1. M

    What is this?

    Hello, I have a couple of those things on the glass? Any idea what they are? Good or Bad?
  2. New2Reefn

    Critter ID Please

    I woke up this morning and found 14 of these strange little guys creeping up my glass in my saltwater tank. Can anyone help ID these? I have searched high and low and can not find anything similar.
  3. Daveouthere

    ID please???

    Noticing this thing growing in the tank out of nowhere. Not sure what it is?
  4. A

    Looks like a mite or something. Also it appears to be attacking dinos

    Pretty much what the title said. Looks similar to a mite and appears to be attacking dinos. I attached a video below. Please pardon the random movements because I lost the creature and was looking for it again. I can’t attach a video because the file I have is too large but I will attach a...
  5. E

    Unknown bugs on zoas

    I try to look at my tank at night when everything is off because that’s when everything comes out, I saw these crawling all over my frags of zoas one of them is kind of fluorescent with I did not like because dosent that mean it’s eating my zoas? But they just look like pods of some sort to me...
  6. Hugo Garcia

    Mysterious Crab

    I’ve had my tank set up for over a year, and never had added any crabs. My tank is a mostly fish only tank, with 2 anemones and some GSP. So I was caught by surprise one night when I spotted a mysterious crab on the rocks. My theory is that maybe when I was adding pods to the tank, there might...
  7. E

    Unknown white fizzy things

    I keep finding these white fuzzy type things all over my rocks and I’m concerned about what they are, hopefully you can tell what they are in the pictures, if not I will try and take better photos
  8. L

    Tiny Sand Creature ID

    Hi All - I have these tiny critters running around my sand bed. They look somewhat transparent but with a red/brown body. Look to be more walking vs. wiggling and tend to see more of them when I feed. In the attached video you can see them in the middle to lower third of the video. Any idea...
  9. R

    Hitchiker/Pest/Critter/ what the heck IS THIS, Please Help!

    I bought my first ever coral about 4 months ago, a small 2 head Torch and a fungia plate coral, I dipped them both and got a small flatworm off the torch luckily. A few days into owning the torch and watching it get used to the water and extend, I noticed a little section of bristly exoskeleton...
  10. M

    Critter ID on my Scoly

    Hello, I've had this scoly for months now, yesterday I noticed that it is showing some of its skeleton and when I looked closer I found these critters. Can anyone help with identifying them? and how to get rid of them? Note: I posted this question on the "Reef Aquarium Discussion" page, but I...
  11. Kevin Finocchiaro

    snail identification

    This looks more like a bug from the top and a snail from the bottom. color - black length - without antenna approx. 1.35cm. (with antenna-feelers stretched out approx. 2 cm. shape - flat-oval, like a bug had a strong suction on the glass of the tank is it a reef tank friend or foe ? Keep or...
  12. D

    What is this?

  13. E

    Critter ID please

    This came off of two zoanthid colony’s I bought from petco, can anyone tell me what it might be?
  14. sotsreef


    Found this guy on a frag plug from a recent coral purchase, any ideas? very small, black soft body, no visible shell.
  15. E

    What are these things all over my rocks?

    So I see these small white weird looking things everywhere on my rocks and it doesn’t look like aptaisia or anything to me
  16. M

    What just squirted something into my tank?

    I bought some new corals for my tank yesterday, acans, zoas and a Duncan which have all settled in nicely. Only when I looked at one of the rocks today i noticed that there was a small object shooting out bursts of a white substance into the tank. I’ve never seen anything like it and naturally...
  17. R

    Need ID please

    Found this one on one of the suction cups that hold the heater probe. Unsure if you guys can see the glass but its the only glass wall that has the spots on it.
  18. Alyssa.Weber

    What are these white dots?

    These little white balls just appeared in my tank I noticed them this morning. Anyone know what they could be?
  19. W

    Hitchhiker on an Acan Frag

    Looks like some sort of a pod but its huge? Roughly 5mm body and a couple more with the antlers. When its swimming about its straight like a stick and then when i hit it with some flow it curls up into a c-shaped ball. One of the good guys? Can I throw it into the fuge?
  20. Reefer37

    What is This Green Thing Growing on Rock Near Mushroom?

    So I'm not entirely convinced this is even a critter or hitchhiker, I've had this ricordea in my tank for awhile now and haven't added anything new in over a month. Found this random green growth on the rock my mushroom is on. It almost looks like a coral forming? I have no idea. Anybody have...
  21. andrewkg

    What’s this living on hermit shell

    Seems like some kind of mollusk that opens, any ideas? Check video something Black looks like tongue comes out
  22. ConorE

    Very small worm type creature? / tenticles?

    Hi Guys I've just been watching my tank and noticed a ball of what looks like poop being dragged across the sand bed. Closer inspection and it looks like it is being dragged by a tentacle of sorts, or perhaps a worm? I'm trying to upload a video to show you so hopefully it uploads! :)
  23. andrewkg

    What is this? // Does it need to be removed? Weird worm

    Some kind of worm coming out of this tube, thought was peanut worm orig in store and we tried to remove it. No idea what this is
  24. Beng2003

    Can anyone ID this critter

    Hello. After my new tank had an ick outbreak at the end of April, I started my fish less cycle. As I looked more closely in my tank a couple days ago I noticed this guys wandering my rocks. As I’m new to the saltwater hobby, and just had my outbreak, I’m a little superstitious worrying that he...
  25. R

    Unknown pest

    Can anyone tell me what this pest is, and if it is a threat to my reef. It’s a very small white/ or translucent oval shaped pest. I’m seeing them on my glass as well as coral and live rock.