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    Nevada Jbj ato auto top off

    Jbj auto top off for sale. Comes with one float switch. No pump is included $45 shipped! Works like new!
  2. Joe Batt

    ATK with RODI water and avoiding TDS creep

    I am wanting to set up ATO with my ATK but running the water lines from the back of the house through to the tank in the living room. I could just connect directly to the RODI using a solenoid instead of the PMUP, however that presents problems with TDS creep and also has an unlimited supply...
  3. Reef Breeders

    Introducing the ReefBreeders External ATO!

    Hey Everyone, We just added a new product to the ReefBreeders.com lineup, the Exo-ATO! Click Here to Get Yours Now! The Reef Breeders Exo-ATO (External ATO) is one of the first ATO systems to contain all electronics outside of your aquarium. The controller and sensor mount to the outside of...
  4. Lylelovett

    ATO Min/Max - Optical or Mechanical Sensors?

    Hi all, So I'm planning my ATO and am going to do a min/max set up - the lower sensor tells the controller when to open the solenoid and the upper tells it when to close the solenoid. Is it better to use one mechanical and one optical or both the same? If it's one of each, does one work...
  5. Jaag

    Does Automatic Water Changes Still Need An ATO?

    If I am going to set up my tank for ATW with the Neptune DOS do I also need to have an ATO?
  6. R

    AutoAqua Automatic Water Change System - Review

    I just picked up an AutoAqua AWC/ATO for my IM 40 system. I'm in the process of setting up a water change/mixing station and needed an ATO solution for the RODI reservoir. While looking at the options that I'd trust, I decided my existing Hydrofill was going to be a safe bet but left my tank...
  7. MLSReefer

    Arizona Leftover from breakdown

    Hi everyone. A few items leftover for sale. PM me if any questions or for any pics. first come first serve (local pickup preferred but can ship all but tank/stand/sump) 1) 180 GPD RODI system with filters - PM me (local pickup preferred but can ship) 2) slightly used Aquatec 8800 pump...
  8. rchraska

    Michigan Neptune ATK

    Hello, Selling my Neptune Auto Top-off Kit - ATK. I broke down my tank and no longer need it. Was used for about 3 months. Asking $180 shipped. PM me with questions. Thanks, Rob
  9. djobaekdb

    RODI Plumbed Directly To Tank

    I am looking to build a ULM tank at some point that is fully automated and I have come across RODI units being plumbed directly to a sump or ATO within the cabinet to eliminate the need for carrying buckets of water. Redundancy of failsafes to ensure flooding the tank as well as your home does...
  10. Jamezanity

    California FS: Smart ATO micro

    I'm selling my ATO been using it for 6months. Ill post a picture later. $75 shipped. TIA.
  11. Romeo007

    Ohio Kessil light,skimmer and pumps

    I have below items for sale. I will included price with shipping. Most of very light used and excellent condition. ATO is new. I Will add pics later or in PMs. JBJ ATO with aqua lifter -$80 Kessil A360we with mounting arm- $300 Supreme danner Aqua-Mag 12 - less than year old -$90 Aquamaxx...
  12. Finatik

    How many Gallons is your ATO Reservoir ???

    #1) What size is your aquarium ??? (Gallons) #2) What size is your ATO Reservoir ??? (Gallons)
  13. Wingizzmo

    Massachusetts Lots of apex stuff

    Atk auto top off kit with extra optical sensor less than a year old . 175.00 Leak Probe works with atk new not opened 20.00 Apex jr with display and Temp probe 175.00 EB4...
  14. W

    Connecticut ISO Equipment for 70g build

    I've just started a build for a 70 gallon cadlights artisan. I plan for a mixed tank, while mostly focusing on keeping LPS/ Softies with few SPS corals. The fish stock will mostly be wrasses. I will likely be integrating a large refugium into the sump. Using the triton method will be strongly...
  15. ReefAddiction34

    Help! Trying to set up ATO on apex with pH safeguard

    Fellow reefers, need your help. I’d like to set up my smart micro ATO (I’m running kalk in my ATO) to my apex and set it up as such to shut the ATO off if for some reason it kept running and my pH was going up. So far my configuration is this: PHX2 Fallback: off Set: On If PHX2 > 8.60 then off...
  16. J

    Equipment for sale: Apex, DOS, ATO, and more!

    Hey everyone! I'm upgrading my entire reef system to a larger tank, and have some lightly used equipment for sale. I'm looking for local buyers before advertising on the selling forum. Here's what I have pictures of right now: Apex Classic controller system, extra EB4, and Apple AirPort...
  17. J

    Apex, DOS, Smart Micro ATO, Flow Meter for sale

    Hey everyone! I'm upgrading my entire reef system to a larger tank, and have some lightly used equipment for sale. I'm looking for local buyers before advertising on the selling forum. Here's what I have pictures of right now: Apex Classic controller system, extra EB4, and Apple AirPort...
  18. VelocityTech

    Pennsylvania APEX ATK Auto Top Off Kit

    Apex Auto Top Off Kit --- ATK. --- $175 Shipped Purchased new a few week's ago, and I am getting another ATK on another route. Great Deal, In Original Box:
  19. S

    Tunze ato nano not working right

    ive had the Tunze nano ato since November and it was working fine up until last week. Now it doesn’t consistently top off and it only runs when I unplug it and plug it back in. I’m not sure if it’s the pump or the float switch. I cleaned everything and made sure there was no air stuck in the...
  20. VelocityTech

    Pennsylvania Apex Gold for sale - w/ WiFi -Breakdown

    Bought in 2015 as apex gold. Sat for sometime new in box, installed on my 180 gallon and has worked great for me! Plans are changing and I want to try a new route! Comes with wifi adapter Apex gold brain and all needed to function. Ph, temp, eb8 etc. $350 Includes wireless adapter to make...
  21. clownenthusiast2017

    Good auto top offs for a nano?

    Hey guys, I have a 32 gallon biocube and recently made it an open top tank. The water evaporates crazy fast so I'll need to invest in an auto top off system fairly quickly. Just wanted to know what auto top offs you guys use, and if you'd recommend them for my cube. Thanks, #reefsquad!! (p.s...
  22. Phantom6966

    Florida Tunze Osmolator 3152 ATO

    Selling my Tunze 3152 ATO. Unit was lightly used for around 2 months before I upgraded to a larger tank. Includes all original parts/documentation. Works perfectly. Asking $80 shipped OBO.
  23. CinnamonTorch_Crunch


    Hello all, I'm having issues with my SMART ato micro. Not so smart. The other day, it filled up my nuvo 10 all the way to the rim, and my salinity dropped to 1.021 from 1.026, luckily I was home, checked my water, and did a water change right away. The sensor seems to work fine, it pumps water...
  24. Wrasse-cal

    California NEW Pacific Sun Sentry Auto-Top Off DC

    New, unused Pacific Sun Sentry Auto-Top Off with DC pump. This is the ATO that came with my Waterbox aquarium. I'm selling the ATO because I already have the Neptune ATK so this is redundant. Retail for the Pacific Sun Sentry Auto-Top Off kit is $119.99. Link to retail site This unit is...
  25. YogiReef

    ATO Reservoir

    looking for a small ato reservoir for my im nuvo fusion 20 gallon. Used and cheap. If you live near Atlanta I can do local pickup. Otherwise ship it to Georgia, pm for zip.