blue tang

  1. BenConrad

    Help with facial sores on QTed Hippo tang

    Hello all, Wanted to get some input on these facial sores on my new blue Hippo tang. I suspect an injury followed by bacterial infection, but wanted to see what the community thinks. This fish has been in my 40 gallon breeder QT tank for 11 days. Salinity 1.023, temp 77F, and ammonia...
  2. J

    Tang aggression?

    I have a Red Sea 350 75g display 4ft long and 91 total volume. In the tank I have a 2” blue & yellow tang temporarily. My LFS has a 4” white tail bristle tang for a steal of a price ! ($150) My question is will the white tail 4” bully the yellow and blue tang 2” ? Or I should be fine ...
  3. J

    Copper with no sign of ich??

    I have a baby blue tang 2” and a tomini tang 3” that’s currently being treated with prazi in my QT. They have no signs of ich and it’s been 2 weeks. Should I dose copper to be safe ? Or should I just observe for the next 2 weeks?
  4. P

    Heal Small Blue tang with big wound on the head

    Hello all, Last week, I picked up from my LFS this very small blue tang. (I call her Dori. I know very original) She was constantly scratching on surfaces and I definitely knew she had flukes or something, and she had injured herself on the face. Since everything that goes in the DT, it always...
  5. J

    Baby blue tang scratching

    I just got my baby blue tang 2 days ago and I noticed he’s scratching against the PVC. It’s in my QT. NO WHITE SPOTS YET. It’s swimming and eating just fine but should I treat it? Should I treat it with Prazi or copper?
  6. S

    Blue tang scaring

    Hi all I’ve had this blue tang for around two weeks when I brought him he had no signs of any illness. He is currently in a quarantine tank and isn’t medicated. He has had these scars appear on his sides recently. He does like to sit near rocks so I assume he is scraping himself against the...
  7. twoahh

    Scarring on Atlantic Blue Tang

    I’m having these weird scarring on my Atlantic Blue Tang. You can see it on his head. They were not there when I bought him. He seems to be eating just fine but not bulking up at all. Stomach seems concave. I have other Tangs that don’t seem to be aggressive towards him at all. Any help would...
  8. Isaac_Tang

    Pink Tail Trigger Peaceful or little Devil?

    Hey guys so I wanted to know before I make the jump but I’ve read on LiveAquaria that the pink tail is aggressive but how aggressive are they? I currently have a blue tang (hippo) and a chromi in the tank theyre small like about 3in so they’re small and I’ve been eyeing this trigger for about a...
  9. J

    Baby blue tang itch

    I had about 4 baby blue tangs and they all have itch once they go in my main tank. I quarantine them for a month . They’re my last fish to put in my DT and nothing new. Any idea on what I’m doing wrong? It’s a temporary 65g tank and he’s about 3”
  10. Isaac_Tang

    Purple Tang Blue Tang Powder Brown Tang

    Hey guys, so I have 2 tangs currently, 1 purple and 1 blue, I’ve had them in the tank for maybe little over 3 or 4 months. My LFS has a Powder Brown Tang and I’ve been eyeing him for about a few weeks now but I was worried about tang aggression, my blue and purple get along great but I’ve...
  11. Isaac_Tang


    Hey Guys, so I have a general question with Tangs, so I currently have a 120 gal tank, I put in a Purple Tang and a Blue Tang at the same time maybe about 2-3 weeks ago, I was wondering if it was too late to put in a Powder Blue tang into the mix, I’ve had tangs before like Mimic Tangs...
  12. B

    Need help - how to select a healthy blue tang

    Hi guys, new reefer here needs some advice on selecting a healthy blue tang. I'm checking out an online vendor selling me this juvenile blue tang and I was wondering if it has any skin issue. I'm unable to take a look at the fish in person so this photo is the only data I can gather. From the...
  13. Wen

