biocube 32 led

  1. Arricefe

    Texas Steve’s LED’s with BioCube Lid. BioCube LEDS

    Mounted on BioCube lid with Hurricane X controller. $190 shipped to lower 48. I have the exact same ones in my 32 BioCube they work great, i have mostly Zoa but I have a Dunkin and 2 Acans and they are both doing great. If you have any questions HMU.
  2. Nevada Wiseguy

    EMERGENCY Need Help Diagnosing Disease & How to Handle Without Quarantine Tank

    Hello! I am brand spanking new to these forums and this is a brand new 32g Biocube that I have. I am not new to saltwater tanks, but this it has been many years since I have had one. With that said, I had two previous other tanks, a 29g Biocube and a 65g custom setup. However, this is my...
  3. Zoa_Fanatic

    AIO Build To Biocube detractors

    People say these tanks will not grow anything but softies but that’s completely false. I have had candy canes, hammer coral, and recently acans snd all are flourishing in my biocube 32 led. My candy canes and hammer coral have been in here almost a year and have never stopped growing. Same for...
  4. jackalexander

    Biocube LED’s vs AI Prime 16HD

    I’ve seen substantial growth of my birds nest but absolutely nothing else. I don’t know if it’s normal but I’ve had 2 hammers, a frogspawn and a torch for about 4-5 months now and I do see new baby tentacles weekly but never any heads splitting. Does anyone else have this issue with Biocube...
  5. Zoa_Fanatic

    AIO Build RFG on a biocube 32 led

    Anyone know what the output nozel size is for this? And if a random flow generator is worth it? I imagine it’ll cut down on the gph through my return and it’s the stock pump. Thanks.
  6. SaltFishTV

    STOCK BioCube 32g LED PAR!

    Hello all! I just wanted to share my most recent PAR measurements I did on the stock BioCube 32g LED lights. To make it simple I made a video on it and was able to see upwards of 300 PAR under all three channels at the highest intensity of the day, using the Seneye Reef:
  7. Zoa_Fanatic

    Four stripe damsel min tank size

    So I have a 32 biocube and a 16 biocube. I bought the 16 specifically for my four stripe damsel. He’s my oldest (and currently only after the passing of my 10-12 year old engineer goby) fish. I want new fish for my dt but he’s a turd biscuit so I’m planning to put him in my 16. Is that big...
  8. micahsoft

    New Reefer needs some advice before getting started

    I need advice and help from some reefers who have some experience. I want to start my first saltwater tank. In the past I’ve had freshwater and planted tanks, but never saltwater and certainly not with live corals. I have been interested and done some research over the past four years. My friend...
  9. Zoa_Fanatic

    New 32 gallon fish

    I’m moving my damsel to my 16 gallon. I want to add the following to my 32 and need some help deciding 2 clowns (for sure) Royal gramm/orchid dottyback Yellow corris wrasse wpuld the dottyback or the gramma be better? My rock scape is very flat at the moment because of my engineer goby who...
  10. micahsoft

    Starting a new Biocube 32 gallon nano reef tank.

    Hey all. I’m new to the forum and to saltwater tanks. In the past I’ve had several different fish tanks. All have been freshwater. For the last 4 years I’ve given a lot of thought to a nano reef tank. Finally decided to go for it, so I’m getting a 32 gallon LED Biocube on Saturday. I’m going to...
  11. Zoa_Fanatic

    Recommendations for tank stocking

    I’ve got a 32 gallon biocube led. It’s currently occupant is one four stripe damsel and a ****ton of coral. I’m moving my damsel to my new 16 gallon. I want to know what would work best in my 32. My wife is insistent on clowns. I’m thinking some common clowns. Small ones. next I want to add...
  12. Zoa_Fanatic

    Coralife - Makers of Biocube

    So received a biocube 32 led from my wife for our anniversary in May. It subsequently cracked on my in August due to my stand being off level (60 year old house, what can you do?). Coralife customer service was amazing. They didn’t question anything. Just had me send pics and my purchase receipt...
  13. Zoa_Fanatic

