1. L

    I need help with my hippo

    I’ve been treating my hippo tang with copper in a qt for almost three weeks and at first I was seeing results and now it’s worse. No water changes have been don’t. Should I increase the dosage of copper? (Look near face and on spine near tail)
  2. Z

    Worst fears… Ich!

    When I was feeding my clowns in my DT I had noticed some white spots or bumps on one of them. After a bit of research, it appears to be ich. I did manage to get a brand new 10g to QT both clowns have a sponge and hob filter (only added sponge in media basket) running for extra aeration. Temps...
  3. SCH14

    Velvet or Ich???

    Hey everyone, Just went 90 days fallow after having velvet. After the 90 days was up I put my Achilles tang in an acclimation box for a few days was all good - has been in tank for 3 weeks no issues. Added a blue hippo, purple and yellow 2 days ago all after 40 days of copper power 2.40+...
  4. L

    Starting Copper Power and Prazipro after Questions

    Hey Guys, I am looking to get a yellow wrasse Saturday and planning on QT this guy. My plan is to add him to the QT and watch him for about 2-3 days and make sure he eats and settles in and then start dosing copper power. First is this ok to do or do I need to start Copper right away or Have the...
  5. Kipp's Corals


    looking for hanna copper test. I know eBay has them looking for a fellow hobbyist who might want to just get rid of it and help me get it at a little lower cost. let me know :)
  6. YaboiNathan

    Hanna test kit

    Hannah nitrate HR, phosphorus LR , copper HR with validate reagent, 110 for all 3 shipped. I will give 2 extra tube and extra reagent for phosphorus
  7. dixons_reef

    Hanna copper

    Hanna copper tester with lots of reagents. It has been used only a couple of times. I can ship it to you $5 flat fee over the price.
  8. J

    How do i read the salifert copper test properly?

    Tank is 6.3 gallons total AIO but prob filled 5.5 gallons and with water displacement from stuff in sump. Quarantining a fire fish. 2 days ago i added 0.5ml of cupramine measured with 1ml syringe and tested. Looked like it was around 0.25 to me. Yesterday i added 0.25ml and today added the...
  9. Blakjax

    Hanna Copper High Range Colorimeter HI702 - $45

    I have a Hanna Copper High Range Colorimeter HI702 for sale. This was only used a handful of times and includes the reagents. Add $5 for shipping
  10. SomeHappyFish

    Air stone or Filter for a Quarantine setup ?

    I feel like I should get an air stone... Since water change should and will be made in my future QT Setup... Pros/Cons to either one ?
  11. Cole_Voeller

    Tang and Angel Diseases

    Hello all! I have some fish I’ve brought back home again from my LFS to quarantine and treat. The two fish I have are a blue hippo tang, and an emperor angel. To start, the blue hippo tang has white spots covering his body, that sort of look like pimples. After adding prazi last night, some of...
  12. R

    Velvet treatment

    Hi, Today, I noticed my male mandarin died. I found him on the bottom of the tank when I woke up. It is a big loose for me, as he was a part of mated pair, which has been spawning several times. On 21.11.2023 I noticed ich breakdown in my tank. I have tried to manage it, and I haven't had any...
  13. P

    Ich treatment question…

    Hello all! So I got a new Scopas and he came down with ich. I reached full dose of copper power in my tank on NOV 6. I added a diamond goby to the tank being treated on NOV 17, because the person I bought him from had him in a tank that had ich a while back, he had no signs though but put him in...
  14. H

    Cupramine and Prazipro

    My fish just completed a 30 day long treatment of Cupramine at 0.5ppm last week. I have added Cuprisorb and Carbon in the tank to try to absorb as much copper as possible. I have also been doing more frequent water changes. The quarantine tank is 150 gallons so I am not able to do an extremely...
  15. burrfishbloatin

    Leaving fish in hyposalinity

    Can leaving fish in hypo salinity (1.009) for more than 30 days be harmful to the fish? I have had baby burrfish in hypo salinity for 30 days. One of them died before I reached hypo salinity from either ich or velvet. I currently have them in their own tank because they are too small still to...
  16. jacksoje00

    Biodiversity After Copper

    Hi All, my 90 gallon DT has been up and running for ~10 months now. About 6 months ago I had a velvet outbreak and treated the tank with copper soon enough to not lose any fish. I eradicated the velvet, and began removing copper with Cuprisorb, carbon, and water changes. It took me a good while...
  17. Black Clover

    EMERGENCY Ich Ich Ich ?&/@!

    My 55 gallon salt water DT has Ich!?! I have lost 3 fish in one week. I am convinced that the only thing that will cure Ich is to treat ALL my fish with copper in a QT. I cannot treat the DT as I have lots of invertebrates that will die from the the copper. I believe I have to starve the...
  18. sarinaruu

    EMERGENCY need advice for fish with ich

    i’m really stressed out and need some ich advice my new coral beauty showed signs of ich, now 5/10 of my fish have a few spots just on their tails. i started a 10 gallon quarantine with copper power right before i noticed how many fish had it. (they are all about an inch but i have a coral...
  19. P

    Do you QT aquacultured fish?

    Let me preface this by saying typically for all new fish I do a full QT that includes copper and meds such as metroplex in my separate QT. I’ve never purchased a fish before that has been aquacultured, especially by a big name brand and not just my LFS. However, I just purchased a baby Yellow...
  20. F

    Seeking advice - Moving forward after Ich / Velvet

    Hi all, I’m hoping for some insight & advice into my next moves here. My scenario: On my newly setup 265G peninsula, I’ve been stocking fish slowly over a few months. Latest addition was a Purple Tang from TSM, and total stock, in order introduced: 2x Blotched Anthias CB multibar angel 2x...
  21. M

    Confusion about Ich and its treatment

    This is my first tank ever. I have a 24G AIO that has been running for 8 months now. I never had a quarantine tank due to space issues until my fish got ich mid-April. I wasn't sure it was ich as the first fish that died had no spots or anything visible on them (Hector Goby). After a day, my...
  22. M

    Trying to make my QT tank look nicer, can I add live rock?

    I'm about to set up a 10G QT tank since I'm dealing with ich in my display tank. Since the QT will be near my display, I wanted to set up something that looks nice. So far the only fish I'll be treating is a filefish. I'm also going to be using copper. That being said, can I add a piece of...
  23. lynn.reef.nerd

    Copper in RODI

    I'm currently on Well Water and the latest ATI test of my rodi is showing some copper. Is this level safe or is there something I should do to remove this before addition to tank. Thank you.
  24. Sushibar

    California Testing Drygoods SOLD Quarantine setup, Furan 2, Hanna checker Copper

    I’m selling a Hannah checker for copper with 22 reagent packs, 20 or so grams of Fuarn 2, 20+ grams of Nitrofurazone, 8 oz of copper power and 3.75 0z of Methylene blue. $100 shipped to the lower 48
  25. Gretchacha

    Whitefish roe from WholeFoods for clownfish that won’t eat

    My clownfish in QT hasn’t eaten in over a week and is getting weak. I’m desperate to get something in his belly. My WholeFoods has whitefish roe processed only with salt that I can get tomorrow. Any thoughts on this as a food to get him eating again...