1. Kolby_Mitchell

    Indiana Coral for sell!

    Located in columbus Indiana although I can ship -pulsing xenia (price depends on how big of cut you would like) -hydnophora -$30 -cali torte acropora -$30 -pink birdsnest -$20 -blue devils finger leather (price depends on how big of cut you would like)
  2. M

    STN or lack of light (or something else)?

    Hi, I've noticed the underside of my birdsnest bleaching out. Is this simply due to a potential lack of light or maybe something else? If it's STN then I guess I can refrag as needed, but what about lack of light? Is this just an inevitability as corals grow out? Params are generally stable as...
  3. T

    Kansas Birdsnest and digitata frags for sale, local only.

    Wichita, Kansas. Local pickup only, bring your own bag/bucket. Pictures of frags are from 9-12-19. There are 6 or so digitata originally aquired from reef addicted ebay, these are $5 each. Also there are purple polyp green birdsnest. Id like to frag my colony back more I just don't have room...
  4. AllSignsPointToFish

    Florida Pruning Time!

    I have several Montipora and birdsnest species that are just getting too I had to prune them! I have red and grape Montipora frags, including one Superman Montipora frag. I have several green birdsnest frags (some look better than others because the fish won't leave them alone), and...
  5. Tangina20

    Green birdsnest has been brown for a year

    I bought a small frag of green birdsnest and it turned brown writhing a week of having it. I’ve had it for about a year now and it’s growing well but is still brown! I can’t seem it figure out how to bring the color back! My montipora, stylo and other sps have great color. Alk 9 Cal 420...
  6. Tangina20

    Sps skin losing color

    I’m pretty new to sps I have a birdsnest, monti cap, and a red digi. My birdsnest is growing but all of the polyps turned from green to brown but the tips are still green. I thought it wasn’t getting enough light because of the brown color and I put it higher up and some branches are bleaching...
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