1. MJY

    Cube Build Cade S2 600 Build - SPS & Automation

    Hi, And welcome from Australia! After a long hiatus from the hobby (circa 20 years), I decided during the pandemic that I would dip my preverbal toe back into the Aquarium keeping hobby. The question was just simply, what type? After much debate, I decided to purchase a Waterbox Cube 20G tank...
  2. c3stacks

    Build Thread Louisiana Cade 600 S2 Build

    Hello, Im just a newbie who’ve recently started the saltwater tank hobby after a 5 year hiatus. Trying to familiarize myself with the R2R platform. I will post updated pictures on the build shortly. Vectra S2 return pump 150W Eheim Heater 2- AI Nero 3 Dalua GW7 protein skimmer AI Hydra 64
  3. AlgaeBarn


    2 weeks left to enter in the Christmas in July giveaway! Click on the link below to register and earn entries today! So many awesome extras included like a Kessil AP9X, Tunze skimmer, Bulk Reef Supply Gift Card, Fritz salt and...
  4. ReefStache

    CADE Aquariums Deal from AlgaeBarn & *FEATURES VID*

    Reefers make sure you check out this deal being offered by one of our R2R sponsors! ;PeekingLimited special - pick up a CADE Aquarium from AlgaeBarn and receive a SETUP KIT FREE! ;PeekingYour LFS can also provide this deal to you through their dealer account with! View offer here...
  5. uscggirl

    Build Thread Ocean Front In Cade 1500S2

    After reading, researching, watching videos, and challenging myself, I’m in the process of switching from a 75 gallon discus tank to a reef tank. Well, at first it will be fish until I can maintain stable parameters for coral, but a reef tank is the long view. I spent a few months...
  6. R

    Build Thread Calling ANY and ALL MODE 135G Infinity owners!!!

    Hey guys. I'm in deep conflict looking at a few systems in the 120-140 gallon range between Cade, RedSea, Waterbox, and MODE. I need to hear from MODE 135G owners and your experience. Please chime in!!! Thanks for any input you can lend.
  7. DJTJ

    Build Thread TJ's Santa CADE REEF 1200 S2 Tank Build

    Hey y'all the CADE 1200 came in today! I would like to give thanks to Algae Barn for this amazing opportunity and would like to personally thank each and every member involved in the special post. Also, I would like to personally thank Rudy, a fellow Niners fan, for helping me place the tank/...
  8. saltedbytes

    Build Thread saltedbytes CADE Reef S2 1500 Build

    Roughly 5 years ago I bought a new house and had the intentions to set up my high tech planted tank in the foyer. It unfortunately ended up sitting in the garage dry for the next 5 years... I decided it was finally time to get a new tank and this time I was going to go reef. I'd always wanted a...
  9. Ocadenas

    Upgrading your next aquarium

    I'm planning to do my first ever upgrade soon on my reef tank. I currently have a aqueon 30 gallons. I can't decided on waterbox or CADE aquariums, dose anyone here own any of this aquariums? What are your likes and dislikes of either tank? Thxs...
  10. zanthian

    Build Thread Zan's CADE REEF 600 S2 Build

    I am a first time reefer getting started with a CADE REEF 600 S2. I have had previous fresh water tanks and wanted to try my hand at a mixed reef tank. Started my research on Red Sea AIO tanks, but then I came across the CADE systems. I liked the aluminum and glass stand, built in ATO, and pre...
  11. A

    Build Thread 70G Build from Oz

    Hey everyone I originally posted this in another thread but decided to expand on it a little and put it here… I have been watching reefing videos on YouTube for around 10 years and have always wanted to get into the hobby. Around 4 years ago I purchased a used 270 Lt CADE HL800 tank (800w x...
  12. Peach02

    are 300 series maxspect gyre dry side magnets waterproof?

    Ive seen multiple people mount maxispect gyres seemingly on their overflow but it may be on the back glass regardless, I'm researching a tank upgrade and the tank has a rear ato reservoir built in behind the tank. Would it be safe to mount a gyre xf330 on the back pane where the dry side would...