Copper Power and Cloudy Eye


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May 13, 2020
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Nashville, TN
Hey y'all! I'm looking for some guidance.

I currently have a Coral Beauty in a QT. I got the fish on 2/14/20 and a few days later noticed some white spots on it's forehead area. I wanted to give the fish a chance to acclimate to its new environment and it was eating like a pig and swimming fine, so I just observed it for the first week (I was also waiting on some supplies). Anyway, a few days after that the spots fell off. I started copper treatment with Copper Power on 2/21/20 and am currently on day 3 of that treatment. Here's comes the problem. This morning I noticed that its right eye is extremely cloudy and it has white stringy poop. I know these are treatable but I am unsure how to proceed since there is currently copper in the tank. The fish up until this morning was still eating fine. It ate a little this morning, but its appetite definitely decreased. I'm still currently in the buildup period and the copper is currently at 0.75 ppm.

I'll post pic with the white spots and the cloudy eye.

White Spots taken on 2/15
IMG_0645.jpg IMG_0646.jpg

Cloudy Right Eye/Clear Left Eye taken on 2/23
IMG_0664.jpg IMG_0657.jpg

The last two pictures have the food in the water, my normal procedure is to let it eat for a little bit and remove the uneaten food with a fish net.

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