1. Karen00

    Is there any livestock that can be shipped from the US to Canada

    Hello fellow saltines, I've done some searches but I'm still not sure about this. I'm talking about creatures that aren't on the cites list or are otherwise prohibited. Stock could be from LFSs but I'm thinking more of livestock from hobbyists who are willing to ship. Are there any corals...
  2. Sleeping Giant

    Berghia nudibranches in Canada

    Just thought I'd let the Canadian Reefers know there's a great deal on at Candy Corals. I was looking for Berghia nudibranches yesterday afternoon, went to their site $21.95 each. I was happy for that amazing price, but I kept them in my cart until supper time at which point they put on a...
  3. Karen00

    GTA Reef - An Awesome Experience

    Hello fellow saltines, For all of my fellow Canadian reefers I had the opportunity to visit (and of course buy) a bunch of corals from Thang at GTA Reef. He's here in the Toronto area. Currently his operation is home based but if you have a chance to visit in person your jaw will hit the floor...
  4. Luna Lagoona

    Build Thread Luna's Lil' Lagoon - IM 25 Lagoon - Canada

    You're thinking, "ANOTHER 25 LAGOON?!!! . . . Well, Yes! . . . but with a twist. This one is MINE! ;) ;Cat I am limited in size due to my current apartment situation etc but I would love to have a larger (but still shallow) tank someday! Once I have my own house maybe. Originally I was...
  5. Sleeping Giant

    Par meter rental Canada

    Does anyone in Canada know where I can rent a par meter and have it sent to me? I can't seem to find anywhere that is willing to help out a reefer to get my lights setup properly.
  6. Aquaristexhibit

    Build Thread Welcome to Aquarist Exhibit’s New Build Thread!

    Hey Reefers!! Welcome to my build thread !! -75 g Custom 12mm tank with Starphire Front (40”L x 20” W x 22” T) built by local Edmonton tank Builder Overflow & Wavemakers -Eshopps prodigy L overflow (bean animal) -2x Tunze 6055 Electronic Sump Filtration - Bashsea Smart series...
  7. MarkyMark_

    Nano Build MarkyMark's Cube (Waterbox Cube 20)

    Hey y'all, I'm a brand new reefer from Toronto Canada and I'm very excited to share my journey. From a young age I've been captivated by marine aquariums, now finally having set up my own I still feel that same youthful enthusiasm every time I look at my (mostly empty o_O) tank. Reef2reef is...
  8. Wmacintosh

    LF 120-180 gal in Edmonton, Alberta

    Looking to see if anyone in Edmonton has a 120-180 gal tank and stand
  9. Astromatix

    Hello Hello from North Vancouver BC Canada | Starting a 29g w/ 20g sump mixed reef

    Hi everyone! Just saying hello. New to this community and just published my first builders thread post to document my journey and get to know some fellow reefers - especially locals I can connect with. I think you can click my builder bag but here is the link to where I'm at today. I'm always...
  10. Astro

    Build Thread Astro's 250 Reefer Mixed Reef Tank

    Astro's 250 Reefer Mixed Reef Tank 11/14 12/07: Hey all! I am a new reefer and member of this forum from Canada! I started the hobby with a Fluval 32.5g tank, but after a month in I decided to upgrade to a Red Sea Reefer 250. With a new tank comes a new build thread, and here it is! For...
  11. Sleeping Giant

    First BRS order

    Just did my first @Bulk Reef Supply order last night, I can't wait to get it. I would have ordered more, but my shipping costs were to high, cause I live in Canada.
  12. Sleeping Giant

    Happy Friday and Long weekend

    Just thought I'd say have a great Friday and have an amazing long weekend. Don't get into too much trouble and Happy Reefing to all my fellow Reefers.
  13. Sleeping Giant

    Candy Corals Canada

    So I thought I'd share a bit of a story..I ordered a pail of Tropic Marin Pro-Reef salt and 2 peppermint shrimp to try and battle my apstatia from Candy Corals, here in Canada. I waited for the confirmation email and possibly more shipping charges, based on the 50+ lbs pail of salt, and wait...
  14. Sleeping Giant

    Need berghia nudibranch in Canada

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who is selling berghia nudibranch in Canada, that ships. I haven't been able to find a place with them in stock. Thanks for your help
  15. Sleeping Giant


  16. Sleeping Giant

    Contests not for any Canadians

    What gives with all the contests available to the continental US, and none for your Canadian cousins? It's really not hard to send stuff across the border, there's no just goes in a truck or plane and crosses the border in the same amount of time to send stuff from 1 state to another.
  17. Sleeping Giant

    Best coral and fish stores in Canada

    I'm curious about what fellow Canadians consider the best coral and fish stores in Canada? Why? Online? Local? So far, mine would have to be FragBox, online for me, great delivery and packaging. I've only ordered inverts from them so far, but I can just imagine the fish delivery will be the same.
  18. Sleeping Giant

    Hello Greetings

    Hello everyone Been a saltwater Aquarium enthusiast since 2012, had ups and downs a plenty, restarted this February with my 1 year old established 75 gallon tank. Here is what I have currently, and what equipment I am using. I know, I sump or refugium, that will be added whenever I...
  19. Petrichor

    Winter heater advice for 24 gallon saltwater

    I need some advice on heaters for a new, still cycling, 24 gallon saltwater tank. Right now I have an older Eheim Jager 75w heater, but I'm not sure it will be enough for the tank for winter. You see, I previously lived in the SW United States and never had to use a heater on my saltwater tank...
  20. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    RFG Nozzles Now Available in Canada!

    Are you a Canadian Reefer and want to give the Random Flow Generator a try? Now you can get it faster than ordering direct from VCA by going to Aquarium Depot out of Toronto. For more information, or to place an order, visit them online at:
  21. Tigweldpro

    Build Thread Canadian 38 gallon mixed reef cube

    Starting this thread to document the progression. Filled with water April 23 2017 DIY tank built from scrap plate glass. The cat(I think) is inspecting the seams. First corals after cycle Large RBTA after a few months Poor anemone, The crab was hurting it so he is in the sump...
  22. Tigweldpro

    Build Thread Canadian 90 Gallon mixed reef tank build (lots of pics)

    Hello, I just joined here and am starting a new thread to document the progress with my new 90 gallon tank build. I also have a tank journal going on a Canadian reefing site but it lacks activity. SPECS DT 48"w 18"d 21"h 3/4" bean animal overflow & diy glass overflow box Sump 30 gallon breeder...