1. SM_Reef

    Zeus, A New Rainbow Tenuis.

    Hello friends and fellow hobbyists! I wanted to see what was out there for potential trades for an acropora tenuis I have. Here is a couple full colony shots of what I have named Zeus from a month back- Couple more recent macro shots- Frags available for trade, willing to part with...
  2. pmaddox

    You Guys Aren't Going to Believe This...

    So, (Mark Gabrielli) did a promotion where he offered discounts on purchases based on reviews, etc. that were left for his business. Upon my first transaction with his company, I was happy. So, after seeing the campaign to have people review Live Tanks positively on Google...
  3. Mwag

    Questions about Ich and fallowing a tank

    My tank has recently come down with ich and I decided to fallow my tank for a couple months (8 weeks or longer). I am gonna pull my fish on Tuesday when I actually get a new quarantine tank. I quarentined my fire fish but not my clownfish pair because lfs said they were newly quarantined...
  4. Renelope

    Mushroom ID?

    Hey folks, We purchased a new piece of live rock today, and it had a mushroom coral on it, got it into the tank but am not sure on ID... any help? I want to be sure I'm placing it in a good spot so it doesn't die. Thanks!
  5. nbagnardi


    going full SPS and this guy can't take the flow. he's been tank kept for over two years and doubled in size. fully expanded its probably 6"-7". looking for $350 and split shipping. i also have other pieces available to make package deals. full tank show to show its size, left side of tank
  6. Joshua Huff

    MY 10 Gal Frag/Budget Tank

    I plan To post the progress of this Experimental tank with lots of photos to follow. I look forward to every ones input. This tank was built on a budget and will eventually be mainly a coral tank/Quarantine tank for the 32 gal DT. My fiancee loves to paint so i had this brain fart and decided...
  7. Narzyzz_12

    Fragging Leathers

    What's the best method for fragging leathers?Using rubber bands or just cutting? #reefsquad
  8. rantipole

    How long can softies stay out of water?

    Hi all, The title of this thread is my question: How long can soft corals and zoas stay out of water? The background for my question is this: I have a chunk of live rock that has become covered with hair algae. I want to take it out of the tank and scrub the algae off. The problem is that two...
  9. Renelope

    90 gallon newbie- build thread

    Hello everyone! I live in Denver CO, and am brand new to the aquarium world, and while I've been wanting to get into it for years, finally got our tank up and running a few weeks ago! My BIL lives across the country (FL) and does tank maintenance / builds for a living- came out on vacation and...
  10. A

    Inherited a 125 gallon tank

    My boyfriend's dad had a 125 gallon saltwater tank for many years and fell ill and passed within a couple months. We decided to take it on. While his dad was in the hospital it was not taken care of, so for about a month, maybe two, the fish and corals were fed about 7-8 times and there were no...
  11. Curryb15

    Dosing plan for new build

    Hello all, I am deep into my 50 gal cube build and have throughly planned out every aspect but I am stuck on this one. I'm trying to come up with an idea or plan on what I want or need to dose. I know eventually calcium, mag, and alk will most likely need to be dosed but what I really...
  12. jordimex

    Red Sea Reefer 250 Deluxe

    Come and follow my tank journal need a lot of advice
  13. SM_Reef

    New Camera, New Coral Shots, and New Photographer! =]

    As title states, I recently acquired a Canon Rebel EOS T6 with an EFS 18-55mm macro lens with a amber polarized filter and haven't had much time to tinker with it but here are a few shots I've taken that I think came out okay. I'll be investing in a tripod, nicer macro, and Building an Obsession...
  14. Mariners

    Corals frags and travel

    hi everyone, Wanted to see how most ppl take corals bought in another state to their home. Ill be traveling in august and will be checking some of the lfs stores on my trip. Do u ship overnight to your house and time it when u get home or do u pack it in suitcase (im assuming carry on not...
  15. jordimex

    Hello everyone

    My name is Jorge I am from Mexico but currently living in Aventura Florida, I am here studying to become an airline pilot and in the meantime start and learn from this awesome hobby I currently own two tanks one is a 10 gal fw tank and a 65 gal fw as well (if you want pictures of them just let...
  16. jimmert33

    WTB Lemon Drop Anemone

    Been trying to find one for a bit thanks!!!!
  17. jimmert33

    Black Tang wanted

    Please Pm me pics and prices that would be great thanks!!!
  18. jimmert33


    Please pm me pics and prices for them thanks!!!
  19. jimmert33

    WWC OG Bounce For either Black Tang or Colorado Sunburst

    Willing to work something out if the OG Bounce isnt enough thanks!!!!! Please Pm Me
  20. coraluv09

    EcoSmart Live App "Cannot connect to device" Message

    Hey everyone, Just purchased some radions gen4 and for some reason i'm having a very hard time getting them to stay on. I have used the USB to connect to my laptop. However, now I am trying to use the app but keep getting a message that says "we could not connect your device" in both my ipad...
  21. Reefahholic

    Can anybody confirm if BAYER really changed their formula?

    There's been a lot of speculation lately (on my local board) that Bayer changed it's "original" Complete Insect Killer formula due to Honey-Bee deaths. Bummer... because I liked dipping my coral with Bayer. I hear that Home Depot no longer carries it, but several people reported that Lowe's...
  22. reefdreamers

    My cadlights versa 42 mixed reef build

    Ok so this has been a long time waiting. I recently ordered and set up a cadlights versa 42. My plans are to make it a mixed reef. As far as equipment goes I have the 16 gallon sump with stock return(that's going to change) and I am using a bubble magus nac 3.5 protein skimmer. My lighting is...
  23. sayitfast

    So I think I might need to start a GoFundMe thing

    I'm just a little light in the pocket for this Coral. Coming in at only 1 mil.... Battle Corals I already sold one kidney so that doesn't really help me either....
  24. caseynewton

    Toadstool leather finger coal unhealthy...

    Hello community, this is my first post. Aquarium is lightly occupied by fish. Have a leather coral, bubble coral, mushrooms, chalice coral, and ricordea. PH: 8.0 Nitrate: 15ppm Phosphate: undetectable Temp: 78°F I us a reactor with GFO and Carbon. The tank has been established for over 2...
  25. beyer

    Corals under 100 PAR?

    what are some cool low light corals? Mostly under 100 PAR as my lighting is low. I already have 3 different zoas , 1 mushroom, and 1 Pom Pom Xenia. Is there any other corals you guys like that fit in my PAR range?
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