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  1. tablesalt

    Build Thread Mike's 45 Gallon Zoa Garden (Max E 170)

    I'm so excited to get back into the game after a 10 year absence (military moves and deployments are not compatible to reef keeping). I worked at an aquarium store back in the day and finally pulled the trigger on getting back into the hobby with a Max E 170 which gets here Thursday. My tank...
  2. GenericReefer

    How to ATO.

    Hey guys! I've been looking into an ATO. The thing is the budget :( Absolutely cannot go over $100, but still looking for lower range prices. I've found a bunch of low cost ones on this ebay store: https://www.ebay.com/sch/autotopoff/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= but my other worry are my...
  3. OrokuSaki84

    Problems with Tunze Osmolator Nano

    Hi guys! I've been having some intermittent issues with my ATO (Tunze Osmolator). From time to time I come home and the ATO isn't doing its job. I check the float sensor, and its never gunked up and always able to move freely. I do have the Osmolator control by my Apex. I run Kalk in my...
  4. eja99

    FS: Spectrapure UPLC II

    I recently took this ATO system off my reef. It is incredibly solid and has worked well for me for years. I took it down b/c I'm moving all my components to Neptune Systems equipment. I'm asking $225 shipped. PM is the key for questions and /or picture. Thanks, Eric
  5. K

    Tank Breakdown - Huge Bundle - ATO, Doser, MP10, Skimmer, Etc.

    UPDATED: Hi! I am looking to sell a bundle of all the left over stuff from my nano. Below you will see retail amounts, so to give you an idea of what they cost along with my cost. Does not include shipping. Updated, bundle has been broken. Below is what is left. Let me know if you have any...
  6. Benedetto84

    Looking for an ATO

    Hey everyone I'm looking for an ATO of you have anything please let me know. I've had nothing but problems with both tunes that I've bought. I'm interested in a ice cap of anyone has one for sale. But I'm opened to anything for the right price.
  7. Hugo Garcia

    Can I travel with a tank that is cycling?

    Hey guys, how is it going? I've started a saltwater tank a week ago, and it is still cycling. I don't want to put fish on it for another month. So I was wondering, is it ok for me to travel for 2 week without having to set up an ATO or getting a tank sitter? Thanks guys, Hugo Garcia
  8. Hugo Garcia

    I need a cheap ATO, any suggestions?

    Hey guys, any sugestions for cheap Auto top off systems? I don't want to spend more then 100 dollars on a system. Tanks.
  9. L

    Equipment sale: Radion Xr30 RMS's, Kessil A160WE's and controllers, Wav pumps, more

    Hi guys, after a long break from the hobby I finally got back into it. After thinking I'd be satisfied w/ a 46g tank, I quickly (1month), upgraded to a 135g cube. With the transition to a different tank came new equipment, quick means now I have "old" equipment to get rid of. Please help me...
  10. D_Reep1106

    Dehumidifier feeding into my ATO

    Hey guys Ive been working on this thought for a while. The dehumidifier Im looking at uses a heater to condense the water. In theory it should basically be just distilled water but something in me just says theres more going on that Im not thinking of. The reason Im trying to do this is cause Im...
  11. shiftline

    Beginner Saltwater Aquarium Weekly Maintenance

    I have been getting asked a lot of question form new reefers on what all is involved in maintaining a saltwater reef tank. Yesterday i decided to film my "weekly" routine of maintenance to give a good overview of what all is involved in maintaining a reef tank. Below are my general weekly...
  12. T

    Very thin ATO Resivoir

    Looking for some ideas. I'm looking to add an ATO resivoir to my stand, however the only ground space left is 3.5"x13.5"x26"tall. I know it's very small. It's the space that is between the sump and the wall of the stand. This space is created because of the hinge body sticking inside the stand...
  13. Vampireshark

    Tunze Osmolator Nano issues!

