1. MICU murse

    Bad h2o change

    i have a 55 gallon mixed tank that had been up and running for about 6 months or so w/o significant issue. I have been battling high nitrates, but everything (fish and coral) has seemed happy. In a foolish attempt to lower my nitrates I did about a 50% water change and it killed 5 snails, a...
  2. Reef Nutrition

    We have exciting news to share about the reformulation of our TDO Chroma BOOST™ fish and coral food

    We’re very proud to announce the reformulation of TDO Chroma BOOST™! Making a great product even better is our goal. If you have a TDO testimonial, please comment in this thread. Here’s info on the study: More product info at:
  3. jimmert33

    Lava flow Bounce & Og Bounce

    Hey there I have a mini Bounce pack for sale right now here they are with mother pics as well it will be $550 shipped for the two local pick up will have shipping deducted mother pic mother pic is 4" mini mother OG Here are the two frags that are for sale 550 shipped Location is Tampa Florida
  4. landlocked303

    LED lighting ab+ for AI Prime HD and Growth vs. Visual Appeal

    One of the coolest and toughest part about LED's is the controllability with the intensity and spectrum. I've been looking for proven spectrum settings to use in my mixed reef that produces good growth with visual appeal in mind, but most focus is on growth for now. I looked up the ab+ settings...
  5. jimmert33

    WTB Japanese toadstool frag

    Trying to rebuild collection after Irma destroyed all of it, and one of things im trying to find is a true Japanese deep water toadstool. Thanks!!!!!
  6. Kevinkmk

    corals occasionally expel zooxanthellae

    Hi folk, Is it normal for corals to expel zooxanthellae occasionally? The reason I'm asking is because sometimes my coral will expel their zooxanthellae like once every two weeks or a month. The other finding is my coral will turn a little pale compares when it's first introduced from the LFS...
  7. Michael Stetz

    Hitchhiker SPD on Snail?

    I found a weird branch coming off an astrea snail today. A picture is worth a thousand words so here's a few.
  8. Kevinkmk

    Chalice puff up like a ballon

    Hi everyone, I noticed tonight after the light is off. One of my chalice is over inflated and puff up like a ballon. Is there anything I need to be concerned? My other corals and chalices look very normal. All the parameter are on check. Picture taken 5 hours after light is off
  9. Kevinkmk

    How to boost coral color's vibrant and glow?

    Hi everyone, I having some difficult to keep my corals color to its best. Usually when I bought bought new corals they are very vibrant and glowing with its color. However after sometimes, their glowing will fade away but their base color is still there. Wondering what should I do? Thank you...
  10. Hambonej

    Tank takeover?

    What is this stuff and how do I get rid of it? Will this kill my corals? I have RODI water and have been doing water changes. I am so worried it will take over and kill everything.
  11. M

    Damaged frogspawn head

    So i got a frag of frogspawn about a week ago and I accidentally damaged it. I was in a hurry at the time so I just put it in the rock work thinking it was okay. I finally got the chance to put the frogspawn where i wanted it to be. When I put in the spot, i realized that one of the heads was...
  12. Phylomedusa

    2017 Rocket City Coral Frag Swap Huntsville, Al.

    Just around the corner. You don't want to miss it. This year is going to be the best yet. Everything you need and want. This years support includes BRS, Brightwell and Premium Aquatics. Saturday September 16, 2017 at the Historic Train Depot.
  13. ReeferMadness80G

    Ai Prime HD w/ Flex Arm

    I have a white Prime HD that was very well taken care of, I'm the original owner, I bought it new last year. Light works phenomenal, I will include my thread of my biocube 14 so you can see it grows SPS and other corals great! I can also send you the AIP files that I have created 10+ files! The...
  14. Melia

    Zoanthid enthusiast

    hey, I really like zoanthids and I plan doing a science project with them in order to help save the world's corals, but the only problem is I don't really own zoanthids rn... Does anyone know where I can find zoanthids in the wild? I'm either blind or they aren't there. I only really recognized...
  15. D. Arruda

    Fragging Corals of Big Rocks

    New to this forum and after searching everywhere can't seem to find a good answer. My question is, How do you frag coral that is one a really big rock or on a piece of Rock that provides structural support to the rest of your rocks? Im assuming i can frag in the tank if i cant remove the rock...
  16. pelphrey

    AquaSD - eBay, Reef2Reef Sale and Website A+++++++

    I stumbled across @AquaSD last week, never heard of them until then! I quickly started bidding on the eBay auctions, when Thursday night got here I kept winning auctions... Not only winning auctions but getting coral cheap! I'd actually requested an invoice thinking I was done, I ended up having...
  17. Hambonej

    What is this stuff?

    I have a biocube 29, the sump is pretty basic. Chamber 1 hydor slim skim. Opened up the flow into chamber to filter floss, purigen, chemi pure elite, then rock rumble. Chamber three 3 heater and return pump. Two power heads in the back for extra flow in the tank. I have mars-aqua lights on a...
  18. MermaidTail

    Jack-O-Lantern Lepto Coral

    Hey all - I have a Jack-O-Lantern Lepto that I've had for about 10 months now, the growth is outstanding- it's spreading like crazy...but the color isn't recognizable at a Jack-O-Lantern. No green eyes, no contrasting almost just looks like standard red/orange lepto's I've seen. Even...
  19. TopShelfAquatics

    Pre MACNA Coral Sale!!!! SPS and Zoas including *New Releases*

    I'm going to be bringing you guys a sneak peek of the coral we are bringing to MACNA and a few others that are now up for grabs. We have frags of most piece while some will be cut to order. Discounts available for multiple pieces! PM for pack prices! Also, we are running a giveaway in our...
  20. Reefiness

    Bunch of Large frags/mini colonies of utter chaos for sale!

    Hello all, been growing these frags out for some time now. Listed at less than $10pp. If I remember the counts correctly these 5 pieces have from front to back of image 1 (18p, 19p, 21p), and both frags in image 2 have 22p Looking for: 18p - $165 19p - (SOLD) 21p - $185 22p - (SOLD) 22p -...
  21. jrwoltman

    Chasing Coral GLARING ERRORS

    Let me start by stating that I am a 5th grade teacher and my whole science curriculum is biology, including believe it or not, a very small section on coral. However, this in no way, shape, or form makes me any kind of expert on anything, just very passionate, especially when glaring scientific...
  22. Archcello

    Boyu TL-550 Nano Reef Tank

    I figured that I should finally put my tank on here. This is a Boyu Nano tank. 128L with a custom hood and a Corona Rapid LED light. I've tried mechanical filters but I've switched to an ATS. I currently have a Black Sailfin Blenny and a Sailfin Tang. I've tried a variety of corals, but the...
  23. AquariumSpecialty

    Some acros we are working on...

    These haven't fully colored up yet but we will be listing them on the site once they are ready. We have several new colonies and these are just a few of them. The corals we currently have can be found here:
  24. Freakmachine01

    New to Reefing!!!

    Hello everyone. My name is Mike, I am new to this hobby and I'm addicted to it already!! I stated my tank just over 6 months ago. I have 100gal that is going great and just want to keep adding and growing. I am looking for information about local clubs and groups and if there are people in my...
  25. C

    Cory: 47 Reef and 55 Fish-Only

    I live in California and I am an avid saltwater aquarist. I have one newly set up fish-only tank and a full reef tank. The fish-only tank is a 55g tank with a 30 gallon sump. There is at least 65 pounds of live Carrib-Sea Fiji pink sand and about 60 pounds of BRS Reef Saver dry live rock. I just...
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