budget build

  1. Retro Reefer

    My Big Beautiful Budget Breeder Build

    Well maybe not so big... :D My goal is to set up the best reef possible for the least amount of money and effort, I want something that will be easy to maintain and that checks all my boxes while staying within my budget, I’ll be sourcing the cheapest possible equipment while simultaneously not...
  2. Mark Derail

    Fluval Profile 1000 Marine Build + Sump

    First of all - this is a low cost budget build - the Fluval Profile 1000 was used previously as a freshwater tank with discus. Instead of buying a new tank, I will re-use my custom stand and adapt it for the Fluval Profile 1000. Other than the tank and spare parts from Fluval - this is all DIY...
  3. G

    90 gallon budget build.

    Hello everyone I have had fresh water all my life and habe had 2 salt within the last 2 years. I started with a 13 gallon to try it out then after about a year we converted or 44 corner cichlid tank to salt. Had to make my own sump because of limited space. after everything stabilized...