    I recently bought a Tunze Osmolator Nano ato and am having issues with it that I hope somebody on here can help me with. It is set up in a 20ish gallon sump at floor level that feeds into a 75 gallon reef, with the reservoir about 2-3 feet away, also at floor level. The ato will work great for...
  14. Neptune Systems ATK Giveaway!

    Neptune Systems ATK Giveaway!

    Neptune Systems ATK Giveaway! Sponsored by NeptuneSystems.com and REEF2REEF.com The ATK (Automatic Top-off Kit) is a simple, standalone, and complete solution for replacing water lost to evaporation. The ATK – Automatic Top-Off Kit was designed to not only be super-simple to install and use...
  15. Curryb15

    ATO container suggestions

    hello all I'm looking for aTO reservoirs. I want to put it between the tank and my wall so I need a slimmer one no less than 5 gals. I've seen them on BRS but don't want to pay that much any suggestions or websites?
  16. cgonser9

    Spectrapure Litermeter

    like the title says, looking for a Litermeter. If you have one, or one with accessories, please let me know as I am wanting on asap. Thank you!
  17. isaacalves

    WTB a Smart ATO micro for Quarantine

    Anybody have one that they want to offload to someone who desperately needs one? thanks Isaac
  18. Dylan Grech

    Question: Big Sump ATO?

    I have 2 fairly large sumps: 80cm(l) x 50cm(w) x 40cm(h) 90cm(l) x 50cm(w) x 40cm(h) And they are connected together to work as one sump however this proving to be a challenge when it comes to evaporation... Any ATO that I looked needs the water level to lower by atleast 1cm which for me...
  19. Ldogg

    BNIB tunze Osmolator ATO

    I have a brand new in the box tunze osmolator ATO system for sale. Looking to get $180 shipped for it.
  20. B

    Trigger Sump Ruby 30 vs. Emerald 26

    Hi, All - I'm upgrading and tossing my Aqueon ProFlex, apparently too much flex as it has begun bowing over the years and swear the stand is damp on colder days, but can't find the leak. Having a hard time deciding which Trigger Sump I'd like to go with, Emerald 26 or Ruby 30. Here is my...
  21. glagunda

    Built in ATO reservoir in sump?

    Curious has anyone ever built a reservoir for ATO in their sump? looking to build a 55 gallon sump with a portion of it blocked off for rodi water. good or bad idea? current project 120 gallon peninsula reef tank. p.s I suck at photoshop
  22. joeboots82520

    Odd ball question about float switches autotopoff.com and BoB

    Ok so I'll try my best to explain this......I have two separate systems both running ATO with autotopoff.com double switch setups (Picture here) http://autotopoff.com/Double/ds01.jpg My question, is it possible to use the top float switch wired in parallel from the relay box from ATO.com AND to...
  23. MarineDepot

    $20 off Tunze Osmolator Universal 3155 ATO

    Save $20 today on what is widely considered to be the best auto top-off system money can buy! Tunze Osmolator Universal 3155 Regularly $199.99 Today Only $179.99 YOU SAVE $20 Auto Top-Off Systems: Which ATO is right for you?
  24. AwildcatsZ

    Help, ATO for a BASIC setup?

    I have a very basic aquarium set up. It is a 29 gallon Aqueon glass tank, HOB protein skimmer, HOB refugium, HOB filter, couple of cheap power heads, and an AI Hydra 26 HD. I do all of my dosing and topping off manually. I know its a very simple system, but everything is very happy and it works...
  25. FLSharkvictim

    Need some advise on hooking up my TUNZE ATO to my APEX!

    How would I be able to hook up my TUNZE Osmolator ATO 5017 to my Apex Classic controlleR? Do i need the break out box or what? Since the TUNZE 5017 COMES WITH A optical eye and a float switch! WOULD i JUST HOOK UP THE FLOAT SWITCH TO THE BREAKOUT BOX BY APEX? Or do I just plug in the TUNZE ATO...
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