black box

  1. prfishgirl

    Pennsylvania WTB Cheap black boxes

    Looking to buy cheap black boxes hit me up if you have some you want to sell
  2. Irishman

    180 Lighting Options, I have 3

    Long story short is that I have roughly three options to illuminate my 180. I’m kinda leaning towards a mixed Reef, but if the equipment doesn’t allow it then at least be able to put a few of my favorite pieces and an anemones or two in it. First Option - 1 Kessil AP700. I would love to get a...
  3. crashegordon

    Kentucky 2 Kessil A160 Tuna Blue LED's, 3 Philzon Black Box LED's, 3 90 gooseneck adaptors

    So I have went a different route with my lighting and have some items for sale. 2 Kessil A160 Tuna Blue LED's new in the box, never used just plugged in to make sure they work. $200.00 each or both for $375.00 3 Philzon Black Box LED's. Work great been used about 8 months with no issues. These...
  4. WhiskeyCoffee

    SB Reef Light PAR Readings

    Almost a year ago I upgraded my ViparSpectra black box LEDs to the custom SB Reef Light boards. Since then I have seen slow but consistent growth in most of my corals. Anyway a friend of mine loaned me his BioTek Marine BTM3000 PAR sensor and decided I'd share my results. This is my initial run...
  5. Dale Jones

    Alabama 4 Mars aqua black boxes

    I have 2 300 watt all are 6 months old have hag glass under the lights 95% of the time all work great each light is 2 channel each can be dimmed independently 190for all shipped to the 48 Or 110 each
  6. WhiskeyCoffee

    Upgrading Viparspectra 165w to SB Reef Light PCB DIY Picture Tutorial

    Just upgraded my Viparspectra 165w to the SB Reef Light PCBs. This was a fairly easy upgrade, however they use a different shape Molex connection so I had to splice my wires and use my old pin connections. It was nerve wracking but simple when using butt splices. First thing I noticed was on...
  7. quicksil328

    Watt shine 180 watt led

    Recently My boys and I started a separate 45 gallon frag tank using two 54 watt Nemo leds. Recently I purchased a 180 watt Wattshine LED from Amazon after reading a lot about “black Boxes.” My intention was to use the Nemo lights for lower light demanding corals and the Wattshine for higher...
  8. Ben Weaver

    Black box doesn't dim to zero. Any way to fix this?

    Basicallywhat the title says. The dimmers work, they just don't dim very far... I specifically am looking to dim the white chanel farther. Can i buy a new dimmer or what would be the best way? Any help would be appriciated.
  9. Flippers4pups

    Flippers reef 125 gallon

    The story of Flippers reef started long ago.......... In a time before a thing called "The Internet"existed. Land locked Missouri, mid western U.S.A. back in 1993. I had just got out of the army in 1992 and got busy starting a family. See, I had fresh water tanks off and on since I was very...
  10. badd

    Sync timer on black box leds

    Hey guy/gals... I have 2 of the Chinese 165w wifi black boxes... " I love them". Seem to have a issues with keeping them in sync.. I can set the time on both lights... they work perfect for a week or two.. then they slowly start get out of sync...with in 3 weeks.. they will be 30 seconds off of...
  11. reeferfoxx

    The Modified Black Box Thread

    So, over the past year I've been changing LEDs and lenses to find a good spectrum, light dispersment, limited shimmer and most importantly less "disco" effect, on my 165w wifi black box. I think I've found a combination. I decided to keep the 120° lenses and mixed 90° beaded and not beaded...