1. MaddyP

    Widgetlords Controller - Node-Red, Raspberry Pi Controller Build

    Hello All! Thought it would be best to separate my aquarium controller build from my tank build thread: So, a little background before we get into specifics. I had this crazy idea during my last move to try...
  2. A

    70G Build from Oz

    Hey everyone I originally posted this in another thread but decided to expand on it a little and put it here… I have been watching reefing videos on YouTube for around 10 years and have always wanted to get into the hobby. Around 4 years ago I purchased a used 270 Lt CADE HL800 tank (800w x...
  3. Brasileiro561

    Automatic Salt Dispenser

    So I've been thinking about an automatic salt dispenser to mix my salt. i had this idea on paper but haven't had time to turn it into CAD but i came across a design identical to what i drew but this one was designed for something else. But for now ill be using this person design just to give you...
  4. P

    Does EcoTech just need a couple of accessories to become a full-fledged controller?

    Mobius today controls the Versa. It will eventually control the VorTech , Vectra, & Radion. Imagine if EcoTech comes out with their own controllable power strip which I cannot imagine would be difficult to add. All that is left is to monitor pH, temperature, salinity, and ORP. I also cannot...
  5. WallyB

    ★ DIY [Auto] ★ [ ALKALINITY MONITOR ] ★ 3 Tank [HANNA with Raspberry PI / Ardiuno ] with ADVANCED Features

    IT's finally over. 6 months of hard work is coming to the End Game. (Working Alk Monitor) A crazy idea I came up with, actually works. All started because I couldn't get a Apex Trident (none available), nor or was I will to shell out the money (and throw out two perfectly working two Apex...
  6. GamerDadof4

    My office 220 build

    We moved into our house about a year ago and my wife and I have both been itching to get a tank up. To scratch that itch - we discussed just getting a small 75 for my office until we found a tank we really liked. We thought about that for about 24 hours and every time we tried to go 'small' we...
  7. Reef Kinetics

    Independence Day $75 discount

    Happy Independence Day from the Reef Kinetics team Just add the code at check out! Click here to buy!
  8. alexytman

    Automating and decreasing waterchanges

    Hi, I've been looking to automating my tank so I do less water changes. My parameters are 8-9dkH 1305 mg 420 cal nitrate 1-5 nitrite 0 ammonia 0 I was wandering what equipments I would need to maintain these parameters without waterchange I have a refugium and probably going to add more...
  9. AshwinRavi

    1 month break

    Hello, reefers! Around Thanksgiving this year, I will be leaving the country for a month, and my biggest fear is imagining what my reef is going to go through. So, I look to the thousands of reefers here for advice on what I can do to prevent the most common mistakes. Since I have been...
  10. Ellery

    Ellery's Multi-Tank System

    Background: Been in the hobby for over 29 years. Worked at LFS during high school years and managed all saltwater livestock. Currently work as a inkjet specialist/Mechanical Systems Engineer in the printing industry. Oldest current tank (125 gallon) in this house was started since 2006 -...
  11. WallyB

    ★ 110 Gallon (In-Wall Office Dream SPS Reef Tank) ★ PROJECT GENESIS [Total Automation, DIY & More ]★

    Hello, my name is Wally. Don't know how to start this Build Thread, since I have so much to share. I'll do an intro, and see what folks are Interested in, and Expand, Elaborate, from there. I've been enjoying the Reef Hobby for the last 20+ years. Started simple and kept going. I'm an...
  12. A

    Cheap dosing pumps

    While I don't necessarily need a dosing pump for an aquarium, I believe that they could work for my applications. Basically, I have what is called a bioreactor. It is a small beaker where a mixture gets fermented. This bioreactor requires some sort of Ph Control. I've got some Ph Probes with a...
  13. afhtan

    Guide: How to control Neptune Apex using Google Home

    I am controlling my Reef Tank using an APEX and often have to turn off something when working on the tank. This can be a pain as wet hands and touch screen phones don't work well together. I thought. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could use google home to control your tank? For example, when...
  14. shiftline

    Voice Controlled Tank Automation! - Taking it to the next level

    Hi Guys, i decided to step up my tank automation and add some voice control to my ecotech reeflink. Its extremely handy when your hands are full or in the tank!
  15. potatocouch

    Recommendation - Auto Top Up System (Head & Pressure)

    I've tried Smart ATO in the past but it didn't work well. Whenever I tried to get the pump to push the water through the sump, it just constant beeping ... I got a feeling the pump is not strong enough for the head pressure. I'm after a reliable ATO top up system with strong pump, strong...
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