build series

  1. Jersey Corals

    Jersey Corals Store Build!

    We have been working for the last few months on creating our store! The store will consist of a show room and grow out warehouse! For the growout we will be using 12 Rubbermaid 50 gal stock containers, plus a 180 gal tank for our initial growout, for a total of 630 gallons to start. Our showroom...
  2. Oscar47f

    AIO Build Innovative marine 25 lagoon build thread

    Hi guys this is gonna be my first documented tank build I’ve tried YouTube and I can never keep up haha, however this will also be on YouTube @Flowering Reefs and on Instagram @Flowering_reefs but in far less detail than here... Long story short this system was set up with an angler fish, my...
  3. Samsquanch

    Build Thread My 125 gallon from 75 gallon upgrade build

    After 2 years running my 75 gallon mixed reef I've upgraded. I got this beautiful tank with the stand and canopy from a LFS I painted the back with black enamel paint, I didn't paint the over flows just for ease of maintenance down the road and if I ever have to fish anyone out of the...
  4. Mason Michalski

    Build Thread CUSTOM Acrylic Fluorescent Sump, production line, and the 150 Gallon build being used as tester

    I have been working on this 40 gallon breeder sump conversion for the last week or so, and I am looking for constructive feedback. In the works is piping, along with a fluorescent dowel plan to make the sump baffles glow once a UV led strip is installed in cabinet! Going Orange Section 40 with...
  5. Nate Chalk

    72Lx30Wx18H 170 gallon rimless DIY

    Hey all, Planning a 170 gallon rimless peninsula build. An upgrade from my 90 gallon aqueon. Ordering glass soon, I've used some calculators available online but looking for more advice before ordering. With dimensions at 72Lx30Wx18H I am planning 1/2 glass. Which gives me a safety...
  6. N

    Build Threads: is there a way to view only the OP's build posts and hide the comments?

    I really wish there was a way for users to create their build threads in a way that you could view all the relevant "build" posts without all the discussions/comments. Would it be as simple as giving the OP a way to tag each "build" post as such? And then give anyone viewing the thread a way of...
  7. M

    Back to the hobby with a 230 gal system (Build thread)

    Intro - After 13 years of missing the hobby, I'm back with a plan to geek out with a large peninsula mixed reef tank. I live in Michigan and have different hobbies like electronics, software, radio control, 3D design, and printing, woodworking, etc. It is a long and ever changing list. I...
  8. DominantWhiteShark

    Build Thread Kid Doctor/Fish Doctor - 100 Gallon ProClear Custom Build Thread

    Hey Reef2Reef! Been considering a build thread but just never had the time...until now! I'm a pediatric resident physician so I have VERY little free time but I use the tanks and care to decompress when im not taking care of the kids! Very therapeutic! Ive been in the hobby my whole life...
  9. lostmylenscap

    Hello Introducing my first salt water tank!

    (2) Ocellaris clowns (2) scarlet hermits (1) blue legged hermit (2) trochus snails Cycled back in July but waiting a few months to make sure the water levels are good and stable before adding corals But my ammonia stays at a perpetual 0.2 (Red Sea test kit) even after nitrites went to zero...
  10. Ashv5

    Build Thread UNDER $400 90 GALLON REEF

    Hello Everybody! What a great time to start a new system! So at last, the time has come for me to move out of my 40-gallon reef and upgrade to a 90 gallon! I will show you guys how I am keeping this build extremely affordable as time goes on. As of now, I have purchased my tank, stand, sump...
  11. M

    Build Thread New 65 gallon reef

    Hey everyone. I wanted to start a build thread to show the progression of my 65g reef I just started up. It was an upgrade from my 14 gallon biocube i habe been running for the last 3 years and that tank was an upgrade from a 55 which was an upgrafe from my very first 40 gallon reef tank I...
  12. S

    Build Thread 155g Build

    Hi! I think everyone can use a diversion now and this is a great hobby for it. Like many others, I’ve been a lurker for years and thought it was time I shared my build experience. I started in this hobby about 20 years ago with a 65g. Over the years I upgraded to various tanks when I could...
  13. Ikemike

    Build Thread Ikemikes build from the basement up.

