1. emilybell1

    Icecap gyre going forward in reverse

    My icecap 4K gyre recently stopped going in reverse during its normal schedule. I’ve had it for just under a year and it’s been working great so far until now. I hadn’t changed any settings and allow in reverse is toggled on. It won’t go in reverse in any of my schedules and I’ve tried changing...
  2. B

    Kamoer X1 Pro T Stepper Stops Dosing

    Hey All, Im having a problem with one of my Kamoer Pro T stepper pumps. I’ve tried reaching out to CoralVue and Kamoer but haven’t received any responses. when I use the KamoerRemote app and use “manual” mode to dose something like 500ml, the pump starts no problem but eventually just stops...
  3. DirtDiggler2823

    CoralVue Reps

    Has anyone been able to get ahold of any of the CoralVue reps on R2R? It might be the holiday season, but I am unable to get in touch with anyone, or get a response from any messages sent out. Is this the norm?
  4. Arcu2


    Does anybody have any idea where I can get 25mm to 3/4 unions other than from coralvue? I'm trying to convert my waterbox plumbing and these things have been out of stock for 2 months. If there's an alternative that anybody knows of please let me know!
  5. C

    Coralvue Icp unresponsive

    Is anyone having issues with the coralvue Icp? I sent a sample in over a week ago. I have no confirmation that it has been received or processed. No new results. I have emailed and called them multiple times with no response. Out of business?
  6. psumms

    CoralVue Hydros Repeating Triggers

    Hi all, thought I understood the Hydros trigger ‘repeating’ feature, but seems not! I thought the config below, starting from 6am would trigger the ‘Day’ preset to run for an hour then off for an hour, a total seven times. But seems not! I’m trying to alternate between two presets ever hour...
  7. A

    WE'RE LIVE: Women in Reefing

  8. A

    PICTURES WANTED: Maxspect JUMP Pumps

    Hello R2R Fam, I am working on the next issue of the CoralVue newsletter and Maxpsect's JUMP Pumps are in the spotlight. :cool: We would love to feature some photos of Maxspect's new pumps from real-world users! We do not mind if it's an unboxing photo, a picture of the pump already...
  9. RSnodgrass

    Club Sponsored Lighting Research

    Fun announcement that's been in the works for several months... @Abhishek was able to introduce me to the fabled @Dana Riddle who some of you know as being something of a lighting leader in research with spectrum and par, MASNA Aquarist of the Year, as well as his involvement here on R2R. I'd...
  10. M

    Trying to resolve an issue through a ticket is slowly becoming an act of god

    I put in a ticket last Sunday regarding a bad ballast from an Aurora I bought from you guys at the 2017 MACNA (The cherry red ones). Now to your credit you guys responded the next day. I replied and the next day you guys responded again. All good so far, however every day is a SINGLE question...
  11. MarineDepot

    Introducing...CoralVue's HYDROS WaveEngine!

    The CoralVue HYDROS WaveEngine is now in stock! Connect and control pumps from different brands together using a single app! Clear up cable clutter! BUY NOW (before they're gone!):
  12. A

    Maxspect Aeraqua Duo Protein Skimmer: Our Favorite Features + Installation & Control Tips!

    PRODUCT LINK: Watch on YouTube Watch on Facebook
  13. CoralVue

    RAP Orlando 2019: New Maxspect Products [Video]

    In this new episode of [CVtv], we pay a visit to Maxspect booth at RAP Orlando 2019. Howard Roy from Maxspect introduces us to two brand new products that will be available come late summer 2019! Maxspect unveils their brand new and innovative Aeraqua Duo Protein Skimmer. This skimmer is...
  14. Elder1945

    Hydros, WaveEngine by Elder1945

    Hey all! Just got back from RAP Orlando and I must say it was a great show! I wanted to share with everyone this fun display I built for CoralVue. As a hobbyist first it is kinda cool to be allowed to work with and test the latest products in the industry. CoralVue was awesome when it came...
  15. Reefer5640

    CoralVue ICP Tests

    Has anyone used the CoralVue ICP Tests (saltwater and/or RODI)? I’m looking into buying a few tests, one for my DT, one for my coral QT, and one for my RODI. I like the idea of them being in the US, hopefully that means quicker turn around.
  16. My old 120 Mixed Reef

    My old 120 Mixed Reef

    One of the last pictures I took of my 120 mixed reef tank that was up and running for over 14 years. It was finally time to do a upgrade to a larger tank. #120MixedReeftank #NewBuild #SCA150
  17. M

    Premium Aquatics / Coralvue

    just a note to say what a pleasure it is to do business with high quality customer service focused companies. I ordered a new Kamoer peristaltic pump from Premium aquatics that arrived last Friday very fast shipping as I had ordered on Wednesday When I opened the box sorry to say one of the...
  18. crash29ca

    Micro bubbles from Gyre

    Has anyone had success stopping their gyre from making micro bubbles. Had to order new propellers/blades for my gyre. Now one side won’t stop creating micro bubbles. Ran it at different speeds nothing seems to work. No it doesn’t suck them in from the top surface and yes it is put together...
  19. Calcium Reactors and Related Equipment Part 1

    Calcium Reactors and Related Equipment Part 1

    This is Part 1 of a 3-part video series dedicated to calcium reactors. Our goal at CoralVue is to help reefers like you maintain successful reef tanks by providing you with the key information that will make using a calcium reactor easy to understand and use. In this first video I cover what...
  20. P

    ICV6 to Apex-Gyre

    Word on the street (aka facebook) is that the ICV6 will soon be able to connect the advanced controller to an apex. Any truth to that?
  21. C

    Maxspect gyre xf250 controller power supply

    I just purchased 2 xf250 pumps and controller and recieved a 24V power supply. I thought it should of came with a 36V power supply. Can anyone verify that their xf250 has a 36V power supply?
  22. 3mm3

    Build Thread 3mm3 RedSea 650 Peninsula

    It has finally began! Made my epic drive to pick it up. Yes it does fit into a cargo van but fair warning it hits the scales at 890 lbs.
  23. lakereef

    Replacement pump for Reef Octopus 250EXT skimmer

    I currently have the RDCS 250EXT with the original Diablo DC-5500S pump. Pump has died and I know a few other folks locally that have had this pump die for them as well. I contacted coralvue and they wont replace as the warranty has expired. But recommended this pump...
  24. J

    Would you invest a grand for a KH Guardian?

    For CoralVue, Christmas really did come early this year! We have the pleasure of getting hands on with the very first automatic alkalinity controller by the brilliant minds of Dr. Bridge. The KH Guardian is without a doubt one of the most innovative, exciting and ultimate game changing aquarium...