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  1. colsons_critters

    HOW to set up your FIRST SALTWATER AQUARIUM!!! (Beginners Guide)

  2. colsons_critters

    HOW to set up your FIRST SALTWATER AQUARIUM!!! (Beginners Guide)

    HOW to set up your FIRST SALTWATER AQUARIUM!!! (Beginners Guide)
  3. C

    Looks like hair on my coral?

    I’ve only had these Zoas for about two weeks I’d say and I noticed two days ago that there is a hair-like thing growing out of two of them. We bought 3 frags and only 2 are affected. The two affected are right by each other (view video) and the other frag is on the opposite side of the tank. I...
  4. vcnt

    Rock Questions

    Does the color change? I have noticed that not live rock usually is white like the image but live rock is purple, does the bacteria change the color?
  5. uniquecorals

    LAST FlashSale of the Year! You don't want to miss this! 2 days event Dec 2nd and 3rd 9-5 pst

    Dec 2nd & 3rd two days pre-XMAS FlashSale! Sat & Sun 9am-5pm pst Santa is coming to town. We are in full swing of the Holiday shopping season. Get that hot piece for your self or that special reefer in your life and jingle their bells. Everyone is a winner in this Sale. Join us for the last...
  6. FrozenFishSticks

    Large Build Custom 300+ Gallon Tank Build

    Hey what’s up everyone, I’m relatively new to the hobby and needed suggestions on a new tank I’m currently planning. I currently have a 10, 20, (2) 30’s, 45, 55 and a 75 gallon already setup. As I was browsing the deep dark web (just kidding) I came across a couple of tanks that were close to...
  7. saltyponies

    New 32g Seahorse Tank

    Hi reef2reef! I am starting a 32 gallon seahorse tank, and I plan on adding macroalgae instead of corals for that lush, planted look. I will be adding a pair of male seahorses (I wouldn't be able to take care of any babies!) My questions are: 1) When should I add the macroalgae? Before or...
  8. J

    Help Please! - Beginner - Algae Issues in 6 Month Old Tank

    Hi All, I currently have a 6 month old tank that is going through an algae outbreak. I know this is to be expected in a newer tank, but need advice on what I should be doing to mitigate. I know 0 nitrates and 0 phosphates is not good, but I don't know if feeding the tank more will make the algae...
  9. Ryan's.Reef

    Build Thread Ryan’s Mini Reef Progress (10 gallon saltwater aquarium)

    Sharing my tank’s journey. Started in February of 2022. Will begin with posting how it was before, and progress along the way. 10 gallon tank Equipment and biological filtration: Aquatop eliminator internal filter w/ UV Aquatop professional sky aqua pro LED (6500K color temperature) Aquatop...
  10. fotuskyt

    Aqua knight A029

    For those who have the Aqua knight A029, what percentages do you have your white and blues on. I have live rock, no coral in my 20 gal
  11. fotuskyt

    Noob inheriting a full set up

    Hi everyone, I posted recently and a lot of you had great answers so I’m asking more questions. I’ve only ever had beta fish before and that was an extremely long time ago. I was going to get back into the hobby and get another beta when I found myself in the position of inheriting someone’s...
  12. GrizzReacts

    Nano Build Cycling 15 gallon innovative

    Started my cycling my tank on the 29th of June and started dosing Seachem prime & stablility this past Saturday and it got my ammonia to this I’d say between 0.50 - 0.25 ppm. Should I do a water change to hopefully bring it to 0 or should I continue to wait it out? Really wanted to get fish in...
  13. C

    Coral colour query

    Hi, I have had my tank for just over two months and I have introduced some corals to it namely; a candy cane, two zoanthids, a leather coral and a branching hammer coral. When I purchased the corals they looked much different, more vibrant and attractive. After shipping and introding them to...
  14. R

    EMERGENCY Red Knobby sea star sick ??

    My brother bought 2 red knobby sea stars a few weeks ago, and he’s convinced that one is dying. I know nothing about red knobbies, but I’m sure they aren’t supposed to grow orange spots on the underside of them?? We’ve tested the water, everything seems fine except the “hardness”. We’re going...
  15. GrizzReacts

    Help cycling my 15 gallon innovative marine

    So I started cycling my 15 gallon last Thursday night using the whole FritzZyme Turbo Start 900 1oz bottle and a cap full of Dr. Tim’s ammonia. That Sunday I added two hermit crabs and 2 turbo snails along with algae wafers for them to feed on (all are doing fine) . So today I tested my water...
  16. GrizzReacts

    Nano Build First 15 gallon tank is coming together nice

    Live rock is here and added to tank now just have to go to local fish store and pick up saltwater and rso praying this 15 gallon cycles fast ‼️ I’m ready to grab my clowns