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    California Live Goods Live Phytplankton Concentrate (Free Shipping)

    Live Phytoplankton Concentrate (Nannochloropsis) • 30 mls of concentrate (Equivelant to 32 oz) • 2-3 drops per 50 gallons of tank water • Can dose 2-3x more than recommended if you have a heavily stocked tank. If your system does not have a positive response to the increase in...
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    California Live Goods Live Phytoplankton Concentrate

    Live Phytoplankton Concentrate •30 mls of concentrate • 2-3 drops per 50 gallons of tank water • can dose 2-3x more than recommended if you have a heavy stocked tank. If your system does not have a positive response to the increase in dosing, cut back to normal dosing. Species...
  3. AdamR0331

    which coral food is better

    I have both Red Sea Ab+ Reef energy plus & Reef Roids by polyp labs which should I do using on my mainly lps & softies tank 20 gallon long Reef Energy you Have to Feed Daily and Reef Roids is weekly but results wise what's best?
  4. Nutramar Foods

    Photo of the Week: Large Rainbow Button Coral

    The colors on this Large Rainbow Button Coral are truly spectacular! The polyp on this coral is very fleshy with a thick tissue that hides the underlying skeleton. They are considered to be a hardy coral that will thrive on supplemented feedings of frozen meaty foods and Nutramar Marine Complete...
  5. ReefStache

    ReefStache January Newsletter & *GIVEAWAY*

    ReefStache January newsletter: New “Feed Your Coral” GIVEAWAY - link and details in the newsletter. #reefstache #feedmycoral #coralfood #algaebarndiscountcode #AlgaeBarn #quantum #quantumusa #coralcane #GIVEAWAY #reefstachenewsletter
  6. S

    Stable phytoplankton population in reef tank?

    With all of the benefits associated with dosing phytoplankton to a reef tank, I was wondering if it was at all possible to culture and maintain a stable phytoplankton population in the tank. I assume things like protein skimmers and various reactors would need to be disconnected and some amount...
  7. T

    DIY Coral Food - what do you use, WDYT about my formula?

    Hey folks, Do you create your own coral food? What ingredients do you use and do you see positive effects from feeding your corals with it? Here's my formula created mainly for LPS, but its smaller particles reach some SPS too. What do you think about it, does the ingredients make sense...
  8. Dinkins Aquatic Gardens

    Live Phyto & Pods from Dinkins Aquatic Gardens

    Dinkins Aquatic Gardens is a small business run by my wife and myself (mostly my wife!) that focuses on live foods for your reef. We currently offer phytoplankton, three species of copepods, and rotifers. We focus on providing a quality product with concierge-level customer service and a 100%...
  9. N

    Live Phytoplankton

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad Live Phytoplankton. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  10. Avast Marine Plank and food $210.00 shipped

    For sale Tennessee Avast Marine Plank and food $210.00 shipped

    For sale is a Avast Marine The Plank Automatic Feeder and 6oz of Reef Jerky. Used since Christmas. Price is $210.00 shipped.
  11. Reef Moonshiners Additives

    For sale Alabama Reef Moonshiners Additives

    I am going in a different direction with my trace element additions. I am selling the dailies that I will no longer be using. Will only sell as lot. Below is the details of what I have for sale: % left price paid adjusted Rubidium 50% 40 20 Manganese (Classic) 80% 20 16 Chromium...
  12. Reef Roids (open & barely used)

    For sale Reef Roids (open & barely used)

    $10 shipped Barely used Reef Roids Nano

    Alternating Coral growth foods

    I have a 20gal reef tank that's doing quite well after I started adding foods to them. I was just curious if anyone has tried alternating foods? For instance every Friday I feed my fish with Mysis, then I add polyp booster/Reef Roids which I highly recommend and then I do my water...
  14. Ocypode sinensis

    Coral food, which?

    Hi, I've got a photosynthetic gorgonian(green) which had just recovered partially (I rip cleaned the entire tank a month and half ago because of ich and he didn't extend his polyps until yesterday), also part of him is felling apart. Anything I can feed him? I'm new to this coral/gorg thing...
  15. Rods 30gr seaweed blend - Natural seaweed for herbivores.

    For sale Rods 30gr seaweed blend - Natural seaweed for herbivores.

    New in package. I have quite a few of these as I bought entire case. $7.00 each plus ship 1 = $10.99 shipped 2= $18.00 shipped 3= $24.00 shipped Herbivores are grazers and need a constant supply of plant foods. In addition to feeding the Herbivore Blend, you should be providing greens for...
  16. Schraufabagel

    What does everyone feed their coral?

    I'm currently feeding Reef Roids once a week. I've heard of people using Brightwell's Coral Aminos as another popular option. I want to hear everyone's favorite and what they feel has worked best for them!
  17. ReefChasers

    Reef Chasers Reef Candy™ Dry Powder Feed

    Check out our new Reef Candy™ @ We're not saying it's the BEST FOOD ON PLANET EARTH but heck, it's definitely one of the cheapest and it does the job very well for all of your reef inhabitants! PLUS Enjoy Free shipping on all food orders over $50.00. Reef Candy™ Feed Your Reef...
  18. WheatToast

    Ridiculous fish foods

    What ridiculous foods have you fed or have been told to feed your marine fish/invertebrates (post below)? I remember that the book below recommended feeding Hamburger meat:
  19. MarineDepot

    Aquaforest is 10% Off!

    For a limited time, take advantage of great savings on Aquaforest test kits, supplements, coral food, and more. Shop Now!!!
  20. Thespammailaccount

    Texas Pods and Phyto for sale

    12oz very dense apocyclops pods and 12oz phytoplankton to feed your pods for $17.00. Shipped USPS 1-3 day flat rate shipping for 8.40 with tracking included. Can ship up to two packs for the quoted 8.40 shipping. All orders ship with an additional insulated thermal mailer. Cold pack included if...
  21. Reefer37

    Recommendations on Coral Food

    So as of right now, I feed my corals and fish Rod's about 2 days a week, sometimes 3, and Red Sea A + B along with phytoplankton about every other day. Should I be adding in something else or substitute? I use to use Reef Roids, but noticed phosphates and algae problems with that. I just...
  22. Sick_man

    Low nutrient coral food?

    Hi, I've been feeding my acan because it gets so puffy and I want it to keep its color since its new. I use reef roids but I want to switch to something lower in phosphate. I noticed after I feed there is some algae growth and I need to control it. Any coral food suggestions?
  23. Thespammailaccount

    Texas Pod and Phyto pack

    12oz very dense apocyclops pods and 12oz phytoplankton to feed your pods for $17.00. Shipped USPS 1-3 day flat rate shipping for 8.40 with tracking included. Can ship up to two packs for the quoted 8.40 shipping. Also ships with an additional insulated thermal mailer and cold pack. Theses...
  24. S

    Difference between Reef roids and AF Vitality + Amino aids

    Hello Everyone, I recently started keeping corals including Frogspawn, GSP, Zoas and Neon toadstool. Tank size is 10 gallon and coral only at the moment I want to know what should I be feeding them. I already have Reef Roids and Aquaforest Vitality and Amino. Are they both coral foods or...
  25. JoshO

    Reef Roids or Fauna Marin Min S??

    Between the 2 coral foods in the title which would you prefer to use?? What experience have you had with them?
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