new build. Thoughts & Constructive Criticism please. Tank is 36x24x20 and I'll be running opposing Gyres
  25. A

    What now??

    Hi , Happy Sunday and happy reefing! So I had to move about a month ago and of course took my tank with me. I decided to clean out everything( sand and rock) now bare bottom and empty and start fresh.(of course I kept media and levels have been stable and good for the past 6 weeks ). All I have...
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