1. YogiReef

    Baby Mushroom or Octospawn tentacle

    I found this little green dot looking thing on my sandbed in a low flow area today. It was sitting there before I placed it in a cup with sand at the back of my tank. It’s about the size of a nerd candy, neon green and I can see a spot without green which I assume is the foot, if it’s a...
  2. YogiReef

    What’s living in my chaeto?

    Long white stringy creature living in chaeto. It retracts when I touch the water or it senses vibrations on aquaclear filter. Maybe some kind of worm??
  3. YogiReef

    Aiptasia or Anenome??

    what is this thing? I found it on my chaeto that I bought from my lfs today. It is rainbowish Brown in color and very small. Any ideas??
  4. YogiReef

    Fern thing in chaeto

    what is this? It is in the chaeto that I just bought.
  5. Aaron Davis

    Good? Bad? Neutral? What are these?

    Update: Upon further research, I was able to educate myself a little. It appears the snails are harmless and the limpets?; are as well. The flatworms though; not so sure. Hello all! Found a few new critters I haven’t noticed before. Seen a few of these little snails climbing around. They’re...
  6. K

    Unknown Critters... Hopefully Harmless...

    I recently noticed that a frag of green mdntipora had a small area where the flesh was gone and the skeleton was exposed. It had soon before i noticed this fallen from it's spot, so I thought that it had possibly been damaged and the flesh had simply fallen off. I kept an eye on it, and a week...
  7. Aaron Davis

    Can anyone identify?

    This little guy looks like a shrimp. Swims fast. Noticed him while doing a water change.
  8. PerplexyHexy

    Good or bad nem?

    i cannot tell what it is... i have 2... they are tiny rings with little tentacles and a white bubble on the tips...
  9. Benedetto84

    Help IDing snail

    Is this little guy good or bad? Just found him on a rock in the tank and I think saw something that looking like this one saying take it out.
  10. Benedetto84

    Can anyone identify this for me ?

    I just got home from work and wanted to check the tank out before I go to bed and noticed this wierd looking worm. Can anyone tell me what it is and if it's good or bad?
  11. BRB

    To dip or not to dip or what to do?

    Happy Thursday Soo I got some zoas that were getting eaten by this little Dude but I got him out. I am noticing more than just him. Please help me identify what I need to do. Thanks in advance