Aqua Medic Plankton Reactor - has anyone tried their automated setup?


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Jan 22, 2023
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Berlin, Germany
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Aqua medic sells a plankton reactor which is fairly affordable - I've ordered one without the light to start culturing pods before I buy a Mandarin Dragonet. They describe a setup in the manual where you can use two of these reactors (one with the light) and a couple of dosing pumps to fully automate the culturing and dosing of both phyto and pods.

This would probably be overkill for my tank but I love this kind of automation and I have a 2.5 week holiday coming up in a few months - this looks like a great way to ensure a consistent food supply for both my fish and my corals without requiring someone to come over twice a day to feed frozen food.

Has anybody actually tried this setup? How did it go? How did you build the overflows that they describe (weird that they don't give more detail in the instructions)?

Also interested in hearing from anyone who's done a similar kind of automation - would love to see photos of your setup!

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