critter id needed

  1. Y

    Help with id im guessing some form or asterias? Keep or get rid?

    Hi all A little help please, found this guy. Do we think keep or get rid? I think its some form of asterias and read differing views on them? All views and advice welcome.
  2. #R_TST

    What is it?

    So my daughter found this in the QT tank today. Any idea what it is?
  3. bReefedBaker

    Hitchhiker or “Newbie Freaking Out Over Nothing”

    Wish I could post a video as it would show up much more clearer and movements (possibly just water current moving it). I went through the Hitchhiker ID Thread with the various photos and the good & bad ones, but clueless. I’m just wondering if this would be something of concern or just me...
  4. D

    Can anyone ID this fish?

    He’s currently in my observation tank. He’s quite small. Less than 3 inches. Was only told he’s some sort of wrasse. Is sharing the tank with a clown tang who couldn’t seem to care less about him being there lol. Thanks for the help.
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