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  1. JAM-MAN

    What is the meaning/utility of the "Control Circuit" when Programming GHL Doser 2.1 using GCC?

    GHL's programming terms and logic are somewhat confusing to me as a new user. They often refer to terms without defining them or their function. Control Circuit is mentioned 6 times in the GHL Doser Resource Guide, but its meaning is simply not clear to me. There are 3 Control Circuits available...
  2. reef fish

    Florida Apex 2016 and stuff

    Apex 2016 with eb832 and sensor $650 shipped Atk v1 $180 Shipped Wxm $100 shipped Optical sensor new $25 each Optical sensor used $15 solenoid new 20.00 Used solenoid $15.00 One link cable 13.00
  3. RacinJason

    Texas Vortech, Calcium Reactor, ATO

    Everything is in perfect working condition Korallin Calcium Reactor with Aquamaxx second chamber, 5lb Co2 bottle, Regulator with Solenoid valve. Used for 13 months. $500 shipped Vortech MP60 Quiet Drive with spare wet side and controller mount. Controller used for 8 months and each wetside...
  4. Peach02

    Coralbox A100 ATO review

    i Bought this for 150 AUD or 100 USD, and couldn’t be more disappointed I was under the impression coralbox was a good and trustworthy brand but I stand corrected Upon opening the box everything seemed okay until you set it up with a complete lack of any good instructions you had to resort...
  5. CUSE1315


    Hey All- I’m looking for various solutions to hide my ATO tank next to my Display (no room under it due to the sump). Here is my current setup for reference. What creative ideas have you all come up with?
  6. L

    Pennsylvania Part out items left

    Have some stuff for sale: Reeflink $60 Mag float medium $10 Aqua auto feeder (unopened) $10 Finnex digital controller & 300w heater $50 Hydrofill ATO $40 Jecod DCT8000 $75 55g reef ready tank,sump & plumbing $100 OBO - Custom installed overflow (not home made). Tank has scratches. Some...
  7. A

    Florida Radion XR30 G4 Pro w/ tank mount, Apex ATK, Reeflink NIB

    I have the following. All prices include shipping. PM me with any questions! All items in excellent shape Ecotech Radion XR30 G4 Pro with tank mount: $700 Ecotech Reeflink (New In Box): $80 Apex ATK: $130 - does not have float (which clogs constantly)
  8. S

    New Jersey FS: Used Your Choice Aquatics Large 9 Gal Auto Top-Off (ATO) Container/Reservoir

    Hello, For sale is a Choice Aquatics Large 9 Gal Auto Top-Off (ATO) Container. Usage Description The top tube connector was removed and an extra hole was drilled on top of unit. Asking Price: $85 Delivered
  9. schooleyosis

    Tennessee Tunze Osmolator Nano 3152 ATO

    Selling my Tunze 3152 ATO as I no longer need it. It is in perfectly good operating condition. I have the original box, as well. $70 shipped in the Continental USA. No trades - Selling as-is (perfect working condition)
  10. Neptune Apex Programming Tutorials, Part 3: Automatic Top-Off Kit (ATK)

    Beginner Topic Neptune Apex Programming Tutorials, Part 3: Automatic Top-Off Kit (ATK)

    For Inspiration: A beautiful 15-liter reef tank. This photo is from the Reef2Reef archives courtesy of @Fletch10_uk ©2019, All Rights Reserved. Note From the Editor: This article is Part 3 of a series. Here is a quick Table of Contents for all the articles: Part 1 Introduction Part 2...
  11. Irishman

    Trigger sump & trigger ATO container

    Where do most people put their top off line? Do they have it going into the sump or feeding up top to the tank? I have a trigger sump and, currently, a 15 gallon tall water barrel that I have for RO/DI water. For now, I have to put the return line up to the tank so the barrel doesn't keep...
  12. ZoaMuchFun

    ATO Multiplication

    Any bad butt ways to run multiple systems on an ATO system? Basically we have a school fish lab and looking for ways to economically top off 6 separate systems. any help appreciated...
  13. mr9iron

