1. moses reef

    New reef advice please!

    Hey guys I just got into the reef game again after a few failed attempts. I am finally at the point where I can throw a little bit of money at the tank and I am really wanting to create a reef. I can only have a 5 gal due to housing restrictions and i know this might make things harder but im...
  2. Aaron Davis


    Hey guys, Starting to add some different corals to my tank. Currently have a hammer colony, zoa, birds nest, a candy cane, and 3 types on montipora. I got my first Hanna checker the other day. Tested the Calcium and it was at 261. I'm using Red Sea Coral Pro salt. Got me wondering what the...
  3. D

    Poor SPS Colouration - Best practice

    Hey there Long time reader, almost first time poster. I've been keeping marines for about 6 years now, and one thing i've always struggled with is SPS colours. My latest tank, a TMC signature 600 has been up and running for 2 years, and is mainly SPS based. I should say, my other corals are...
  4. C

    It's that time of year again: Christmas

    this might be a little early but it is coming up fast. what are some good Christmas ideas and also what are some good places to get gift certificates from?
  5. Aaron Davis

    Coral Dipping

    Hey all! I posted in an earlier thread that I received some new corals. I don't have a frag rack, nor are any of these new corals on plugs. Not exactly sure what they are, but I'm going to go with DSC Reef's guesses and say one is a brownish plating monti, a confusa spongode monti, a...
  6. ArialReef

    Protein Skimmer.......

    I have a 8 Gal LPS dominated reef tank. I'm planning on building the sump. I already have the tank for the sump which is a 5 Gal tank. My question is, which protein skimmer would fit best in my sump ?
  7. jimmert33

    High End Shroom Pack

    Asking 825 shipped Pack Consists of: WWC OG bounce Lava Flow Bounce Candy Crush Jawbreaker Poletti Jawbreaker Lava Flow: Candy Crush: Poletti Jawbreaker: WWC OG Bounce:
  8. T

    Shipping Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemones

    My 120g tank is overflowing with Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemones that keep splitting. I probably have close to 60 at this point, and I really want to thin out the herd so I can change the direction of coral in my tank. I have tried craigslist, and sold probably close to 50 RBTAs over the past 6...
  9. S

    Hammer coral help!

    i bought a nice hammer coral frag today and I brought it home and acclimated it and everything was well. Then I went to place it into the tank and it fell off the drag plug and the heads hit a rock and fell into the sand, now it does not look good at all, it looks like it lost tissue and the...
  10. RickG

    Transferring Frag tank to display

    Hey guys!So I am working on a new build and I want to transfer my frag tank into my 75Gal display tank. My frag tank system is about 80gals. I was wondering if I could transfer everything over without any adverse effects. I will be using new live sand and transferring all of my live rock from my...
  11. are these zoanthids? Closed polyps?

    are these zoanthids? Closed polyps?

    Possible zoas? Are these guys zoanthids? Found them on south shore of Oahu, anyone know? They aren’t opened up, they look closed. What are these?
  12. jimmert33

    Acan Colony, Cup coral Colony, and Og for sale

    Hey there guys here are some pics with pricing of the things im trying to sell. Price is 50 obo There are 50+ heads Price is 250 obo I am willing to ship at an additional cost thanks guys!!!!
  13. lReef lKeeper

    LPS pack ... NOT frags ... WYSIWYG ... $250 shipped

    Orange Dream Lobo ... LRO Two Face Favia ... Green Lantern Favia ...
  14. Dalton Hunter

    SPS issues

    Hello, I have been having issues with keeping SPS in my tank. It seems to bleach and die very quickly every time I give it a try. I have many things doing extremely well in the tank such as bubble coral, JF JOL, torch, various nems, duncans, GSP (I know this stuff would practically grow in the...
  15. frcarvajal

    Help with Aquarium Stores - Orlando FL area

    Hello, To those who don't know.. living in Dominican Republic has really bad parts talking about the reefing hobby. It's so ironic that we live around the sea but there are only like 2 or 3 stores in the whole country that actually sells SW fish and corals, so the menu over there is really...
  16. E

    New to the hobby. Need help getting started! :D

    Hi there guys! So im new to the hobby and very interested in keeping a reef aquarium. I noticed my father had a an empty 50gal tank in his garage and felt I can put it to good use, its a normal tank with a fall back filter, hood light, and heater, I understand this filtration and light wouldn't...
  17. jimmert33

    WWC OG Bounce & Lava Flow Bounce FS

    OG bounce top 2 pics same bounce Size: nickel to quarter Price:375 OG Bounce Size: Nickel Price: 325 Lava Flow Bounce Size Quarter to Dollar Coin Price 300 Lava Flow Bounce Size: About nickel or a little bigger Price 250 Would rather not ship, but I will as long as Buyer excepts i do...
  18. Kamden Uelton

    Kamden’s 30 gallon

    Hey! My names Kamden, I’m a 14 year old with a love for aquariums and marine life My aquarium is a 30g Nuvo 30l, This aquarium has a mix of Azoo, SPS, and softie corals. Fish Mimic Filefish Hector’s Goby Blue stripe Pipefish Inverts Mixed snails x12 Emerald Crabs x2 Crinoid (Himerometra...
  19. T

    Just signed up for the forum

    Hello everyone! My name is Antonio and I have had a reef tank now for over 3 years. I started with a 46 gallon bow front, but upon moving to my new house, I decided to upgrade to a bigger 120 gallon tank. I currently have an anemone dominated tank with other soft corals. I am hoping to start...
  20. Peter K

    BRS Magnesium O.K. to use with Triton "Other Methods"

    Hi all, I just started triton "other methods" this past Monday and things seem to be holding steady and doing well so far. I have noticed that over the past 5 days my magnesium has dropped from 1300 to 1200 but all the other parameters are staying stable. (I've been testing everything...
  21. Gator2019

    Acan changing size?

    I am still relatively new to reefing, only being at it for about 6 months now. About a month ago my LFS had a 7 head acan for sale for $5. The owner said it was in the wrong section, but sold it to me at the price regardless. It was kinda skinny when I got it, so I fed it every 3rd day and also...
  22. Reefer40b

    Can anyone guess what this one is..

    I will give you a hint, G**** C***** C****
  23. averi spears

    Senior project ideas?

    Hi, I'm Averi Spears. I've never had a saltwater fish tank so I would like to put one together for my senior project. I have a mentor that is very experienced but we're still looking for ideas and help. My topic is about the symbiotic relationships within the saltwater ecosystem so of course I...
  24. beyer

    Frogspawn in trouble?

    The past few days I’ve noticed my frogspawn retracted and now today I’ve noticed it looks pale or more white than usual. Could this be because of splitting or is there an issue I should deal with. Here are some pics as well as my parameters. Ph - 8.3 Ammonia- 0 Mg - 1300 Alk- 11.3 DKH Ca...
  25. MICU murse

    Bad h2o change

    i have a 55 gallon mixed tank that had been up and running for about 6 months or so w/o significant issue. I have been battling high nitrates, but everything (fish and coral) has seemed happy. In a foolish attempt to lower my nitrates I did about a 50% water change and it killed 5 snails, a...
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