1. Queenofreef

    Is your aquascape balanced?

    Aquascaping from a design perspective is rarely discussed. I’ve always wondered why we don’t talk much about what makes a scape look visually appealing, so I’ve started a series where I apply common principles of design used in art, photography, graphic design, etc. to reef aquascapes. This is...
  2. Brocksreef117

    Help with coral placement!?

    Hey I am fairly new to the saltwater hobby and was wondering if any pros can help me with the placement of these newly bought corals, it’s greatly appreciated
  3. Brocksreef117

    Too much live rock??

    I bought 7 pounds of live rock and 3 pounds of dry rock I went with a pound of rock per gallon, does it look like too much rock?
  4. M

    Back to the hobby with a 230 gal system (Build thread)

    Intro - After 13 years of missing the hobby, I'm back with a plan to geek out with a large peninsula mixed reef tank. I live in Michigan and have different hobbies like electronics, software, radio control, 3D design, and printing, woodworking, etc. It is a long and ever changing list. I...
  5. mclaurin

    Adding Stax Rock to existing tank

    2 month old tank but had Covid when I put it together and regretting my choices. Have live rock,live sand,2 snowflake clowns,coral beauty,orchid dottyback some hermit crabs and an emerald crab (although he looks brownish to me). Would like to get rid of the the plastic and battleship but the...
  6. Chris McD

    Hello Hi from Phoenix

    Hi - r2r community. After a long hiatus, I've decided to give reefing another go. This time around I'm upgrading my little 55g to something larger. I'm looking into the Red Sea Reefer XL 425, though, I still haven't pulled the trigger on this. Looking forward to sharing my build and meeting...
  7. Selyk

    Aquascape 120g thoughts?

    Hey everyone just looking for some feedback on this aquascape any help is greatly appreciated
  8. Ikemike

    Build Thread Ikemikes build from the basement up.

    I am currently waiting on my display tank to arrive. In the meantime I am working on my aquascaping and everything thing else for an Ultra Low Maintenance setup. Needless to say I'm in the beginning stages but I wanted to share my progress thus far. Please feel free to ask questions or throw...
  9. Queenofreef

    Creating Depth with Aquascapes!

    Howdy Reefers Wanted to share part two of my little aquascape and coral placement design series where I talk about how to add depth to your rockscape! Hopefully someone can find this info helpful in some way when making their scape even though my videos are pretty goofy. It’s a super easy...
  10. cladius_galen

    Aquascaping help

    Need some help Aquascaping. I want to go higher with this and I’m already pushing the boundaries of getting a siphon In between the rocks and glass for water changes. I’d like to keep the base how it is because I have a sea monster of an engineer goby and he will commit suicide moving sand if I...
  11. MarineREEFpassion

    DT loop pump aquascape ideas

    Hey all so I’m doing a closed loop system for my new UV light. I need to put a pump in my 125 gallon DT. The pump is 8.2”x3.5”x4.13” I need to use that to feed the UV sterilizer then it’ll flow back into the tank. Has anyone had any success hiding/aquascaping this kind of item within your DT...
  12. Stephgram

    Aquascape Design

    Silly little video I made about thinking of aquascaping from a design perspective. Expanding on it more and different coral placement techniques in my upcoming content but just wanted to share :) I know my stuff is pretty goofy but hopefully it helps in some way!
  13. BighohoReef

    Share your Mushroom gardens! I wanna see them Shrooms!

    Building a new aquascape in my 100g and I want to add a mushroom garden in the front low portion of the tank, my initial thoughts are to build marina type rock structure around them to minimize the flow on them. Looking for inspiration, ideas and pictures, please:)
  14. Reefer37

    Decent Rockscape or Redo?

    So I built this scape and was really excited about it, because I wanted something tiered that was easy to put frags on. Now that it is in the tank I'm worried about coverage and if the top tier is even usable because I'd say it's maybe 9" to 6" at tallest point below water line. My original...
  15. Reefer37

    Affordable Dry Rock

    Hey guys, so I'm about to work on my second tank and could use some advice on dry rock. Personally, I prefer dry rock method. It's a little slower, but it avoids any unwanted pests, and since this is going to be a frag grow out tank, I'd like to avoid any possibility of pests or problems...
  16. MarsWulf5

    What is the Best Rock That is Pest Free?

    I am starting a new 125 G tank. I am ready to cure and cycle rock but I dont want any pests. I have decided against any type of dry or wet rock. What is the best rock for a long term pest free tank? Reef saver???
  17. Amantijt

    Where to place my coral?

    Hey there, after all these sales and all I have a boat load of coral (19). I need to figure out where to place them to make the tank feel together! I have minimalistic amount of rock because i want a lot of free moving water. List of frags are 1 blasto 2 favia 3 acan 2 palys 3 ricordia 1...
  18. Curtis JoMo

    Reefscape 170gal floating shelves with acrylic rods

    Here is a sample of my reefscape. Still tinkering on a few things.. I’ll hide the acrylic rods once I put in tank. Check out the floating shelf that I am going to crazy-glue to my overflow box. Has anyone done this before? FYI I’m using Gorilla glue gel, eMarco 400 and CaribSea life rock...
  19. MillsReef

    Aquascape opinions?

    I haven't quite made my mind up on this aquascape, and I wanted to see if anyone had any advice/constructive criticism before the new tank gets wet. This is my first time using base rock instead of live rock, so I know it isn't perfect.
  20. P

    Some Tonga Eye Candy

    Not final aquascape. Just playing around with it. Been working on setting up new tank for few weeks now, go some nice rock and had two pieces of Tonga branch, while trying to aquascape I started to not like the other rocks and begged my lfs to sell me the pieces he had. He refused but...
  21. P

    My First Aquascape ever... opinions?

    It’s my first if you don’t count my first nano tank with one large boulder and no thought. Lol. I’m missing one
  22. sassAwrasse

    CTARS April 2019 Meeting - Sun 4/28

    Hey Everyone, It is that time again - April's CTARS meeting! We are hosting it at the Lutz Children's Museum, 247 South Main St, Manchester, CT 06040. The meeting will be Sunday 4/28 and start at 5:30pm. This month's topic will be on Aquascaping. Earl and Waz are going to give a...
  23. André Brasil

    Zoa juggling...

    Hello, I hereby summon all willing aquascaping masters, gurus, wise-men (or women) and zoa tamers to help me! I have about 20 different zoas and am trying to figure out a good way to "organize" them in my little 11 gallon. At the moment, as you can probably see in the picture I have some on...
  24. K

    Using Epoxy as a Shelf?

    Hello folks, On my way back from lunch I was wondering... What if I could use a large amount of epoxy to create some type of "shelf plateau" for coral placement? I never heard of anyone doing that, and maybe there are people out there doing it. I just wonder if you have any input on this, if...
  25. Jeremy K.A.

    Sturdy scape

    Hey everyone I'm going to restart my 5 gallon soon and want to do a real nice scape, locking rocks together to make it look like either one rock or at least a cool structure. What type of epoxy, cements etc do you recommend?
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