cloudy eye

  1. tattedupabe

    What is wrong with my puffers eye?

    So i have a porcupine puffer and have had him almost a year now, but today when i came home one of his eyes lost the blue fluorescent color to it, does anyone know what it could be and why does this happen?
  2. ariellemermaid

    Cardinal Cloudy Eye

    I have a cardinal with one cloudy eye. Hard to take a picture of, but it’s cloudy and when looking at him head-on the cloudy eye is bigger than the other as well. He’s been in QT for over 3 months because of flukes. I just noticed it a few hours after finally transferring it to my DT; my...
  3. Ocean_dreamer89

    Copper Power and Cloudy Eye

    Hey y'all! I'm looking for some guidance. I currently have a Coral Beauty in a QT. I got the fish on 2/14/20 and a few days later noticed some white spots on it's forehead area. I wanted to give the fish a chance to acclimate to its new environment and it was eating like a pig and swimming...
  4. Sam816

    Moorish Idol with one cloudy Eye

    Hello All, I noticed my moorish idol with a white spot on his eye on Sunday. By Monday afternoon the whole eye was covered with grey/white haze. I got him last week from an LFS that do TTM and prazi + bacterial treatment. I've read some other threads that one eye usually means damage rather...
  5. the.introvertebrate

    Flame Angel Puffy Eye and Flashing?

    Hi, My flame angel has a puffy left eye (also cloudy) and I often see him doing circles rubbing his side against the back glass in this very specific spot, he is eating well and isn't showing signs of weakness or fatigue so I am not sure what it could be. There was an issue with a yellow tang...
  6. InCodWeTrust

    Angelfish Eye

    Just saw my angelfish rub his right eye on some rock work. Only one of his eyes are cloudy and he has been eating happily although not as aggressive as my other fish. I used to think it was an injury and started doing daily feedings but now I think it could be something else. Any thoughts on how...
  7. InCodWeTrust

    Angelfish With A Cloudy Eye

    I just recently noticed that my angelfish has developed a cloudy/swollen eye on his right side. I mostly think it was an injury from my Lawnmower Blenny but it can also be a bacterial infection. Should I treat this or let nature take its course and keep a close eye on him?
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