    Florida Livestock Trade 5” Caribbean Blue Tang FREE

    Bought from Divers Den when it was tiny and yellow. I felt sorry for it, in photo was beat up and had lympho. No more major lympho out breaks. It has grown into a beautiful fat fish but my tank is too small for it. Tank is 280 gal mixed reef and a peaceful mix of fish. This tang is a...
  14. LabyrinthCorals

    Juveline Blue Tang Eye Issue

    Hey everyone, Overnight my juvenile blue tang seems to have either gotten a nasty infection/disease of some sort, or injured himself (or both). I did notice slight discoloration and redness near the eye last night but nothing like this. The outside of the eye seems to have peeled upwards...
  15. K

    Is there something wrong with my Blue tang? HELP!

    Hi guys, Need a bit of help.. For the past week my blue tang has been looking stressed, her fins all out and flared constantly. Today as I went to feed the fish I noticed the front of her back fin looks like it’s disintegrating somehow… it just doesn’t seem right. It’s possible that it’s...
  16. Kyle Soto

    WHAT to do with Blue Tang in 65 gallon tank

    I recently purchased a 65 gallon Red Sea tank on Offerup. The owner was including all of his livestock along with the tank. One of the fish included was a fairly large blue tang (about 6-7 inches). I understand that he is likely too large for this tank but I had no choice but to take him. What...
  17. Trinity

    White patches on Mimic tang

    My Mimic tang shows white patch near lower abdomen and white dots on her fins after I added a blue tang yesterday after QT for 3 weeks. Please advise next steps
  18. M

    EMERGENCY ID Yellow spots on my blue tang

    Showed up this morning she was fine last night. I have never seen these spots before. Seems to be swimming around just fine.
  19. B

    EMERGENCY Does my blue tang have Dropsy?!

    I have a blue tang that has acting himself. He lost his appetite and doesn’t swim all over the tank like he was just a few days ago. I started noticing on Saturday that he would just stay attached to a rock and didn’t come for feed anymore. a about a month or so ago he was swimming downwards...
  20. L

    Blue tang with marks in his head

    Good Morning. I have has this blue tang for some time, at first when he was younger I thought these marks were his nostrils but now I see them quite strange, does anyone know if this is normal? I have more tangs and this is the only one that has this kind of marks, I also have to say that...
  21. hyeteck

    California Blue Hippo Tang

    Blue Tang. About 3 Inches long. Had him for a year. Healthy, eats pellets, seaweed, and mysis shrimp. $60 pickup in Burbank, CA 91502
  22. B

    EMERGENCY Blue tang bloated! HELP

    Hello my blue tang is having the same issue. I did epsom salt last night since he didn’t want to eat the pea, although he did eat seaweed yesterday which was the only thing I fed him cause he’s bloated. Is the epsom salt something I add consistently? or how often do I add? I have a 35-40gl tank...
  23. P

    identification and treatment for monogenean oncomiracidium fluke on Paracanthurus tang

    I would greatly appreciate your advice regarding the identification of and treatment for a "fluke" that has recently infested my tank and Paracanthurus tang. I have a marine aquarium that is heavily infested with some form of monogeneans. One fish exhibits overt disease ("blue tang"...
  24. N

    Nevada 150 Gallon Tank for Sale - Running with rock & fish (Carson City, Nevada)

    150 Gallon Saltwater Setup - Complete - Tank, Stand, LED lighting, Digital Aquatics Reef Controller, temperature and PH module with probes, Automatic Top Off system, Powerheads, protein skimmer, sump with refugium Kessil LED and much more. Unfortunately I can't keep it, open to reasonable...
  25. N

    Nevada 150 Gallon Tank for Sale - Running with rock & fish (Carson City, Nevada)

    150 Gallon Saltwater Setup - Complete - Tank, Stand, LED lighting, Digital Aquatics Reef Controller, temperature and PH module with probes, Automatic Top Off system, Powerheads, protein skimmer, sump with refugium Kessil LED and much more. Unfortunately I can't keep it, open to reasonable...