beginner corals

  1. ReefStable

    Live Goods ZOAS - Buy 5 Get 1 FREE!

    Over 70 different zoas in the farm and Growing! Get Your Zoas Now: Here are just a few of the zoas in the farm! Get Your Zoas Now:
  2. uniquecorals

    Unique Corals Monday FlashSale on R2R, Mon 6/26 11am-7pm pacific time

    Join us for a super duper sale event on Reef2Reef. Amazing selection of 800+ aquacultured WYSIWYG coral at up to 75% off! Aquacultured SPS, LPS, and Softies as far as the eye can see! Aquacultured corals from the best mothers! $5 frags, $10 frags, mystery frags and more all backed by our UC...
  3. Bo2022

    New York Beginner friendly corals FS $15-$20: Toadstools/Kenya tree/Electric Cloves/Hammer

    Pickup at Queens 11365 Door drop off only, you get what you see. All frags $15-$20 each: Toadstool (size 1.5”-2”) $15 Electric Cloves $15 Green Kenya Tree $15 (2”+) Green Hammer $15/single head, $25/two head
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    Reef Stable - Clove Polyps (Beginner Coral)!

    Clove Polyps! A GREAT Beginner Coral That Adds Color And Movement to Your Reef Tank! Best Of All, They Are Cheap Enough To Collect Them All! Use Promo Code REEF2REEF for 10% OFF!
  5. RiptideAquaculture

    Livestock Beautiful Cultured Hammers anyone????

    20% OFF your order when you checkout using the code: spooky Offer runs till the end of the week! Splatter Hammer $59.99 USD Splatter Hammer $59.99 USD Yellow Hammer $49.99 USD Splatter Hammer $69.99 USD Gold Stem Hammer $49.99 USD Yellow Hammer $49.99 USD
  6. S

    Lighting & Corals

    So I have my tank already been cycling with live rock for about 1.5 months and I believe im ready for some corals. Here are my specs: Tank Dimensions: 17.72"(L) x 17.72"(W) x 17.72"(H) Stand Dimensions: 17.72"(L) x 17.72"(W) x 30"(H) Tank Capacity: 24 Gallons Glass Thickness: 8mm Filtration...
  7. potatocouch

    What Are Basic Tips & Tricks (Hints) for SPS Beginners?

    What are basic tips to keep SPS? High / Super High variable flows (not linear, not constant & not direct at them)? ULNS is still better than high No3 and Po4? Chance is you get less coloration in ULNS but SPSs may still survive? Proper lighting PAR; cannot be underexposed & cannot be...
  8. Karen00

    Looking for peaceful coral with small fish

    Hello all, I have a 5g. I'm hoping to get some recommendations on beginner, slower growing, flowy, as peaceful as possible coral but most importantly they must be coral that won't grab my fish for food. My fish are tiny so am I looking for corals that are mostly photosynthetic to make sure my...
  9. Karen00

    Looking for guidance on beginner soft coral for 5g

    Hello fellow saltines, I just started up a 5g pico a couple weeks ago and am starting to plan for corals. I won't be adding them anytime soon but want to start prepping for them. I love the softies and I also love coral that flows. As a beginner I was thinking of: - Tyree Toadstool: Placement...
  10. sujcab111

    A few corals I need help identifying!

    Hello, New to the forum, so I’ll give an overview of my experience and self. I’ve fully immersed myself into this hobby for about three months now. I guess it was just a hidden passion that I had no idea I had. I am in the Navy! I’m stationed in Okinawa, Japan and am very close to the ocean...
  11. M

    Hello Marcinoss

    I just got my first Red Sea Reefer 525 XL, 139 Gal. Aquarium Kit, Black. I would be thankful for help with adding fish and corals for beginner. what would you recommend to start with? I would like more corals than fish.
  12. Zoa_Fanatic

    SPS in stock 32gal Biocube LED?

    Hey guys, can I grow SPS in a 32 biocube LED? If so what is a good beginner sps that won’t hurt anything else? I have candy canes, blasto, hammer, and zoas (and some crazy paly grandis) all growing like weeds in my tank.
  13. chris17gable

    Stocking my Biocube 32

    Hello Everyone! The past few months I have finally bit the bullet and began my saltwater journey. I’m currently in the process of cycling my tank and so far so good. The problem I’m having and hoping you guys could help me with is stocking. I’ve done tons of research and everywhere has its own...
  14. J

    New to Reefing

    Hey everyone! I started my first saltwater tank about 5 months ago and was looking for some good beginner frags!
  15. buckeye82

    Indiana Beginner SPS Frag Pack (13 frags)

    Hi, I figured i would do some more fragging from the tank and make a beginner friendly pack. 13 total corals with shipping included. DOA Guarantee, with in the first 2 hours of scheduled arrival. I should be able to make 3 packs of these. Top row left to right -Purple Digi -Tricolor...
  16. NoahMMTV

    Made a video discussing the best beginner non-photosynthetic corals!

    Hope you got to learn something from this video!
  17. NoahMMTV

    Made a video discussing beginner lps corals!

    Hope you enjoy and maybe learn something from it!
  18. Fishboy&crazycatfishlady

    Beginner coral, where to start

    Hey all! This is my first rodeo with saltwater, so far so good! We’ve been taking our time, moving slow and being patient. Tank has fully cycled. Established a pod population, have two happy Darwin Clowns, and adding to the livestock tmr! But I am READY for some corals in my tank! The tank is...
  19. C


    Feel free to subscribe, please like thank you guys give me some feedback on the video!
  20. 1

    Beginner Hardy Corals?

    Hey everyone! Finally got "reef" lights and I am currently looking for recommendations on hardy corals that are easy to take care of. I am not always home so corals that require super special care will not be viable for me. Due to this, I've been told I should stick to easy LPS and Soft corals...
  21. jordimex

    Hello everyone

    My name is Jorge I am from Mexico but currently living in Aventura Florida, I am here studying to become an airline pilot and in the meantime start and learn from this awesome hobby I currently own two tanks one is a 10 gal fw tank and a 65 gal fw as well (if you want pictures of them just let...
  22. AshwinRavi

    African Cichlids to Reef

    Hello all, I follow suit with all the other people who got stung by the reef hobby, I just can't stop obsessing myself with it. I have had freshwater aquariums for about 15 years now, reef aquarium has always been something I wanted to venture into, but just got scared away. I currently have a...
  23. coralfish12g

    5 Corals PERFECT for Beginners! - Setting Up a Reef Tank

    Hi! Here are my top 5 corals that I would recommend to beginners! A lot people think I should have included birdsnest as my 6th? Some say I could have left the Elegance Coral off the list. What do you think?