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  1. T

    EMERGENCY Clownfish tail disappearing… tailrot?

    Hey guys I’m new to this forum I would really appreciate some help in identifying what is affecting my clown. I got her a week ago from my lfs. From the beginning I noticed that her tail was a little ragged, but I assumed it was from other fish nipping at the store. However since then it’s...
  2. Bankertanker

    Office 10 gallon upgrade.

    Hey everyone, So I started this tank in August, so far everything is going great, We upgraded from a 10 gallon to a 20 long, added some new coral (Soft only) as well a Royal gramma who seems to be fitting in really nicely. This is from the 10...
  3. Lineatus

    No Water Change nano build

    After finally deciding to shut down my rejected TMC signature due to a move, I felt it was finally time to downgrade. I’ve moved all surviving inhabitants from my old system to my new one and am using as little equipment as possible, mainly made up of random things I’ve collected over the years...
  4. at11ok

    Build Thread My first reef tank 55 gal

    So this is my first reef tank that I recently started and so for I think it is a success. I got a good deal at PetSmart that came with the filter, heater, lights net and thermometer. I already had a small 10 gal tank with fresh water fish and decided to try a salt water reef tank for the first...
  5. jsmith1346

    EMERGENCY Clownfish help - looks like injury but on both sides. Need advice and help.

    I’m not sure what’s going on but my clownfish starting getting these spots behind her fins on both sides. They are in the same spot on each side. Now one looks like a cut with something hanging out. This is the female in a mated pair, and the male seems fine. She is still eating and does not...
  6. rantipole

    Clownfish Jumping from my Fluval Evo

    Has anyone else with a Fluval Evo had a problem with clownfish jumping out? I lost one last night, and this is the second time a clownfish has jumped out in the ~5 years I've had the tank. I guess I should cover the little opening in the front. Does anyone have good ideas for what to use to...
  7. 15aleo

    EMERGENCY 4 dead fish this morning...others in danger?

    I thought my tank was finally ready to add fish, but I woke up this morning to find 4 dead fish. I don't know what I did wrong. I added 2 saddleback clownfish, 2 damselfish, 2 banggai cardinalfish, 2 blue leg hermit crabs, and a turbo snail to my tank last night after double checking the water...
  8. Erik the Red

    Clownfish resting or something worse?

    Hej, It’s been a couple of days since i noticed one of my clowns resting on the bottom glass in the late afternoon, when its not noticed. That corner is where they sleep at night. The flow in my tank is quite strong, but so far looks like the clowns liked it, though sometimes they move to low...
  9. Bankertanker


    Does anyone know what this is? It's moving around the tank so it's definitely alive
  10. CaseyNYC

    Anemone hosting clown fish AND Damselfish?? Possible? Pics attached!

    We had a tomato clown hosted by a bubble tip anemone. The tomato was very territorial over her anemone. Not letting her tankmate‘s get too close to the anemone, especially our small maroon clownfish!! The tomato seemed to get friendly recently with our (2) domino damselfish. Well, NOW...
  11. Idaknow15

    Clown with stringy poop

    Sorry if the photos aren’t the best but the little bugger won’t stay still! I took on this pair of clowns and the female keeps having really stringy poop but the male is completely fine. She is still eating and behaving normally so I just wondered the best way to treat her or whether to just...
  12. zachSalty

    New Clownfish started this..

    So my clownfish was drip acclimated and bought from my LFS. He was doing good and all in the bag and during the drip. I had the light off when he was dripping and released into the tank. He was swimming “normal” with the light off. As soon as the light went on he retreated to the corner in the...
  13. T

    Cycling with two clownfish

    Hi so I’m new to the whole saltwater aquarium hobby and I’ve been enjorying it so far. Currently I’m trying to cycle my tank and I have dry rock with salt water and two small clownfish in a 30 gal. Here are the parameters: Salinity 1.023, Ammonia .7 ppm, Nitrite .25 ppm, Nitrate 10 ppm, Ph 7.9...
  14. gobber

    White spot. Probably not ich

    Hi I did QT-ed my clownfish for 28 days with 0.5 cupramine as instructed. Unfortunately , he has white spots (1 on each side of his gills) Its symmetrical and its possibly not ich? He was in the QT with 3 other fish (wrasse, chromis, fire goby) put in at the same time. Other 3 is completely...
  15. T

    EMERGENCY New Clownfish Has Spot on Fin

    Hello everyone, I got two clown fishes - one of them has some type of hole on the fin. I know of Ick but it does not seem like it. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. A

    Clownfish pair questions

    Could I add a bonded pair of clownfish to a 30 gallon with a six line wrasse and a canary blenny? Would they all get along? If they do get along fine would that be overstocking? Thanks in advance!
  17. That1guy07

    HELP! Clownfish has ripped fins under the body and is now not moving it’s tail fin

    Just an hour ago I discovered my clownfish is not using its tail fin to swim anymore. It is just using its pectoral fins. This is not normal. He is eating fine and he has full color except in the underside. He has ripped fins all alone the bottom of him. Just the bottom fins not the top. Those...
  18. A

    Clownfish inflamed gill and rapid opening and closing of mouth

    Hello Everyone, I need some help. I got a clownfish pair (non-bonded) from LFS and had to return the female as it was struggling to breathe even when the other one was okay. Now, the other one also is showing some strange behavior. He is mainly in one spot, a few inches above the substrate. I...
  19. jcabral125

    Da Vinci clownfish and Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone

    I have a pair or Da Vinci clownfish that I would like to get an RBTA host for. I saw on another tank site that said my Da Vinci clowns will only use magnificents and carpet anemones. Is this true?
  20. LxHowler

    Will my clownfish be okay alone

    I had a pair of bonded de vinci clownfish. Sadly my male has passed away and now the female is the only fish in the tank. I do not really plan on buying another fish for the tank but wanted to know if she will be okay on her own in the tank. Its a 30 gallon cube and the clown is the only fish in...
  21. A

    Would this light work for a BTA

    I have this Nicrew reef light I got off Amazon. Currently I have zoas, trumpets, a favia, clove polyps, GSP, a rainbow monti, and a leptastrea all are healthy and happy. Just wandering if this light it strong enough for a BTA.
  22. Anish55

    Requesting to know if these are clown fish babies?

    I noticed today these orange babies with distinct black eyes and tail only 1.5 month old 29G reef tank. My tanks has a pair of clownfish, 4 snails, 4 crabs and 11 LPS corals frags. Requesting to check the attached image and tell if these are babies of any? If so, what should I do?
  23. TheFishTickler

    My Saltwater Aquarium!

    I'm starting this to share my aquarium experience. Feel free to share tips and tricks! Right now I have an unhappy anenome. We have found it very enjoyable to get injured/sick animals and critters and nurse them back to health. Right now it is this anenome with an unhappy foot. We did have...
  24. Mashbox

    Nano Build JBJ RL-20 Build, Started 30 Mar 2021

    Hey everyone! My names Ryan and I just Just wanted to take a minute and start a build thread for my new nano reef. This is my second tank, after a 7 year break. I Kept up with research just didn't have a tank. Just trying to learn my lessons from my previous tank as well as learn from fellow...
  25. HonorableWhat

    Hello Newbie To Salt Oldie To Fresh

    Hi! After running various freshwater tanks through the years enjoying aquascaping and such, i decided i wanted to take on saltwater, and i thought it a good idea to join a forum more saltwater oriented for when i have questions and such to hopefully beable to gleam some of the wisdom others have...
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