1. Z

    Hydros Maven or Neptune?

    Fairly new reefer just barely getting into the techs side of things. Naturally controllers are next and the Hydros Maven has really caught my eye. Just now announced $1199 USD/$1650CAD. For those that have experience with either systems as a whole what are some of your pros and cons? I’m leaning...
  2. Starbuxxx

    How often do you check on your tank while at work? (And what do you use?)

    How often do you check on your reef tank? (Apex, GHL, live stream, etc) I keep my apex tab up all day at work and check on it every hour or so. Mainly terrified of seeing another flood alert but also checking parameters from automated testing.
  3. M

    Coralvue Hydros System and Flow Sensor

    I’m currently considering the Coralvue Hydros system for my tanks. I would love to get a Hydros Flow Sensor for my return, but the reviews I’ve read report the sensor’s internal diameter restricts the flow by as much as 1/4” or more. I have a 1.5” return. Is it ridiculous to think I could buy a...
  4. Bodyguard

    Coralvue vs APEX

    Hello fellow reefers, I am looking into finally getting a monitoring system. I'm curious what folks' thoughts are on the Coralvue and Apex systems. For those of you that have possibly tried both, preferred one over the other. Those of you that currently own one of these systems, what are your...
  5. K

    Arizona USA ISO Luxcore 400 W Ballast

    Looking for Luxcore 400 W Ballasts
  6. Wayofthereef


    Hey Guys so I work in the utility industry and as you can imagine during the winter months everything falls apart quick and Im at work for 1 to 2 months straight. So I have to call my wife to deal with everything. So Im on a mission to automate pretty much everything and Im using Hydros to do...
  7. Fauna Marin Support

    Product Spotlight - Fauna Marin Salt (Video by CoralVue) - MACNA Milwaukee 2022

    Connor Sloan, CoralVue product expert, discusses sea salt, with Claude Schuhmacher, CEO of Fauna Marin. Fauna Marin Professional Sea Salt contains all the essential macro and trace elements needed to create the ideal environment for coral.
  8. Fauna Marin Support

    Where to buy Fauna Marin products in the USA?

    So you want to use our Fauna Marin reefkeeping products? But you do not know where to buy them? Please check our Fauna Marin US-Distributor and find out, where YOU can buy our products in the USA! ************************************************...
  9. wes84

    Hydros wave engine ETM back in stock?

    Does anybody have any info or update on when the wave engine ETM will be back in stock? I have emailed coralvue but never got a reply. Been looking since February of this year. Any updated info would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Victor Guyton


    I have a Reef Octopus CalReact 220 calcium reactor. The pull has failed four times. The impeller is waring out. Every two months like clock work. I would like to change to a different pump. Any suggestions for anyone WHO HAS CHANGED PUMP PREVIOUSLY. Pic of pump and impeller in thread.
  11. ChaseMiddleton

    Problems with Hydros Smart Plug

    Anyone know how to connect or use the Hydros Smart Plug? The instructions came with an app called “Smart Life.” I unfortunately couldn't get it connected. I also checked Hydros webpge and found instructions for setup. It wanted me to connect to Hydros app instead. Even Hydros app wasn’t working...
  12. R

    Hydros XP8

    Good morning everyone, So, I got my new hydros XP8 this week and tried to set it up yesterday. I ran into some issues. From what other have posted all of the LED indicators are suppose to be on but only two are on, on mine (see photo). I can connect to it thru the app but I can't see or...
  13. polyppal

    Hydros Owners: how happy are you long term?

    friggin smartphone autocorrect… *how happy are you long term? I’m seriously debating a Hydros on my new 68g, especially now that they have a higher end power strip coming out ( how happy have you early hydros adopters been with the...
  14. emilybell1

    Icecap gyre going forward in reverse

    My icecap 4K gyre recently stopped going in reverse during its normal schedule. I’ve had it for just under a year and it’s been working great so far until now. I hadn’t changed any settings and allow in reverse is toggled on. It won’t go in reverse in any of my schedules and I’ve tried changing...
  15. B

    Kamoer X1 Pro T Stepper Stops Dosing

    Hey All, Im having a problem with one of my Kamoer Pro T stepper pumps. I’ve tried reaching out to CoralVue and Kamoer but haven’t received any responses. when I use the KamoerRemote app and use “manual” mode to dose something like 500ml, the pump starts no problem but eventually just stops...
  16. DirtDiggler2823

    CoralVue Reps

    Has anyone been able to get ahold of any of the CoralVue reps on R2R? It might be the holiday season, but I am unable to get in touch with anyone, or get a response from any messages sent out. Is this the norm?
  17. Arcu2


    Does anybody have any idea where I can get 25mm to 3/4 unions other than from coralvue? I'm trying to convert my waterbox plumbing and these things have been out of stock for 2 months. If there's an alternative that anybody knows of please let me know!
  18. C

    Coralvue Icp unresponsive

    Is anyone having issues with the coralvue Icp? I sent a sample in over a week ago. I have no confirmation that it has been received or processed. No new results. I have emailed and called them multiple times with no response. Out of business?
  19. psumms

    CoralVue Hydros Repeating Triggers

    Hi all, thought I understood the Hydros trigger ‘repeating’ feature, but seems not! I thought the config below, starting from 6am would trigger the ‘Day’ preset to run for an hour then off for an hour, a total seven times. But seems not! I’m trying to alternate between two presets ever hour...
  20. CoralVue_Marketing

    WE'RE LIVE: Women in Reefing

  21. CoralVue_Marketing

    PICTURES WANTED: Maxspect JUMP Pumps

    Hello R2R Fam, I am working on the next issue of the CoralVue newsletter and Maxpsect's JUMP Pumps are in the spotlight. :cool: We would love to feature some photos of Maxspect's new pumps from real-world users! We do not mind if it's an unboxing photo, a picture of the pump already...
  22. RSnodgrass

    Club Sponsored Lighting Research

    Fun announcement that's been in the works for several months... @Abhishek was able to introduce me to the fabled @Dana Riddle who some of you know as being something of a lighting leader in research with spectrum and par, MASNA Aquarist of the Year, as well as his involvement here on R2R. I'd...
  23. M

    Trying to resolve an issue through a ticket is slowly becoming an act of god

    I put in a ticket last Sunday regarding a bad ballast from an Aurora I bought from you guys at the 2017 MACNA (The cherry red ones). Now to your credit you guys responded the next day. I replied and the next day you guys responded again. All good so far, however every day is a SINGLE question...
  24. MarineDepot

    Introducing...CoralVue's HYDROS WaveEngine!

    The CoralVue HYDROS WaveEngine is now in stock! Connect and control pumps from different brands together using a single app! Clear up cable clutter! BUY NOW (before they're gone!):
  25. CoralVue_Marketing

    Maxspect Aeraqua Duo Protein Skimmer: Our Favorite Features + Installation & Control Tips!

    PRODUCT LINK: Watch on YouTube Watch on Facebook