copper power

  1. J

    Yellow tang in hospital tank, unsure of issue

    Hello, I have made a couple posts and comments about this, but figured I'd give it one last try to see if people can maybe help me pin point the issue my tang is having. Here's a breakdown. About 6 days ago I noticed my YT hiding in the shade and not eating normally. Usually very active...
  2. jackalexander

    Removing Copper

    I have two tangs that have gone through their 30 day copper treatment and are ready to be moved into the main display. Do I have to remove the copper in the quarantine (2.23) before adding them to the display or can I start the acclimation process without removing the copper?
  3. A

    White spots on Tomini Tang

    I've got a very shy Tomini Tang who is hard to get to hold still long enough to take pictures of but hopefully these are good enough. On the fish's left side near its dorsal fin are a couple of white spots. Could someone help me to determine what this might be and if what I'm doing is...
  4. J

    Quarantine question

    I currently have three fish (clown, fire fish, PJ cardinal) form liveaquaria in copper power (day 22, after 2 weeks of observation). None have ever shown any sign of disease. The clown and cardinal are ORA. The firefish isn’t. I am on the fence about dosing with General cure. I don’t feel...
  5. Ocean_dreamer89

    Copper Power and Cloudy Eye

    Hey y'all! I'm looking for some guidance. I currently have a Coral Beauty in a QT. I got the fish on 2/14/20 and a few days later noticed some white spots on it's forehead area. I wanted to give the fish a chance to acclimate to its new environment and it was eating like a pig and swimming...
  6. Sam816

    coral beauty treatment with copper power

    Hello fellow reefers, Need guidance regarding how to treat my Coral beauty with copper power. I have had this coral beauty in my QT for 2 weeks now. It is showing white spots on its body and tail. Colors are still bright and clear with no hazyness or mucus like coat on it. I observe her closely...
  7. ariellemermaid

    The QT Biofilter Catch 22

    Since starting reefing about 7 months back I’ve read every thread I could find on QT, copper, cycling, and just about everything else. It seems there’s a bit of a catch 22 when it comes to this topic. Summary of my take away points combining different threads: 1) Fish die quickly without a...
  8. J

    Copper Power and Prazipro

    Hi Everyone, I currently have my fish in QT, in Copper Power at 2.38ppm. They have been at a 1.5ppm or higher since 9/14, and on 9/21 due to me having now idea how to QT a fish (this is literally the first time I've ever done this), I lowered the PPM to 1.19. It was about 6 hours at this level...
  9. J

    Hospital Tank for Ich question

    Hi Everyone, I am 3 months into the hobby, and unfortunately, my tank went through a pretty intense Ich outbreak after adding a Kole Tang. I lost the tang but was able to save my other 2 clownfish and have them in a hospital tank, using Copper Power. I have a few questions about this particular...
  10. Lennon's Reef

    Is this ich?

    I recently noticed little white spots on my four red spot glass cardinals (Apogon parvulus). I treated for internal parasites (more on that later) and when that didn’t work I assumed it might be ich and moved all of my fish (the 4 cardinals, a Helfrich’s firefish, and a pink streaked wrasse) to...
  11. Underwater Passion

    Treating with copper

    Hey everyone, so I have done extensive research on ich and velvet. I made the mistake of not QTing a Powder Blue Tang (yes, I learned my lesson) and him and my hippo tang got ick. Long story short i set up two hospital tanks to treat all fish: 1. 55 gallon I’m using cupramine 2. A 29 gallon I’m...
  12. Marc88

    Dosing copper to your DT...the documented journey.

    In the short time I've been in this hobby, there have been three categories for copper dosing as it relates to the DT. Yes, copper will kill corals and inverts, that is not debatable. Make no mistake. I do not intend to bash anyone who falls into any of the categories. My goal is to try to...
  13. MnFish1

    Use of Copper in the Supply Chain.

    In order to try and decide why some think there is a high percentage of disease/parasites now as compared to years past - I decided to check with several LFS and a couple large shippers - If you own an LFS - or have data concerning what copper (if any) your LFS (or wholesaler uses) Please...
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