clown fish

  1. Padawan

    Clownfish Help

    Hi guys, I'm worried about one of my clownfish, he seems to be having trouble swimming and keeping himself upright. There seems to be some sort of color change or discoloration on one of his gills too. Not 100% sure what it is or whats causing it. I got him about a week ago and he's only started...
  2. Squeven

    Confusing Information

    Well, I am finally buying my first anemone soon!! I have read a lot of information on different websites about care, and all of it is different. So, I figured I would reach out in this forum for any recommendations or care tips. Tank is about 8 months old and parameters have been stable for a...
  3. D. Torres

    Clownfish won't eat after tank transfer

    As the tittle says, one of my clownfish won't eat after a transfered them from my 75g to my 175g. I've had both clownfish for about 2.5 years and the female clownfish is going on day two since I transfer her over to the bigger tank. The 2 clowsn are the only 2 fish I've transferred so far and...
  4. H

    Are my clownfish broken? They just swim vertically in the corner of the tank all night.

    They swim vertically in the back corner of the tank all night. They're literally sideways and hug the side of the tank. They swim normally during the day/when the lights are on. I've had them for about three months, so they're pretty new. They eat with zero issues and are fed primarily PE...
  5. Imnotjakeyv

    Fin nipping in clownfish? Or disease?

    A little back story I just moved, and placed my clown pair in a 5 gallon tank I had already setup at the new place long before the move just a holding tank until I got the main tank setup (I wanted/needed to finally paint the back of the tank and took this opportunity). The clowns were only in...
  6. Marco9926

    ATS Only Nanoreef

    Hey there, This is my nanoreef, driven only by Algae Scrubber. What do you think about it? the video is taken from my personal Italian Guide about ATS, so don’t care about the audio but focus on what you can see! tell me what do you think about it! Plz!!! link: Acquario Marino, Metodo ATS...
  7. HawaiiTanks808

    Clown fish and blue green chromis

    Has anyone else's clownfish decided he's a schooling fish... one of my clowns has been an active swimmer from day one the other joins every now and then but its usually just the one who is active and then goes and hangs out with the other clown when he isn't swimming... Well we created a...
  8. J

    Clownfish Pairing

    So in my previous post I had trouble pairing my WW and vivid ocellalris. Probably an hour after my post my WW started fighting the vivid super aggressively and he would not stop. I took the vivid out and transferred it to my friends fish tank so that it could heal and unfortunately it succumbed...
  9. E_Galicia

    Build Thread Nano Reef Build - 1 Year Update

    Decided to do a tank update - my nano reef has been running roughly a year, a little bit longer since I had to tear it down when I moved. Overall, it’s been fun still have a long ways to go before getting something bigger. I’ll update fish/coral stocking on a later post. In the meantime see...
  10. THEBOOM1011

    Deciding on Fish

    Hi, I have a 75 Gallon Long Tank with 2 Ocellaris Clownfish, a Starry Blenny, a Chalk Bass, 3 Nassarius Snails, and a Blue Hermit. My sandbed depth is not consistent but the depth is 1-5 inches, on average its about 3 inches. My reef tank currently is very peaceful the clownfish do not pay any...
  11. Luke 29 Gallon


    Had these clownfish for almost 6 years. At first I thought I saw a clear female but now that I think and see the behavior now. They both are aggressive one more than the other. The size is about the same. They are never near each other in the tank. They don’t sleep with each other at all. I’m...
  12. I


    Sorry this is kind of a long question.. I’m new to saltwater tanks so bare with me. I have a 30 gallon tank and right now I have a perc clown and an ocellaris. The perc was in the tank first and I added the ocellaris about 3 weeks after. This was about 2 months ago. The perc is quite a bit...
  13. Sleeping Giant

    My 75 gallon video

  14. tjsweldind94

    Cube Build My New Bio Cube 32

    This is my new biocube 32 I started a couple weeks ago, 25lb of live sand and 1 6lb live rock along wit some dry rock and two clowns, waiting on it to mature more before I do anything eles to it, fish are eating great and seem very happy, if you have one of these tanks what do you run your...
  15. nanonøkk

    how long to quarantine clownfish

    ok so i’ve been watching this clownfish at my lfs for about a month now and i decided to pick it up and i have it in a quarantine tank right now it eats fine it looks healthy hasn’t shown any signs of illness or anything like that i’m thinking about trying to pair my clownfish in my main tank...
  16. vogtn

    clownfish bruising/cut marks?

    Hello reef2reef! Thanks for all the help so far, as I come for your opinions again. So, I've had a ocellaris clownfish clownfish for about 9 months and after a month added a slightly smaller mocha storm clownfish hoping to pair them. They didn't become immediately friendly with some fighting...
  17. S

    Hello New Here!

    Hello Everyone, It’s a pleasure to be among my fellow Reefers! I have been in the aquarium hobby for about 5 years, but mainly with Freshwater Tanks. I have recently started a Red Sea Reefer 250 in an effort to start my hand at a saltwater tank. So far, I have a tiny Yellow Tang, Clown Fish...
  18. M

    EMERGENCY What’s wrong with my clowns

    So this morning I walked down stairs to find my all white clownfish swimming vertically and look like skin peeling and my other closing swimming fine with little skin peeling off not sure if one got sucked into my protein skimmer since it’s a hang on the back one of some one can please help me...
  19. T

    Fin rot or aggression

    Idk if this in fin rot or from the two clowns just fighting at night. I just woke up and his fin was like this, and both of them have a little tear in their fin. If y’all know if I should buy any medication for this please tell me, I don’t want this spreading and becoming worst. In the pictures...
  20. Herides

    Rate my quarantine setup?

    Hello, Long story short, i've had a 40 gallon breeder tank thats brand new, I got two clowns from my lfs, 4 weeks later one of the 2 clowns died of Hole in the Head Disease/Hexamita that was present in it from the lfs and my inexperience missed. I just got a replacement clown today and i'm...
  21. W

    Does this anemone look healthy

    It’s a black widow anemone that is hoasting a maroon clown fish. It has been in the tank for about 2 day and I also have another anemone in the tank that is really healthy could it be that the clownfish is being to hard with it
  22. D

    EMERGENCY I can’t tell if my clownfish has fin rot

    Hi, I just bought a clownfish two hours ago from petco and recently put him in my tank. When I got him into the tank I noticed that his fins looked a little deteriorated. At petco he was in a larger tank with 2 other clownfish and a cleaner shrimp. I was wondering if someone knew what is wrong...
  23. FullSend

    Build Thread Fish World

    Prepare yourself for a rather long first post. This thread is going to document all of the tanks I have in my fish room. Which should be a relatively simple task, but I recently broke my own 2 tank limit. So now there is four of them. I have no idea how this happened. 40 Breeder Display...
  24. A

    Help ID?

    Hi friends! I’m taking care of this tank at school. Was wondering if anyone knew what these are? Look like some form of anemone but I’m not sure. They’ve pretty much taken over this tank. Thanks in advance!
  25. M

    My clownfish has been excreting powder?

    I walked up to my tank and was greeted by my clowns as usual but I saw my female was shedding something that looked like white powder. I have been dealing with a small case of ich and it has been dying out (looks like the female is the only one that has spots left, and there are like 3 and there...
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