    I am currently waiting on my display tank to arrive. In the meantime I am working on my aquascaping and everything thing else for an Ultra Low Maintenance setup. Needless to say I'm in the beginning stages but I wanted to share my progress thus far. Please feel free to ask questions or throw...
  14. ameerun

    Build Thread New custom build

    Hello fellow reefers! I have a Red Sea 130C reef tank for 4 years now. We're now ready for a new custom build tank to exactly fit the space in the living room we would like to have it. I am planning to document the progress from the very beginning, the ordering proces! I found a...
  15. J

    Build Thread Time to revisit the reef after 15 years - Adding salt water to the fish room (build out)

    A little late starting this, but after 15 years I finally decided to try reefing again. Currently set up in the fish room are 15 freshwater tanks (really 16). Swore I wasn't going to go down the reef path again, but it was always there tempting me. So after months of debating and catching up on...
  16. hawkbait

    Build Thread Hawks RSR 425 XL Build

    So this is my first salt water tank. I have had freshwater tanks before and still do. I ordered all of my parts through a LFS. The store isn't exactly local to me but well worth it from their custom service, shout out too Reef eScape in northern Virginia. They got my tank in less in a week for...
  17. oceans garden aquaculture

    Build Thread Project ZERO

    Background: I have been fascinated with zero edge systems since the mid 2000s. I was working for ORA as a technician in their coral greenhouses. The 1st time I saw the display system they had designed for trade shows, I knew I had to have one of my own one day. Fast forward 15 years later, I was...
  18. finn_reef18

    Nano Build 11 Gallon Cube Build

    Hey everyone! Starting a reef tank and I’m really excited about it. Have been researching for months. Finally went to my LFS and pulled the trigger. PS - Hello from Canada! Started off budget conscious but already planning some upgrades. Currently 4 days into fishless cycle. A few photos so...
  19. crbise65

    Build Thread CRBISE65 Upgrade build

    After taking the fiancee to a few stores and showing her how great some larger tanks can look I have finally received the seal of approval to upgrade from our 13.5 nano reef. I wanted to document the entire process here not only for my myself but for anyone else that may be in my shoes, so they...
  20. fabutahoun

    How To build and maintain a reef aquarium

    I Just Started a series that will guide you in how to build and maintain a reef aquarium !! In This Series I'll be sharing more information about my 180 reef tank, and build a 120 gallon for my friend Hani. thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe and like !
  21. Miamialum620

    AIO Build HS Biology 32g Biocube build

    Hey fellow reefers, My name is Darrin and I'm a high school Biology (and U.S. History) teacher down in Coconut Creek, FL who with the help of many amazing people on this forum have the opportunity to show my kids what reefing is all about. If you want to get an idea of how this all started...
  22. Kyle Rinker

    Build Thread Kyle's Nuvo 40 Office build

    I must admit I should have documented this from day 1, but I didn't. I will be spending a while playing catch up from the last year of work in creating this tank and moving it (twice o_O). Until I get to up-to-date additions, I will add the date ranges the individual events occurred. This is my...
  23. Txdragonslayer

    Build Thread "Border Reef" DIY Heavy build SPS build

    Hello, I have a had a couple builds on here before, but they were cut short due to life circumstances. I am taking my time on this build and I know it is still a ways away from being filled with water, simply because of the gear I want is pricey and I am willing to wait for it. This is the...
  24. Zazzy

    Build Thread Andrews 90g build thread

    Sorry my tank has been up since 2011 but here is a shot of my tank EVERYTHING IS IN NUMERICAL ORDER FROM 2011 TILL NOW. See how an ugly tank can go to something very presentable Pic: March6th 2018
  25. Jerzyray

    Build Thread Jerzyray's 210 Gallon Reef Tank Build

    I decided to start this build thread to add something to my hobby and to add to our community. This is my 5th reef tank over the last 15+ years Iv bin in the hobby, I’ve bin back into it now for about the last 4 years, slowly getting bigger and bigger and finally bigger. To where I’m at now...