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  3. tessa1

    Clownfish poop

    I have a mocha clown who is almost two months old, she is eating well and is in good condition but has a string of brown poop that has been stuck on her for a few days. Is this something I should be concerned about and if so what can I do to help?
  4. L

    Clownfish with red inflamed vent

    (Heads up: Jump to the second paragraph if you want to avoid mostly unnecessary background info on the tank) Hey guys! This is my first post here on R2R. I’m definitely a beginner. I’ve been keeping freshwater aquariums for 5 years now. I tried my hand at saltwater by getting a 10 gallon nano...
  5. J

    Clownfish fighting after water change

    Hello, I’m new to saltwater aquariums and the first two fish I got were clownfish. I’ve had them for about 3 weeks now and they always got along fine until three days ago when I did a 4 gallon water change on my 40 gallon aquarium. During the water change I also took out the pump, heater, and...
  6. Herbie's Reef

    need help with possible clownfish disease

    Hi, I just recently purchased a pair of Wyoming White clownfish and they have been in quarantine with copper and nitrofurazone. Today is the 6th day and I noticed a long white string hanging from one of the cowfishes belly along with irregular swimming patterns and a damaged back fin. I am...
  7. S

    Clownfish compatibility

    Does anybody know if I can keep a smaller normal ocellaris clownfish and a frostbite ocellaris clown together in the same tank and things be peaceful? I wanna get both so that they have a buddy but was wondering if they would be good together since they have different colors?
  8. S

    What disease is this?

  9. H-C6179

    EMERGENCY URGENT- Clown fish Parasite?

    Hello there, thanks for the forum. New to reefing, however if I may get some advice here. Cycling completed and added 2 clowns to begin. All parametres are fine however this little fella seems to be off a bit? Possibly a parasite infection? Foesnt appear to eat when food is put in? Any help...
  10. TrevorHenryTDH

    California Live Goods Clownfish Harem

    Good afternoon everyone. I am tearing down my personal anemone harem tank to move it to my shop and want to part ways with my babies to reduce the amount maintenance this tank will carry to my shop. They are Gold Nugget Maroons, roughly 2 years old. They came from Benny Fish, and are ready for a...
  11. B

    Parasite ID on clownfish

    I need help identifying these spots on my clownfish. They look like whispy gray blotches on top of the skin. Irregular shape. They have had these spots for a couple weeks. Doesn’t look like ich velvet or brook to me but I could be wrong. The video makes the spots look more circular than they...
  12. K

    2 clownfish with a pair of mandarin fish in a 30 gallon

    Can I keep two black storm ocellaris clownfish with 2 mandarin fish? My tank will be 30 Galllons and the mandarin fish I’m buying are trained to eat pellet/frozen food already. I haven’t yet setup a tank and any advice as to what I would need in there and what to avoid would be great , thanks
  13. P

    Clown got stuck in filter and is now is struggling to swim

    I had this happen to another clown a couple of months ago but caught it too late. Please help.
  14. An_Enemy

    United Kingdom Live Goods Baby Clownfish - Hybrid (Black storm / Picasso / Snowflake)

    Hi everyone, I've bred some baby clownfish (first time and probably the last). I'm only keeping a few for myself, so the rest are available for purchase. I'm not interested in making a profit, so name your price. I'm attached to them, so I'm hoping they can find good homes. Six months old Black...
  15. AdamR0331

    Question about New clowns staying in one spot

    Hello I Picked up a pair of clown fish yesterday and they have been staying in only this one spot since yesterday is this normal for many the first 2-3 days as with any fish but some do it differently ? no signs of heavy breathing just slightly at some moments , 20 gallon long 4 weeks been running
  16. scottp14


    Hi I am new to the saltwater hobby. I have a had my pair of gold nugget maroon clowns for about a year now and they have seemed to be healthy up until today. My male clown if sitting on the bottom of the tank not moving, not eating and is breathing heavy. The female is very active breathing...
  17. His Coral Highness

    Replacing a Clownfish that was Paired

    So some sad news, one of the two paired clownfish I had in my tank decided to jump out of the tank and leave his mortal coil behind. The female is not the friendliest fish to newcomers but they got along very well and were a pair for about 2 years. I want to get her a new mate, but I don't want...
  18. elm03

    Clownfish With Weird Scale?

    Hey! So usually when I walk by my tank or look at it for a quick second, my clownfish run to me like dogs. I just noticed that my black clownfish has one weird scale? It’s like a small clear scale slightly raised off if his left side of his body. I have another clownfish in my tank but he looks...
  19. M

    Please help ID

    Hello, Need some help please in ID what is wrong with my Clownfish. I noticed discoloration on body (highlighted in the picture) 4 days ago but the fish was very active and normal so kinda ignored it. However since last night, it mostly stays at one place, does moves here and there but not like...
  20. Curtie44

    West Virginia Live Goods Sailfin Tang, Tomini Tang, Yellow Tang...

    Hey Guys, After over 15 years in the hobby, it's time to finally hang it up. Livestock needs to go first. I'm in Martinsburg, WV (25404). Local pickup only, please. Here's what's left with a few pics: Fish Sailfin Tang - $35 Flame FIn Tomini Tang - $75 Clownfish - $15 (no pic cause fish...
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    Fish 2

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    Fish 1

  23. A

    EMERGENCY Sick clownfish?

    new tank and my clown fish did fine for the first day and day two they started to lay on their side and breath super heavy and not move around to much and will not eat I don’t know what’s wrong but I don’t want to lose him I already lost my other due to the same problem I checked my water it all...
  24. Rham1281

    2 clowns died after just a few hours?

    Ive had a 10 gallon frag tank set up for a little over 2 months now. I've been obsessed with it and have kept up on water changes and tests. They're API tests which I know aren't the best. I have a few corals which are doing great, a turbo snail, and some hermit crabs. My tests were consistent...
  25. ncmonserud

    Live Goods SOLD Free Fish Boise Idaho

    Shout out to all the Boise, Idaho Reefers or anyone will to take a drive. I'm moving to California in a month and a half and would rather give my fish away to a good home then send them back to the store. IM me if you are willing to come pick any or all of the fish up. I have a mated pair of...