    Help with ATO/ApexEL/Optical Sensor/Break Out Box

    Hey all, I've had my ApexEl for a while now and it's worked well on my nano. However, I am building a 93 cube and need some help with a DIY ATO. I have an IceCap ATO that has two optical sensors. I plan to cut the ends off the optical sensors and wire them to the Break Out Box but I don't...
  14. mr9iron

    Help with ATO/ApexEL/Optical Sensor/Break Out Box

    Hey all, I've had my ApexEl for a while now and it's worked well on my nano. However, I am building a 93 cube and need some help with a DIY ATO. I have an IceCap ATO that has two optical sensors. I plan to cut the ends off the optical sensors and wire them to the Break Out Box but I don't...
  15. D

    Never ending bacterial bloom that returns once UV is removed

    So I've had a 20 high tank set up since January. I added all dry rock, used some Dr.Tim's ammonia to start the cycle and waited. It's been cycled for a while now. It slowly got cloudy which I expected, so I waited. And waited. And waited, as everyone seems to say. It has not gone away. People...
  16. Justfbilly

    DIY ATO help

    i am trying to set up a DIY ATO for my hospital tank. I purchased a relay and tried to wire it up but I am having no luck getting the relay to work. Any help with how to properly wire this relay is greatly appreciated.
  17. YoCamron

    Kalkwasser dosing

    Hi everyone. So I got my hanna test kit today to move from my regular dosing to just using kalkwasser with an ATO. My calcium is at 483 and alkalinity is at 7.2 which is alright for me alkalinity could be raised a bit but 7.2 is really fine for me. Should I allow my tank to go for a week...
  18. scott11106

    APex ATK question

    i need help to know what code i would use to have a ATK (fmm) turn on a pump from another atm instead of the normal way of connecting the pump to the acc port on the fmm, i have another fmm closer to the fresh and salt basin and want to use that fmm to control the pump. so my new atk fmm is 19...
  19. S

    Texas Sump Algae Scrubber Combo

    Customers sump ~46x24x16 $100 OBO 302 AS-4 algae scrubber (brand new, never used, would not fit on my new custom sump, my lost your gain) - $300 OBO, I paid $450 for it. It does come with an acrylic stand to place over the sump - please refer to pics If buy both, it's only $350. I prefer...
  20. R&J Reefs

    California For Sale Zen Reef reservoir and Bashsea Reactors

    Zen Reef ATO reservoir/ Dose Reservoir measures 18” tall 12” deep 22.5” long Apex. 15 gallon Ato reservoir and 1 gall. Each dose section. Zen reef magnetic dose line holder Bash Sea media reactors (2) 18” tall Magnetic holder brand new Reservoir only used for 3 months , dose sections...
  21. T

    South Carolina 2 Innovative Marine 5 Gallon ATO reservoirs

    2 Innovative Marine ATO 5 gallons reservoirs in perfect condition $225
  22. Reefer5640

    Utah Tunze Osmolater

    Tunze Osmolater. Lightly used still in great shape. Looking to get $120 for it. I pay for shipping.
  23. SilverCityReef

    Best ATO?

    Hey guys! So now that my 40B is up and running, I need to decide on an ATO. The problem is that there are so many options and mixed reviews for all of them. I can't afford a $300-1000 Apex aquarium controller so I need whatever ATO I pick to be reliable and dependable and if it's going fail, I'd...
  24. Lylelovett

    Email when ATO triggers and shuts off?

    Hi all, I'm still learning the ins and outs of my Profilux 4. I'm wanting to setup up an email notification when my ATO min level sensor turns on and when my ATO max level sensor turns off. I have my email server info set up - the P4 will email me, I just don't know how to specify the ATO...
  25. shawnriv

    Rhode Island WTB: Tunze ATO 3155

    Hello: Looking to purchase a Tunze ATO 3155. Feel free to response to this forum or PM me. Thanks!