    Clownfish help

    I’ve been reefing for like 8 years and I’ve never had clownfish. I just setup a smaller tank to move my last remaining damsel out of my 32 gallon. I plan to restock it with a pair of clowns, an orchid dottyback, a corris wrasse, and some pajama cardinals. Is there a species of clown I should get...
  14. Zoa_Fanatic

    Clownfish help please

    I’m looking at getting a pair of clownfish for my 32 gallon. Is there a species I can get that won’t be belligerent toward other tank mates? I plan on adding some pajama cardinals, an orchid dottyback, and possibly some type of corris wrasse to the tank. Should I go with a solo clownfish? I had...
  15. Zoa_Fanatic

    Biocube 32 led stocking ideas

    I’ve been running a nanocube or biocube for 7 years now. In that time I’ve had an engineer goby (who just passed at age 10 and nearly 2ft long) and a four stripe damsel the whole time. A Madagascar clownfish, green corris wrasse, and coral beauty angel have all passed through. I had to get rid...
  16. C

    Illinois Aquariums BioCube 32 with Steve's LED upgrade and stand

    Selling my tank for cheap, it needs a complete cleaning. Comes with the following: BioCube 32 BioCube 32 stand Steve's upgraded LED $350 just for the LEDs $250 for it all, comes with no accessories Located...
  17. Zoa_Fanatic

    AIO Build Biocube 32 LED leveling help

    So I’ve been running my new biocube for about two months. My wife and I took PAINS to make sure the stand was level. Well I get the tank on and my four foot level (which by the way is WAY too long to go on top of the tank without hanging over) is showing that the tank is dipping to one corner by...
  18. lordthaxto

    Build Thread Breaking the Bank with BioCube 32

    Tank started Dec 31st 2020. I would like to start out by saying I very recently started this hobby. I have two fresh water tanks that are about 3 months old now. I wanted more... and so here we are. I went to my LFS ( Austin Aqua Dome ) : And purchased a...
  19. Zoa_Fanatic

    AIO Build New biocube build

    My old biocube cracked . I’ve been in a thrown together mess for months. My new biocube is finally in and put together, for now. My wife also got a protein skimmer, first time I’ve used one and man does it make a difference.
  20. Zoa_Fanatic

    AIO Build Biocube protein skimmer help

    My wife got me a coralife protein skimmer for Christmas. How much air should I allow into the skimmer? I’m not sure how many bubbles are too many. I’ve got the air dialed all the way back right now until I figure out how far to let it open. I had the same skimmer on my older biocube and it was...
  21. Zoa_Fanatic

    EMERGENCY Biocube leveling

    Ok so my last biocube cracked. I think it was because the tank wasn’t level. I set the new one up and the stand was level before I put the tank on. It’s on hardwood. I leveled the stand using plastic shims. The tank is now 1/8” out of level diagonally. Should I be worried about it cracking again?
  22. Zoa_Fanatic

    Biocube cracked, shpuld the new one go in the same place?

    My biocube cracked a month ago. I just got the replacement in. The area where the old tank was is the perfect corner of my living room for the tank to be in. I have hardwood so it got a little damp before I caught the leak. It’s since dried. I have no idea why the tank cracked. This particular...
  23. Zoa_Fanatic

    Self leveling mat?

    Hey guys. Getting a new biocube after my old 32 led cracked on me. Do I need to use a self leveling mat or are they not worth the money? Not really sure why the old one cracked and I’m trying to prevent it from happening again.
  24. Zoa_Fanatic

    Biocube cracking?

    Hey guys are biocubes known to crack? My wife got me mine in April and it cracked two days ago. It’s been fine for six months. The Cora life rep said they increased the glass thickness just to prevent this. Should I be worried about the replacement they are sending me?
  25. Locutus617

    Steve’s Led for biocube wiring issues

    I recently purchased Steve’s Biocube 32 LED turbo upgrade system-plug and play with the hurricane x controller and the iridescence booster. The install went well with the exception of the wiring.. the cable with the red dot hooks up to the power supply but the cable that is supposed to connect...