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  1. Lennon's Reef

    Is this ich?

    I recently noticed little white spots on my four red spot glass cardinals (Apogon parvulus). I treated for internal parasites (more on that later) and when that didn’t work I assumed it might be ich and moved all of my fish (the 4 cardinals, a Helfrich’s firefish, and a pink streaked wrasse) to...
  2. R

    Fish showing signs of flukes while in copper!

    Hi guys I need help! I have 6 fish in a 40cub qt, tested for ammonia yesterday and it’s at .25. I got a 180 and am fallowing the tank currently and I’m a bit crammed for space so I had to qt inhabitants together it will soon take 2 of the fish out of the 40 and put them in a 75 for the remainder...
  3. R

    Is 2.25 ppm copper power too much?

    Hi guys, I got a 40gallon qt that’s measuring at 2.25ppm copper (dosed copper power and checked with Hanna). I just started the 30 day countdown yesterday as I plan on keeping them in copper for at least 30 days to kill off the ich. Is 2.25 too much? Should I be worried about keeping them in...
  4. R

    Transitioning into Ich prevention from ich management

    Hello everyone, I really need your help. I started a 55 gallon reef 2 years ago, never quarantined anything and practiced ich management and a lot of "dump any pray", fast forwarding a year and a half i upgraded to a 75 gallon reef, couple months later I got a 180 which is my current tank. Im...
  5. Nicksfish

    Worms that survived copper and prazi?

    Hi everyone, I’m having trouble with a fluke like worm that has survived 30 days of cupramine at 0.5 as well as 3 weeks of prazi at double the dose every 4 days, as the first go round didn’t eliminate them. I removed all medicine 3 days ago and saw them flashing again today. Did a freshwater...
  6. TexasReefer82

    High copper in RODI water

    Looking for some advice here... Last week I sent in an ATI ICP test for both my tank water as well as my RODI. The results unexpectedly came back with 36ppb copper in the RODI water (as well as 4ppb tin). Where could this copper have come from? I don't have copper plumbing in my home, and...
  7. new2reefing123

    Microbacter7 question

    Hi everyone. Can you or have you all ever dosed microbacter7 in your hospital tank while using either cupramine or copper power? Are there any benefits, any problems. I would like to increase bio diversity within the QT but don’t know if the combination of MB7 and cupramine is a bad idea or...
  8. new2reefing123

    Copper level

    Copper level. What do you all think?.... I think .5......(hard to read, still waiting on hanna copper tester to arrive) Seachem cupramine. Salifert copper test. Thanks everyone.
  9. D

    EMERGENCY Fish pale from stopping copper or antibiotics?

    So my little guy here is a foxface and i was doing normal quarantine procedure (was in the middle of copper treatment) when his fin rot started getting worse. He had fin rot when he arrived. So i stopped the copper and started furan2. Hes still eating a lot but now he turned so pale. He looked...
  10. D

    Fin rot while treating with cupramine

    so its been day 6, raising the copper and i saw that his fin rot is getting worse. Its a tiny foxface. When i first got him he had some fin rot. I thought that it would heal up as my water quality was good. Im not sure if this is an emergency yet, his fins are going fast though. Hes been going...
  11. Sleeping Giant

    Sailfin tang in quarantine

    Hi, I've had a sailfin tang in quarantine for the since May 12, 2 weeks observation, then ICH showed up, dosed with cupermine as directed. My tang has shown no spots since June 22. My question is when or how do I know if it's ready to be brought over to my display tank, after 2 drip acclimations?
  12. Baldoboy1

    Dangers of permanent cupramine in FOWLR DT

    Hey guys. So I have a 230 gallon FOWLR system and I’ve been thinking about dosing it with cupramine. Is there any reason not to use cupramine in the display tank if I never plan on putting in corals or invertebrates. Any risk of long term exposure to it for fish? Up until now I had a small QT...
  13. Underwater Passion

    Treating with copper

    Hey everyone, so I have done extensive research on ich and velvet. I made the mistake of not QTing a Powder Blue Tang (yes, I learned my lesson) and him and my hippo tang got ick. Long story short i set up two hospital tanks to treat all fish: 1. 55 gallon I’m using cupramine 2. A 29 gallon I’m...
  14. B Lo

    Standard treatment for ich

    So I have a filefish with two little white dots on a fin. They've been there a while and haven't changed. I don't know that it's ich. Long story short, I posted about the issue on this forum and I decided to take every fish out of my display system and put them in quarantine. I have two...
  15. R

    Can I reuse Biological media that has been used in a QT tank with copper power?

    Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well! I recently treated a couple fish with copper power in my quarantine tank, however, the quarantine tank used to be my main display so I left half of my biological media in that quarantine tank and added copper power to the system (copper levels register at...
  16. Jennydinh143

    QT tank

    Hi! Im new to saltwater fish keeping. My 2 clownfish have ich so im thinking about setting up a 5.5 gallon QT and dosing it with Cooper. Im just wondering what kind of cheap filter and filter media i would need for it. I heard that carbon is not a good idea while using Cooper, but most cheaper...
  17. 2

    Copper Resistant Velvet??

    Hello Everyone! I wish I had a more exciting discussion topic for my first post on R2R but we deal with the hand we are dealt. I recently decided to get back into the hobby after being out of it for almost 10 years (tragic story there). Either way, I decided I wanted to do it 100% the right way...
  18. Andrew Schubert

    Copper....filtration method in QT?

    So I'm setting up a couple of QT tanks as it appears some of my fish have started getting ICK (figures seeing I just took my UV Sterilizer off line last month). Anyways, I was planning on taking a rock or 2 out of my sump to help seed the QT tanks. However, I seem to remember reading before that...
  19. Andrew Schubert

    Help Identifying Where Copper is Leaching into my DT ?!?!?!

    So in my last 2 Triton tests I have found detectable amounts of copper. Likewise, testing my tank with the Hanna Checker High Range Copper it is showing my copper level is at .15! Yikes! I've done 2 doses of Detox, and did get the level down to .06 for some time. But not its back up again! I...
  20. C

    Copper striped growth on live rock

    I found a nice piece of live rock with some copper banded coral on it. The guy at the store thought it was some rare sponge with an N name but he couldn't remember.
  21. Andrew Schubert

    Triton Detox raising copper levels?

    So I received back my Triton ICP test and it indicated I had 5.112 ug/l of copper in my tank. So I pulled out my Copper Hanna Checker and sure enough it read .06. Therefore, I removed my carbon, and dosed Triton Detox for 3 days. I placed the carbon back in my tank, and did another Hanna Checker...
  22. Andrew Schubert

    DIY Fish Food leaching copper?

    So I received back my 2nd Triton ICP test, and unlike the first one I had a small presence of copper in my tank. Didn't think a whole lot about it, just assumed that it might be a false positive. Figured I'd start to worry if it still showed on my 3rd test. Well, I remembered I actually...
  23. RobberyinCSharp1824


    I am so upset right now. I've had a beautiful Yellow Tang in my QT for the last month or so while my 120 finishes cycling. The tang was swimming, had no signs of illness, ate regularly up until today. I just found him lifeless on the bottom of my QT. I started Copper treatment (Cuprion) on...
  24. DanSavesTheDay

    Moving Soon "Need Fish Treatment Advice"

    I will be moving soon and want to split my fish from my 90g Reef into 2 separate 20 gallon tanks for treatment. I bought a tang and some anthias on Black Friday and finally my luck had run out and my fish got ich and possibly an internal parasite "white stringy poop". 2 of the 3 anthias ended up...
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